Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zapp Re-Capp

Oh, dear! (or is that deer?)

Since returning from the antique show at Zapp Hall, I simply must have lost my head! (or is that baby doll head?)

In one word, let me sum up the show: Good. (see tag)

Ok. Two words. Real Good!
2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 043

We sold a lot. Yee haw!

We played a lot. Waa hoo!
2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 039
We absolutely, positively LOVED sharing time and space with our friend, Robelyn, aka red.neck chic. 2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 016
We enjoyed doing our quirky thing.
2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 022

Family tradition continues with my mom and sister coming to help for a few days. Love.
2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 017
And my boyfriend, David, continues to be the best, most supportive, loving, kick booty, handsome man, EVER!

2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 052
Did I mention it was a good show?

A very large thanks to all of you who dropped by, said hi and shopped. We would stop doing what we do if it weren't for YOU!

Click HERE to see a little Who's Who, when you peruse the pictures I took.

Click HERE to see David's pictures. His pictures are soo good!

Happy Day!

2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 001

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hold on to Your Hat!

I'm doing taxes and my accountant told me to hurry. She and Uncle Sam probably don't understand the need for blogging. But, we do, don't we? This is me, hurrying.

The antique show at Zapp Hall in Warrenton was a whirlwind. 2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 014

Dressing up for the Prom with Robelyn was enough to knock your socks off...2011April3_Zapp Hall Spring Show 038

The P is going through some restructuring. We will now be in a wonderful antique store in Quinlan, called Tipsy Tango. And we will be buying and selling by appointment, from our private property in Poetry.

Didn't see that coming, did ya? More details, after taxes.

Happy Day!