Saturday, February 28, 2009

Garage Sale Saturday

Today is Adopt a Family Member Day! I did come up with some items for a sale. Yee Haw!

Swing on over to the flickr page and pick up a child, a grandma and new cousins!

Make your selection and email me at . Upon knowing the shipping amount, I will invoice you via paypal some time Monday.

Easy pricing. Every single thing is $4. Yup. $4 each regardless of size or framing.

Some of these have writing on the back. I laughed at one; on the back is written "Will-Grace-Harry-Carrie"...Cute. If you want more pictures or measurements, holler.

Be sure to head over to Margo's for her online garage sale today. And Cindy is having a garage sale, as well!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Weekend.


  1. Okay, now you're talking! I collect vintage photos! I definitely want the photo with the dog in it! I also want the photo in black mat with little boy with white tie. And I want the little girl standing up with a bloomer looking outfit on. Does all of this make sense? I would like to see the photo with the group of four or so is in a group with three other photos. Can't see it well.


  2. These old pics are really great!

  3. online garage sale..that is so fun.
    sandy toe

  4. Malisa, I can't find your email address on your blog. If you will email me at the address in this post, I can get the shipping amount to you, etc. Thanks! ~Mindy

  5. Girl, don't mess with shipping...hand deliver those at Zapp! So does that mean Will and Grace committed harry-carrie? Yeah, I still got it! Thank you for the prayers. Debbie

  6. I'm not usually on during the weekend but always enjoy catching up on your goodies. Love old photos!


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