Friday, January 28, 2011

New Goods at The P

There is a framed photo of my first cat, Ellie Mae, in my entry way. I have owned that frame for at least 10 years. For whatever reason (I am old), I can't remember where I bought the frame. This would be a good place to insert said framed photo, but I didn't take a picture of it. Just believe me. It's there and I like it.

So, I recently decided to expand inventory at The Primitique.
Giddy Up
I do love creating space with antiques.Which one?
And Robelyn's redneck chic line is sew much fun to carry!
The corner
The Swan Creek Candles we sell are amazing!

So, what was next? Thinking along the lines of what The P is about, I knew that whatever I brought in should be made in America. I like supporting artists. I like the idea of someone making something out of salvaged goods/recycling.

I looked at the framed Ellie Mae and wondered...

Upon removing the back covering of the frame, I saw it. The name of the company. Dare I hope that it was still up and running? A quick search revealed that indeed, Dryads Dancing was still in bidness. I read about Margaret, the owner and artist. I perused the website. I appreciated the "feel". I signed on and placed an order.

I love Dryads Dancing.
2011January28_frames and hearts 004
Salvaged Wood HeartsMagnet Boards
Magnet Boards
2011January28_frames and hearts 011
Love them!
Wood Frames
Wood frames.
magnet boards
Did I mention that I love the magnet boards? Dryads Dancing is going to be a fun company to re-order from over and over again. Don't you think?

Oh. I bought more frames. Come to The P and check 'em out!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quirky, Vintage, Salvaged Goodness

Two boxes came to the store this morning and I was on a tight schedule, so I loaded them in my car. They rode in silence as I giggled out loud. I was giddy excited to see the new line of salvaged goodness.
Dreaded Peanuts
I got where I was going and in the parking lot, with great difficulty and much exhuberance, I got the first box open. Peanuts. Does anyone else hate these static cling puffs of ickyness? After digging around, and pulling out some amazing, kick booty stuff, I moved to the second box. Tape can be the enemy, you know?
Must cut tape
I have a knife somewhere is my redneck chic pocketbook. But, in my frenzy, could I find it? Nope. FYI, cuticle nippers work on tape, too.
Look! After digging through more dadgum peanuts, I found these two.

Salvaged wood.


I LOVE salvaged wood.

Look! A key on each one. And other salvaged, hardware goodness. Did I mention I swoon?
Key to my salvaged wood Heart
Just in time for Valentine's Day. Yee haw!

I'll show you more salvaged goodness later. I can't have you swooning too much, all at once.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Jibber Jabber and Gratuitous Pictures

I put "art" up at my house this weekend.
Rusty Stuff
I dragged some rust home. Soon to be at The P.
Clean Plate
This sign cracks me up every time I walk by it in my driveway.
2011January25_The Box 004
Here is a gratuitous pic of my hot boyfriend. Oh, but, check out that box he is leaning against, would you?
The box
The box is metal. An old well pump box/closet kinda thing.
2011January25_The Box 002
I fell in deep like with it. But, couldn't figure out who would want it for what. If you want it, tell me and I'll go back and get it for you.
Ford Tailgate yellow
Here is a gratuitous picture of a tailgate to remind you that we're having a Tailgate Party at The P on Saturday, February 5, from 10-6.
Here is a gratuitous picture of
Robelyn of redneck chic . She will be at The Primitique sharing her latest, greatest creations. Pocketbooks, slips, hats, shirts.

I know some of you folks live far away, like in another state. But if you're in Texas, you should come. You're close enough. Really. Oklahoma. You are close enough. You should come, too. So, Texas and Oklahoma, we'll see you at The P. Louisiana, seriously. You may as well cross the border, too. Most of the borders of Texas are unprotected. Come one, come all! And do feel free to share this info, bring friends and family, and bring large trucks with trailers attached.

I just found out that our salvaged wood frames and salvaged metal frames, as well as some salvaged Valentine's creations, will be present for the party! We are excited to offer this new line of goodies at The Primitique.

Also, we'll be serving Tailgate Party snacks. Would you prefer a chocolate or vanilla moonpie?

And there you have it. Random Jibber Jabber and Gratuitious Pictures.

Happy Day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Conversations with the redneck

Mindy to Robelyn: You are past due for showing your face at The P. Should we have a redneck chic trunk show at The Primitique?
Bins and old tool box
Robelyn to Mindy: trunk show? what's a trunk? ain't no red.neck gonna have a trunk show... a tailgate party? yup... tailgatin's good...
Mindy to Robelyn: Hmmm...a Tailgate Party...Let's do it. Saturday, February 5 from 10-6. It'll be Super Bowl Weekend. Maybe some bloggers will be in town for the game.

Robelyn to Mindy: Who's playing?

Mindy to Robelyn: The playoff games are this weekend.
Cowboys Fan
Robelyn to Mindy: Are the Cowboys playing?

Mindy to Robelyn: Seriously? (^me in Cowboys shirt^)

Next conversation:
Mindy to Robelyn: What food should we serve at the Tailgate Party at The P?

Robelyn to Mindy: Pepsi and moonpies.

Mindy to Robelyn: I'll make queso for nachos.

Next conversation:
Mindy to Robelyn: What are you bringing, as the featured vendor at The P's Tailgate Party?

(Yee haw! Robelyn's bringing arm loads of more Saddle Tramps shirts! Can you say pearl snaps?)

And then, she stopped returning my calls. My bet? Robelyn is in the la.bor.a.tory with Kate Spade, the dress form, creating more pocketbooks to bring to the Tailgate Party at The P.
left front corner
Are you coming? And if so, do you prefer the double decker moonpie or single?

Happy Day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cocoon of Warmth

Guest bathroom heater
When I was growing up, this was my bathroom.
Guest bath heater
It was my room of warmth. Warmth for pottying. Warmth for brushing teeth. Warmth for taking a bath or shower. Warmth.
Close heater
See this heater? I loved this heater. I miss this heater.

When I was a child, after dad woke me up every morning, I'd run to the bathroom, turn the heater on, then run back to my bed until a cocoon of warmth had been established. I loved to shower in the cocoon.
To this day, I need a cocoon in the bathroom during the winter months. But, I use a space heater at my house. Not a nice, fancy heater on the ceiling.

I miss the heater on the ceiling.

It's supposed to drop into the 20's tonight. Will someone come over and turn the space heater on for me in the morning, so that my cocoon will be achieved before I get up?



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh My!

I'm a girl
Yup! It's true. I'm a girl. Are you a girl? Do you know a girl? Do you know a girl who wears a size small? More specifically, do you know a girl who wears a size small and who is pregnant?
Maternity - small
I can only imagine being with child and getting to wear this Saddle Tramp maternity shirt, designed by Robelyn of red.neck chic. Isn't it the best?

We have this girl shirt, as well as an entire rack of other girl shirts at The Primitique. Mindy will be at the store Saturday after 11 to help talk you into anything you want!
rnc Corner
Oh, Look! Purses and boots and hats, oh my! You will need a mirror to look into while you are trying on the girl shirts and purses and boots and hats. We have mirrors! Perfect!
Mirrors. See? Each and every mirror will be 20% off Saturday only. Bring some packing quilts and come load up on girl shirts, purses and boots and hats, and mirrors, oh my!
The corner
We also have just a few holiday scented candles left. Come and get them for $9 each. You can relive the feeling of Christmas, as you load up on the girl shirts, the purses and boots and hats, the mirrors and the holiday scented candles!

Oh my! Saturday is going to be a fun day at The P!

Happy Day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grab your Popcorn (a soap box is coming)

I was walking along at Albertson's grocery store, loading up the buggy. It's been cold and I've been craving popcorn. There, on the popcorn shelves, I spied cheddar cheese. Yum!
Look! 100% whole grain. That sounds healthy. Better still, there was a coupon dispenser spitting out coupons for 40 cents off. Yee haw!

I got everything I wanted and headed to check out. Self check-out. I hate self check-out. I have not noticed the prices going down since Albertson's quit hiring people to help me check out. So, why aren't I getting paid to do this job? Just sayin'. But, I digress. (A whole nother soap box is coming. Hold on to your hat)
After I scanned the box of flavorful fun, the computer indicated that it had no clue what the heck I was talking about. Something about "unknown barcode." Huh.

I turned to the fellow who has been hired to supervise the non-paid hired help.

He came over and said "Oh. We only have a couple of these boxes. They are an off brand."

To which I replied "Dude. It's Orville Redenbacher."

He asked "Where did you get this?

I answered "The popcorn aisle." (duh) (which, by the way, was 1 aisle over from where we stood)

He said, in his gansta wanna be lingo, "You can have it."

Ok. Now, the business owner in me came out. In my head, I was like "Huh? Move your feet (or butt) over to that aisle, get the code, enter it in, fill out the paperwork so that it is recognized by the computer, and HELLO? Do your job! YOU, after all, ARE being paid to be here!"

Instead, I said "Well, here's the coupon that your store has in a coupon dispenser, right smack dab next to the Orville Redenbacher popcorn." Trying to make a point.

To which he replied "You can keep it."

Nope. I didn't get his name. And yes, I took the free popcorn, with the coupon.

One of my best buds happens to be the sister of the store manager. She'll be reading this and forwarding it to the boss in just a few seconds. And yes. I will pay him for the popcorn. This was not a favor from the young lad. It was an inconvenience to him. And I don't really want to contribute to society by ignoring his lack of responsibility or professionalism.

People, if we are going to complain about poor work ethics, we should make an effort to do something about it. After all, from what I hear, there are people looking for jobs out there. Perhaps, someone with more loyalty to their employer could be employed. (this is me stepping down from the soap box and heading to the microwave)
popcorn and snow
Did I mention it's been cold and I've been craving popcorn?

Happy Day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow and Music Holders

My backyard
Look! It snowed in my backyard! Pretty!

Yes. The snow picture is pretty much a necessity, since I'm in Texas and it's so rare around here. Ready to talk shop?

I mentioned that I would be working at The Primitique Saturday, and lots of y'all came out to play with me. Thanks! I'm going to have to schedule a work day/play day more often!

Something everyone missed out on were these old music holder/clip thingies, used on band instruments. See?
2011January10_The Primitique 016
They can serve as architectural oddities...
2011January10_The Primitique 005
or picture holders.
Cobbler Forms
They are all different, making it an interesting challenge to figure how and where to place them.
Pretty face
This one is holding one of my business cards.
2011January10_The Primitique 008
Don't you love them? If you are impressed with how good they look everywhere, go give my man, David props. He came in to The P at the end of the day and threw these around everywhere. He's just that good. (And go check out his latest post, would ya? David has announced a goal he has set for himself. I'm sure he'd love to hear your words of encouragment!)
Kelly at The P
Here is my sister, after she spent a few hours helping me restock and reset the store. Isn't she a ham?
Snowy in the springs
Yeah, I couldn't help but share one more picture of the snow. Sorry to all you folks who see it all the time. We get all goofy when it snows in Texas! *wink*

Happy Day!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Workin' The P

I've been working around the house this week. But, after taking this picture, I realized I needed to do some work at The Primitique, too. Sweep, maybe?
Chest of Drawers
I was going to tell you about this chest of drawers, but it sold this week.
Bongo Drums
And these bongo drums? Yep. They sold, too.
Chippy bed
I'm hoping if I show you this bed, ashtray, dresser, etc, they will all sell this weekend. *wink*
2011January4_random 009
How bout some rusty stuff? You know I have rust!

Here's the deal. The store opens at 8 tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I plan on being there around 11 with a truck load, maybe even a trailer load full of goodies. You come for a visit and I will share a glass of wine or a glass of Hawaiian Punch with you. Oh! And you can shop, too!

It would be nice to visit with you while stockin' & workin' The P!