Monday, July 2, 2012

Buying Freeze. Selling Thaw.

Howdy from Poetry!  The Primitique is preparing for a big sale.  Maybe I should scream that part...BIG SALE! 

We have been on a buying freeze for a while.  The garage, barn, workshop, bunkhouse, yard, land & The P building are full of stuff that doesn't need to be stored any longer. 

The future finds us preparing for nuptuals.  You know.  The merging of households.  The planning and decorating of a wedding.  The purging of what was "me" to make room for "us."

Stay tuned for pictures.  But, the facts are what are important at this point.

Friday, July 27 - 9am to noon.
Saturday, July 28 - 9am to noon.

For the address and directions, please send your inquiries to ThePrimitique at

We will not be taking appointments and there will be no early sales.

The gate will open promptly at 9 both days.

You bring cash.  We'll provide Quirky, Vintage Goodness and lemonade.

Can't wait to see you!

Happy Day!  ~Mindy