Thursday, February 12, 2009

Challenge to the Press

You know who wears a 2Chippy's Junk Necklace. You know where to be Friday night. You better be ready for The Money Shot.
The Veranda has already teamed with Celebrity News for coverage. Theresa has hooked up with the Dallas Morning News to spread the gossip. Lisa at Antiques and More has gone independent with the promotion. It is your job, paparazzi, to catch her in the moment. You know who. Debbie at Talking Trash. The Queen of Bling. The Jewel. The Blond Bombshell! Cat Daddy's love. She's throwing a party and everybody who is anybody will be there.
She has been known to strike a pose. Here she is with Cher of Texas Woman fame.
Font size She posed with me once. Notice the bling. I expect full coverage of the bling, people.

Theresa and Debbie schmooz the lens for this one. Two beautiful people in one frame. What a catch!

Now your job is to catch Debbie in a weak moment. She can't always pose. Her grace can't always be impeccable. See what you can do. This is the party of the century. Do you want to be famous for capturing THE shot?

Focus, people. Focus!


  1. That last picture is priceless! I've been laughing all week reading everyone's posts and comments! This is too much fun!

  2. Great pictures! I enjoyed seeing the women behind the junk...oh, I mean blogs.

    It's definitely going to be some party. I fear my post tomorrow won't do it justice. I've been dressing up everything from a rabbit to my daughter and nothing is working. Where's a dress form when you need one??

    Outta ideas.

  3. What words of Kindness? Do you realize how much you could get for that photo from the Enquirer?
    I'll be back after I finish my 99th post to have a little talk with you, young lady!!!! Debbie

  4. I simply must have one of those necklaces. It is one of my favorites. Oh, I do have one. Thanks for the plug......lauri @ chippys

  5. Great photos! I'll have my camera in my evening bag! See ya tomorrow nite!

  6. I'm afraid Deb is not going to be posing for any photos for a long time! Great post! ~Lisa

  7. Hey my friend,
    Yes isn't it so hard to believe Molly is back in the hospital already. Ughhhh!
    Hopefully this time she'll get fixxed up good though and won't have to come back for a while.
    The doctor did mention maybe scheduled stays would be a good thing, that would mean coming in every two months wether she really needed it or not just to keep her lung function up as high as we could. Deep down I know that'd be a good thing but it would be so hard to make her come in the hospital for 10 to 14 days if she wasn't really sick.
    We are looking forward to tomorrow, Steve gets off in the morning so he's coming up tomorrow after and stay the weekend with us, woohoooo!
    We'll enjoy having him here. Then hopefully the next weekend we'll be out of here and he'll be off then because that Friday he'll start his 7 days off. So even though we're here in this awful place we're looking forward to the good times. I'm trying not to let myself get so in the dumps like I was during her last stay.
    Talk more later...

  8. Mindy, This was a hoot! You know me so well. If I see a flash I automatically pose. And Lisa, for your information, that was a pose. I don't have to do that, C.D. does it for me. Life is way too short to go through it frowning and I am so glad I'm surrounded by those who want to go out with laugh lines! Let's just keeping on having a laughing good time...even if it's me we're laughing at. I love the attention! Debbie

  9. I love that last pic of her, priceless!!

  10. Wow! I had something insightful and sweet to say, but then I saw the last photo and totally dropped the thought. LOL!

  11. OMG! You know what they say about paybacks!! Hopefully she's not a vindictive person...or you're in trouble! What fun!

  12. Oh My, isn't that what they call the "money shot"? I'm sure she will be on her best behavior (What?) at her soiree. Can't wait to see everyone, Pam P.S. I almost spewed coffee AND wet my pants on this one.

  13. I'd just like to add one more thing. If it's good enough for actors, it's good enough for me. Anybody see Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman the other night? I rest my case. Debbie

  14. I saw portions and let me just say this...the difference between his appearance and yours? Yours was an intentionally funny pose. He was a dingbat, all on his own. ~Mindy


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