Monday, August 31, 2009

Show and Tell Monday

We got a lot done this weekend, pricing, packing, cleaning David's camper.

I got this heavy, iron table cleaned up. Thought about painting it black, but plenty of folks still like rusty white. So, I think I'll leave it as is. How would you like it?

David and I be taking our first trip to the fields of Warrenton this weekend. We'll do a little reconnaissance of our surroundings without the benefit of thousands of shoppers and buyers there. Wanna see the camper we'll be staying in? You know how I am about not showing you the goods. So, ignore the goods. Pay attention to the camper only.
2009August30 004
The camper is a 25 foot luxury. Shower, toilet, microwave, good size fridge, decent size closet for all my clothes.

Here is a table top I bought for an industrial table base. But, I like the primitive wood on the back side so much that I decided to sell it as is. Can't you see this hanging over a mantle? Stencil a word or frame a sign with it? Lots of possibilities!
I like this wood
Of course, I got a little shopping in this weekend. I am loving these two chairs. I'll try to schmooze David into cutting some bottoms for them. Maybe cover them in burlap for the show. Hmmm...

I hope you've enjoyed this little show and tell.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Found Some Corks

It's sharing time! Here are some recent finds. Well, I didn't find the corks. OK. I did. They were in bottles. I had to get them out of the bottles to make this pile. It was a lot of work, but someone had to do it! If you look in the background, you'll see my Sanford & Son driveway. Lots of stuff sitting around waiting for Warrenton. And how bout that chest?
New Stuff 001
Here are some more finds...
New Stuff 005
Several of you mentioned that you wanted me to brings lots of smalls to Warrenton. No worries! I am picking up some great smalls and I'll have lots of packing paper with me. If you have space in your suitcase/car/trailer, I will be right there to fill it up!
New Stuff 002
Let me know if you think you'll want more corks. I'm sure I can "find" more for ya!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Broom and a Moo

It all started with this simple broom head.
Broom 001
I like the look of it and decided it needed a new purpose. So, now it holds stuff. Where's an N when I need one?
Broom 002
I got some new business cards the other day. Check this out.
Broom 019
Are you familiar with Moo cards? This smart company allows you to use pictures from your flickr account to make business cards. David surprised me with some mini-moo cards last year. They are half the size of a business card. So, here are the fronts of some of my cards on the card holder.
Broom 005
The program is fairly user friendly. You should check it out!
Broom 021
And how bout that card holder? I'm feeling so creative.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is going on

I tell you what. Life has me busy! You know I was not lifting heavy stuff for a while. But, that is over.

My sister put her hands in the air and had a birthday.
I found this funky piece with great lichen on it.
David and I went to a beautiful wedding. Click HERE to see the pics David took at the reception. The man is good.
You know that I am starting to look at my clothes for Warrenton. I know. I won't care after I've sweat, ate dirt, dealt with people who want things for free, etc. But, I'm going to try to go with cute, comfy clothes. Ten days of cute, comfy clothes. This could be a challenge. And shoes. Y'all know how I am about shoes! Oh, no! Cute or comfort or practical? hmmm
Primitiques is in need of shoppers. If you are nearby and you swing by, you will find that I have been storing some Warrenton items at the store. Scary that it seems no one has noticed! If you come between now and the close of business this Saturday, I imagine you can get some great stuff that I intended for Warrenton. Otherwise, it is getting packed up soon!
David and I are planning an early trip to Warrenton. We'll take a load and set up the camper. Yes. We'll be camping during the show. Luckily, I've camped all my life. So, this won't feel so much like roughing it to me.

What is going on in your world?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Packing and Dancing

Are you aware? Seriously! One month from today, David and I will be in Warrenton, at Zapp Hall laughing and sweating and setting up and dancing. We dance everywhere we go.

In the meantime, I have to pack!
Suitcases for Warrenton
For months, I've used this harvest table to spread out smalls. Kind of like an inspiration board. An inspiration table. Setting the mood for my buying. Reminding me of the "look".
Time to price and pack!
The time has come. The time to price everything and pack those suitcases! Time to clear off the table and turn my house back into a home, instead of a setting stage for the Fall Show at Zapp Hall.
Bout to pack it all up!
I'm packing for my very first show. Very exciting! One month from now, David and I will be dancing. Are you packing? Are you coming to dance with us?
Bandera Saloon
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SweetTalk with Janet & Shopping with Mayron

My friend, Mayron, and I hit the road today. Destination: The Rose Patch in Tyler to see Mo and her sister, the famous Janet, of SweetTalk. Do you know Janet? Such a creative lady.
SweetTalk-August192009 023
Now would be a good time to wipe the drool off your keyboard, cuz I know you are lusting after Janet's aqua, glass prism necklace! I thought about ripping it off of her neck and running, but she looks pretty fit. And I'm not medically cleared for running. Bummer!

Here's a little sample of Janet's creative cards framed.
SweetTalk-August192009 011
Hogwash is cracking me up.
SweetTalk-August192009 009
I like tipping my hat to creative folks. Janet is savvy, isn't she? To quote her, she has a "line of antiqued-lettered, individual word, gift and postcard tags. Adventurous, sweet, celebratory, romantic...any word is game!"

Janet will be at The Rose Patch, Thursday (8/20) from 11am - 5pm. 117 W. Front Street, Tyler, Texas. Swing by and say hi. They have refreshments and snacks and lots of great visiting is to be had. Did I mention The Rose Patch has some great antiques? Oh, yeah. Sure nuff! Be sure to check out the sink in the powder room. Love it!

Any time Mayron and I are together, we end up shopping all along the way to our destination. I left with a semi-empty Pathfinder. Wanna see a pic when I got home? This will answer the question as to whether I am preparing for Warrenton. You bet I am!
SweetTalk-August192009 026
I love the turquoise on this old wheel.
SweetTalk-August192009 027
Yup. As I offloaded the goods, I was reminded that I did come home with some SweetTalk merchandise. These are going to be great gift cards for occasions to come!
SweetTalk-August192009 029
Happy Day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

People are Cool

Some days, people are so cool, you just wanna hug 'em til the cows come home. Seriously!

Take my yaya friend, Debi. Just for grins, once a month, she has a drawing. Guess who won July's drawing. Moi! Refer to the picture. Right side. Candle with candelabra and wonderful cluster of white bracelets. She sent me those just cuz I love her and leave her comments. Go check her out. The drawing for August will be a turquoise goodie. If you leave a comment, sign my name. I need me some turq!
Free Stuff

See the cardboard tube to the left of the cool candle? Amy of WhisperWood and Junkologie sent me that cuz she knew I'd love it. Seriously. Just sent it to me. No charge. Free. Cuz she loves me. I need to hug this woman. Amy!!! Come to Texas for some huggin'!

Next, see the book and kick booty bookmark/gift card/work of art? These came from Katie, our Ragamuffin Gal in MO. I basically told her that I could use a book to read, so she drew my name amongst I don't know how many and sent it to me. She also sent some cool clip art. David's daughter snatched that up before I could snap photos.

It has been like Christmas at the mailbox lately!

Wanna see the flowers David brought me the day of my surgery?

Love David's Flowers!
Beautiful, eh?

My sister, the retired hair dresser, told me that I needed to add some "ch, ch, ch" to my hair and scrunch it. I inquired what "ch, ch, ch" was and she said I'd find some under my cabinet if I looked. So, I peered into the black hole under the sink and came up with some "ch, ch, ch" and got to scrunching. I can't decide if it looks like I'm fresh out of bed, or if I look incredibly artsy. What do you think?
Funky Scrunched Hair
I'm meeting Mayron for lunch and she promises to share her opinion with me. In fact, I need to get going!

Happy Monday and Many Hugs!

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Hair

So, my ability to go shopping is limited. No heavy lifting. Besides that, my energy level isn't up to par for power shopping.

I've been watching a lot of What Not to Wear and I decided a new hair style was in order.
2009August14Hair 006

The tresses=long. The curls=natural. The color=(close to) natural. Sure. Time for change. Why not?

2009August14Hair 008

I went to the salon my sister uses and I gave the girl with scissors permission to have fun.
2009August14Hair 011
2009August14Hair 013
2009August14Hair 015
Trina talked me into some highlights. She convinced me that I don't need any stinkin' ponytail holders. She brought me into this century. Yea!

That was almost as fun as finding a good piece of cheap junk. I'm going to go take a nap now. And thank you to all you folks, including the lurkers, who have left nice comments and wished me well. I sure do appreciate the love.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm being good

Many of you have encouraged me to relax. Chill. Not push it. I really liked the ice cream idea, but I didn't stay at the hospital long enough to try out all the flavors.

I've chilled around my house since Monday afternoon. I've reacquainted myself with HGTV and TLC. David brought a beautiful bouquet that I carry from room to room so that I can enjoy it wherever I am. My cats have loved laying on top of me, keeping me anchored. This morning, after feeding the feline foot warmers, while they were distracted, I snuck out.
2009August12 019
I took my empty Pathfinder on a quick buying trip. I bet that gate is heavy. Nope. I don't know if it is, because I didn't load my vehicle and I won't unload it.
2009August12 017
I certainly know how to make use of what space I have, don't I?
2009August12 016
See anything you like? The most strenuous thing I did was drive. And that was nothing. Now, if I could just get someone to come and empty my Pathfinder so I can take it out again tomorrow. Hmmm...any volunteers?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New stuff at Winnie & Tulula's

Hi y'all! I am well. I am a bit sleepy, but not too terribly sore. Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.

Saturday, David and I got to do a little work at my space at Winnie & Tulula's. Wanna see?
2009August8 W&T's 033

We brought several new pieces in. I really like this square, metal table.

2009August8 W&T's 021
And check out that black, frenchy chair. 2009August8 W&T's 024

It's always fun giving a big ole facelift to my space. I like my customers to see a new look each time they come in. I saw a good sign the other day that said "The best time to buy an antique is when you see it." Now, isn't that the truth!

2009August8 W&T's 018

Here are more pics of my space at W&T's if you wanna snoop around a little. The most current merchandise can be viewed from the bottom up in the set.

I'm going to go take a nap now.

Happy Day!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Up Close and Personal

This morning, my camera and I got up close and personal with a few recent finds.
Close up 011
I sure do like the macro feature on my camera.
Close up 015
Sometimes, the parts are just as great as the whole.
Close up 009
Not always, but this is all you're gettin'.
Close up 007
Speaking of up close and personal, I am having an ovarian cyst surgically removed Monday morning. While I don't predict any issues, and I'm not at all worried about it, prayers are always appreciated.

David and I will be making a personal appearance at Winnie & Tulula's tomorrow/ Saturday afternoon if anyone wants to come see us. I might just take one or two of these pictured items with me. hmmmm...

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Story of the Ice Scraper

Love and jokes are shared and enjoyed in our family.
Dad's 76! 008
My mom and dad are eBay sellers. Dad usually selects the items to auction, does the research, writes the wording and places the eBay ad. Sometimes, Mom finds something she thinks is auction worthy and she does all the dirty work of placing the ad.

Back in April, Mom thought that this pristine Avis ice scraper would make a fine purchase for someone with icy windows. Or perhaps a collector of Avis stuff would snatch it up. So, Mom took the pictures and placed the ad. Dad made fun of her auction. He mocked her. He told her that no one would be interested in an Avis ice scraper.

And he was right. For an entire week, very few people looked at the ad. There were no questions. There were no bids. The auction ended in silence.

Mom, being bound and determined to prove Dad wrong, re-ran the ad. This is where the fun starts. Are you still here?

Before you know it, folks were interested in this plastic piece of Avis beauty and the questions started.

One lady wanted to know if the ice scraper was left handed or right handed.

Another perspective bidder wanted to know if the seller would post a picture of the ice scraper being held in the hand, so that she could get an idea as to whether it would fit ok in her hand.

Someone else inquired what year model the Cadillac was that was pictured on the ice scraper.

You have to know that every time Mom got an email with a question, she would run to Dad, bragging that there was interest in the awesome ice scraper. To quote Dad, "I am not believing this!" and "You have got to be kidding!"

Indeed, there was a bid on the ice scraper and it sold. Here is the feedback the buyer left for my folks (the sellers): "This will make a wonderful gift! Thanks for going above and beyond! A+ Ebayer"

Dad's birthday was this week. Look at the "gift" he received! Reckon Dad sees the value in the ice scraper now? It was certainly worth a laugh!

Thank you, David for leaving great feedback for Mom and Dad, and thanks for the laughs! Most of us had long forgotten about the eBay Avis ice scraper. The shadow box was a nice touch. Good one!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

But a Glimpse

Here is but a glimpse of some goodies I am gathering for Warrenton.
Small Group
You may be hearing less from me in the days coming. Life is getting in the way of blogging, if you can imagine that!

But, I'll try to check in with y'all as time allows.

Happy Life!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Good Sport, Coming and Going

David told me he had not been to Canton's First Monday in about 10 years. Those are the years we refer to as "The P-M years". You know, "The Pre-Mindy years". So, he went with me this weekend and look at this! He pushed the Wonder Wheeler going in...
And he toted the Golden Girl heading out.
A good man is hard to find. I am so, very happy that I found this good man!

Happy August!