Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Still Alive. Now What?

When I was about 5 1/2 years old, I drew this picture. Quite the artist, eh?
2010January29 002
I handed it to my mother and told her that when I died, I wanted the picture buried with me. Seriously! I did! Look. She wrote my wishes on the back of my art work.
2010January29 004
I guess you could say I have always been warped regarding death. And I always thought that I'd die young. At the age of 43, I am willing to say that if I die today, I outlived my very own expectations. (Let's not debate on whether I am still young. Of course, I am. But, not to a 5 1/2 year old!)

So, I was visiting with a friend today, via email and we were discussing some ideas I have for my future, after I retire from my "real job" (yes, I have a real job). I was throwing around the idea of owning my own shop, where I would play good music, have good smells, fresh homemade food stuff, tea, wine, a pet cat and a real, wood burning fire place, along with kick booty antiques and home decor. Sure. I can dream!

Here is what my friend said, in part, regarding her present job and impending retirement:
"It's been a real trip, but it's made an old woman out of me.... So many things I was gonna do when I retired that won't happen... I wanted to train and work search/rescue dogs (bad neck/back..won't happen.) I wanted to build a place on the farm to take care of my orphan babies (no money, won't happen.) Wanted to finally finish my degree.. decided I was smart enough...won't happen...!!! I guess what I'm telling you is go for what you want before you wake up someday as a Walmart greeter!! I think you've got a great idea there with excellent potential."

And she added:
"I have faith in you, though. You can do anything you set your mind to! "

This, from a woman who has known me for over 15 years.

So, I consider myself in my freshman year of exploration. I am preparing for life after this job. Exploring options. Considering abilities. Developing skills. Picking brains. Surrounding myself with diverse, experienced folks. A sponge. I am a sponge.

I am getting finances in order. Attempting to take better care of my body. Considering what further education I might need to better my potential.

Because, you see, when the day comes, I want to be ready. I don't want to be an old woman with dreams unfulfilled or out of reach.

Thank you, my friend.

I am alive and I am inspired.

May her words inspire you, as well.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Shopping Finds

After some good sales lately at Winnie & Tulula's and at Primitiques, it was time for me to do some shopping. And you know how much I love to shop! I heard the weather in Canton was going to be ugly today, so I chickened out and visited one of my local honey holes.

First, I picked up this lovely plaster wall hanging. Divine, isn't it?

2010January28_Finds 007
Then, I selected these tables.
2010January28_Finds 003
Wire baskets and finials...
2010January28_Finds 008
All coming to a store in Poetry or Athens soon! However, I am toiling on whether to replace my current, small wood coffee table with this new, big glass top beauty.
2010January28_Finds 010
2010January28_Finds 012

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Screen Porch Divan

Enough talk. You are ready for pictures, aren't ya? Okie doke. Here ya go:
2010January26_Divan 005
Yes. The fabric, chosen in the 90's, is quite lively, isn't it? I bought this sofa at an estate sale and it had lived on the family's screen porch for generations. It had 3 or 4 layers of fabric on it when I dragged it off the old homestead. I took it to a professional furniture restorer. He later told me that as he stripped the layers of fabric off, he found chicken bones in there. I'm hoping they were of the fried chicken variety. I'd hate to think a feathered friend met his demise in the springs of this family heirloom.

When you remove the back cushion, this is what it looks like. See? This divan has a back and arms, as opposed to my scrap yard rescue piece.
2010January26_Divan 007
You are still freaking out over that fabric aren't you? Me, too. It seemed like a good idea at the time! Upon pulling the front portion up and forward, you see this.
2010January26_Divan 009
That blue fabric wasn't my choice, but, it is never seen and it serves as protection. The springs are directly under the fabric. The next step, is to lay the back cushion over the blue section.
2010January26_Divan 010
If you look closely, you will see that the back portion sits a little higher than the front. The restorer, apparently didn't notice, or think it was important when he was reworking the cushion. (I did insist that he use the original springs and hardware. I just roll that way, wanting things authentic.) But, he overdid it on the foam and I didn't realize it when I first got it back.

The reason that is important, is because when it comes to sleeping on this divan, there is a noticeable difference between one side and the other. Soooo....
2010January26_Divan 013
I throw a mattress on top to make the difference less noticeable. The mattress is not as wide as the surface, so I get this dead space.
2010January26_Divan 012
It is the perfect space for pillows. From here on, don't even begin to think that I am trying to impress you with what I put on the divan. I'm just throwing out an example of what can be done. The spread that I had on it was in the washing machine when I tackled this endeavor of taking pictures. Perhaps another day, I'll dress it differently and show you.
2010January26_Divan 014
The throw pillows fit perfectly in that left over area, and, they keep me from rolling into the cold metal of the back or the brick wall, if I happen to be tossing and turning.

Truth be known, I usually leave it in the down position. It makes for great lounging.

So, there you have it. This divan has very much the same bones as the scrap yard piece I rescued last week. Only, the one on my screened porch has this lovely fabric. Yee haw!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Chair and more Divan Talk

2010January25_Free Chair 001
We're gonna try something new at Primitiques. Every Monday, I am going to post up something for FREE. It must be picked up from the store before the next Monday. First come, first served. No holds. No dibs. Get there and load it up. Today, I offer up this project chair. It has great lines. You could cut off the back and arms, recover the cushion and have a great stool or side table. You could take it to a furniture person to have it properly repaired. You could use it to start a fire. Whatever! It's free and it will be at the store tomorrow (Tuesday) morning by 9:00am. The minute it walks out the door, I will let you know here, in the comments section. Will I see you in Poetry tomorrow morning? *wink*

If you can't make it out to Poetry tomorrow, but you are interested in the chair, and you are reading this on my blog, keep up with it's status by clicking below the comment box at "Subscribe by email"...I'll post up when it's gone and you'll be notified. FB friends, I will post a comment on this note.

This weekend is First Monday at Canton. You might swing by and pick it up on your way. Hmmm...if it's still there!
2010January25_Free Chair 003
In the meantime, I am cleaning up my screened porch so that I can show you my very own pullout divan. It is made quite similarly to the divan I posted about finding on the scrap truck last week. I agree. We will keep it as is. No wall hangings, unless you buy it and make it that. Heck, the recently acquired one would look way cool with an old sleeping bag thrown over it. I need to go to Goodwill. Can you hear the wheels turning from there? You know. The old green ones with the black and red checks? I know. I don't gravitate to those colors. But, dang, that would be cool in a cabin!

Happy Monday!

ps. A big thanks to Lezlee from the blog, Prior. She came out for some shopping and a visit this weekend. Here are her kind words left on my last post:
"So enjoyed seeing you Sat. at Poetry! What a charming community. We loved your store and the two in Terrell you recommended. " How sweet is she? Lezlee, it was great to see you again and I enjoyed meeting your sister and son!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking Through My Window

Wanna see what David saw yesterday, looking through my bedroom windows? Click here and enjoy.

No worries. This is G rated. He was looking out, not in!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Divan

Have you heard the word "divan"? Wikipedia says: "A divan is a piece of couch-like sitting furniture."

My grandmother had a divan. With a grin, that's what I call my sofa. It's old school. I like it. Divan.

Remember the rusty cot thing I got yesterday?

2010January22-rusty divan 002
I'd say it's a divan. Check this out.
2010January22-rusty divan 004
It lays out into a bed.

Now. I have to decide. Will it remain as is, and Carolyn Westbrook or Judy Hill or Sweet Pea Collection it up with fabulous pillows and linens? Or shall I part it out for wall hangings and cheese graters? Hmmm...what would you do?

If I fluff it up, I can see everyone lounging on it at Zapp Hall, drinking wine, visiting and posing while David snaps photos. Ha!
(Well, until someone comes along and buys it, anyway!)

If I part it out, someone will buy the parts and use clothes pins to display pictures and recipes and whatever on the springs. Hmmm...

Again, I ask. What would you do with it?

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today, I was headed to Primitiques to take pictures of some paint by numbers art that I recently acquired. (Here are the pics, if you are inclined.)

As I drove the 5 minute drive, putting on makeup and taking care not to run over any loose livestock, I happened to observe the vehicle on the road in front of me. Travelling in the same direction. A truck, towing a trailer. The trailer was chock full of metal items. This fella was headed to the scrap yard. Oh no! I had to stop him! I was eyeballing stuff and drooling and then I got goofy and took a picture from inside my truck as I was driving. See that cot looking thing with springs on top? I really wanted it.
2010January21-scrap 001
Crazy! I had all but lipstick on, so I decided it was safe. I pulled up next to him, into the lane that would have oncoming traffic, had there been oncoming traffic, and I made eye contact. The driver unrolled his window and I commenced to yell out that I wanted to buy some stuff out of his truck. Bless his heart, he pulled over and let me pick away. I threw out a price, he looked at his wife like I was nuts, and he started removing the tow chain keeping all the goodies from flying.

Here is the nice man bringing some goods to my truck.
2010January21-scrap 003
And remember that cot looking thing I mentioned on top of the heap? I got it.
2010January21-scrap 018
I have been giggling all day long. And the best part? He and his wife have a barn. A barn which is full of lots of old stuff that I might like, she said. he he he We exchanged names, phone numbers and handshakes and I very much look forward to checking out their barn in the near future.

This approach was new for me. But, you can bet I will gladly do this again. Good times on the country roads of Poetry, Texas!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kick Booty Stuff at W&T's

I had a little fun this morning throwing new stuff out in my space at Winnie & Tulula's in Athens. And then, I went around and took pics of cool, new stuff all over W&T's and Sweet Pea Collection. Enjoy!
2010January20-wnt's 004
2010January20-wnt's 007
2010January20-wnt's 016
2010January20-wnt's 030
2010January20-wnt's 026
2010January20-wnt's 028
2010January20-wnt's 020
2010January20-wnt's 022
2010January20-wnt's 033
2010January20-wnt's 035
2010January20-wnt's 017
Can you appreciate the wide variety we offer at this joint?
You wanna know whose is what, don't you? Head to the store and YOU figure it out. *wink*
Seriously? You can click on each pic and it will take you to my flickr account.
Below each picture there, you will see the name or site of the vendor.

Happy Wednesday! ~Mindy

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Ending

My last post discussed my need to trust people and the garage sale purchase of a hair dryer that no longer warmed the air. Many of you shared your feelings about the seller and a few of you had suggestions for alternate uses. Hot flashes would appreciate this hand held fan, I am told.

David came up with a possible "excuse", if you will, for the seller. Perhaps, he suggested, the lady's young adult daughter (or son) moved out of the house and left the defunct dryer behind. Perhaps Mom was cleaning out the cabinet and located the apparatus. Perhaps Mom plugged it in, heard the appropriate noise and said to herself, "Why did that child leave this perfectly good hair dryer behind?" Thus, the "I just want to get rid of it" one dollar price.

It could happen! Now, don't we all feel bad for not giving her the benefit of the doubt? ha!

Here is the hair dryer/hand held fan: (Zita, the background is a blanket box at my house)
2010January17-weekend 002
What to do with it? Hmmmm.... We didn't think it would be a very nice gift. It really wouldn't be good will to donate it to Goodwill. No White Elephant parties in our near future. Sooo, we dismantled it. Here are the parts:
2010January17-weekend 007
What, you ask, will we do with the parts?
2010January17-weekend 008
Well, I am thinking we just got ourselves some Junk Pumpkin parts. Maybe a little something like this will happen in the fall with our new found junk.
Picaso's Junk Pumpkin
David and I feel good about what we ended up with. There are happy endings, after all!

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

But, I meant to buy a hair dryer...

I don't want to be skeptical. I want to trust people. It's probably a flaw, wanting so badly to trust people. David and I hit a garage sale recently, and I saw what I believed was a hair dryer for sale. I held it up, asked the price, then inquired if it worked. She, the lady with the Kate Gosselin hairstyle (pre-weave), looked me in the eye and said "Yes. You can plug it in if you'd like."

She said it worked. No clauses added. No exceptions. She didn't blink or look away when she answered me. Straight out, eye to eye contact, without flinching. No discussion at all.

I asked no further questions. Why? Because I trusted her. I didn't ask, how does it work? How long does it work? When you say "work" can you tell me, in full description, what that does and does not mean?

All things, of course, I would have figured out, had I just plugged it in. But, Nooooo! I wanted to trust this total stranger selling stuff out of a garage.

Here it is, my one dollar investment.
Not as it seems
For the record, it is not a hair dryer. It is a hand held fan. Not a heater. Not a hair dryer. A cool air blowing, hand held fan. And it works.

In addition to the above mentioned investment, ironically, I also bought a hand-carved, made in Jordan, nativity for three bucks.

But, make that four bucks, cuz I didn't need a hand held fan.

Do you have a "But I meant to buy...." story? Or issues with trusting total strangers?

Happy Weekend!

ps. If you are looking for a koozie, one might be closer than you think. Go Cowboys!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Elizabeth Shares

I am a sponge. I want to learn more about the business end of things, as I develop my ever evolving style. Last spring in Warrenton, I met Elizabeth. She was wearing an incredibly cute top. Hang on. Let me see if I can find a picture of her (and it).
Amy, Theresa, Me, Shelley, Elizabeth, Theresa
Second from the right. Blond with great shirt. Did I lie? And isn't she the tall one?

Anywho, she has a blog. The Adventures of Elizabeth. I like it. For sure. But, I am here today, to tell you about a second blog that she writes. It is right up my alley in regard to that whole sponge thing. Talk about a mentor. She is willing and able. She shares her experiences and lessons learned. She is free with her information.

Elizabeth has a motto. It is to share. I wanted to keep her a secret. But, truth be known, I think every single one of us who are business minded will appreciate what she has to say. So, this is me, sharing. Without further adieu, check out Elizabeth House Shop Talk. You can thank me later.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Red.Neck Chic Hog

Most of you know I have chickens and cats. But, did you know I got myself a Hog? It's true. A Robelyn, Red.Neck Chic special called The Hog. Check out my kick booty, hogalicious purse.
Hog 014
Hog 013
Robelyn. Here's her etsy store. Here's her website. Here's her blog. After enjoying lunch with this entrepreneur Saturday, I was reminded why I like this red.neck. She is good. She has dreams and she has plans. And she makes a bag that is well made, great looking and hardy. Oh, look! I found the history of the hog line of purses. Very entertaining and educational reading.

I've been carrying my Hog for a few months now. There are pockets where I need pockets. The straps are a good length for me. Nothing has fallen off, torn or disappointed me. I am happy. Happy. Happy!

I love nothing more than supporting people I can see with my own two eyes. Those children in foreign countries can throw something together that I can use short term, but this Texas girl sold me with this well made, American made Hog. No worries, far away peeps. She ships!

See what you can do to support her, too. I don't think we've seen the last of this fireball. Oink! Oink!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing in the Corner

I did manage to move the Christmas tree from the corner this weekend. It hasn't made it to the barn yet, but it is closer. What is up with a fake tree that sheds? I have needles all over my carpet like I forgot to water it or something.
2009December10_Fireplace 017
The minute I stripped the tree down, boxed the goodies and moved the shedding monstrosity a few feet over, you know I felt the urge to play. There was a whole, entire corner screaming for something. Here is what I've done, so far.
2010January12-My house 002
Yes. That is the chair I got Saturday. It needs some fabric cleaner. And I really should load the bookshelf with something. I was mainly going for scale. Still working on it. But, for now, I thought I'd share my little corner of the world with you.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Put on your Shopping Hat

2010January9_W&T's 011
Put on your hats and let's go spend some money! Saturday, my friend, Mayron and I hit the road for some shopping. We met up with Robelyn for lunch and..hang you know how to pronounce Robelyn? Because she is a redneck, I just Southern Fried that name, as we do in Texas. It is not Roby Lynn'. It is not Roba Lynn'. What was JFK's wife's name? The long, proper version. I'll remind you. Jacquiline. Now, let's try Rob'uh lin. Correct. Stress the Rob and drop off the uh and the lin. I am still working on it myself. She said she answers to anything. But, let's respect her Momma and Daddy and make an effort, shall we?

After filling up the truck with goodies, Mayron and I headed to Winnie & Tulula's to restock my space and to shop some more. That White Sale is rockin' the house! Have you been yet?
2010January9_W&T's 006
2010January9_W&T's 007
After that fun filled day, I was inspired to work at Primitiques Sunday. I grabbed up a bunch of the 40% off stuff and threw it on the front table and pew so you could find it easier. Check out all that red! Doesn't it look like a Valentine's Day vignette?
2010January10_Primitiques 012
2010January10_Primitiques 011
The entire store is 20-40% off now through Saturday, January 16.
2010January10_Primitiques 024
2010January10_Primitiques 015
Y'all come out and shop. I need some space for the goodies I keep finding on these shopping sprees. And, you know, Warrenton is coming up. Well, it's less than 3 months away. In buying terms, that means I better get busy! Did I tell you I doubled my space at Zapp Hall this year? Suweeet!

Happy Monday!

ps. How 'bout them Cowboys???

Friday, January 8, 2010

What is Up and the Fun of Facebook

I've been shopping. Got this:
2010January6-WnT's 001
And these...they are gone already:
2010January6-WnT's 003
Picking this up tomorrow:
chair 4
And then, there is facebook. I have had a facebook page for a while now. I thought I had it down pretty good, so it was time to put my big girl panties on and start a page for Primitiques 'n Poetry. I took the plunge yesterday and got 'er up.

Now. You know it couldn't go smoothly. When I went to invite folks from my email boxes, to join my business page, guess what. Every single one of them got invited to my personal page. Oooops! I still, to this very moment, do not know how I could have done it differently. It's not that my personal page is all that, I just thought I didn't want to mix my high school buds with my professional buds. Why, I don't know. Just seemed like a good idea, segregation. "High school buds, let me introduce you to my blogging/professional buds!" Cuz, everyone is all mixed together now.

I think I have invited everyone from personal over to the Primitiques 'n Poetry page now. Let's see, I think you can click Here and if you have a facebook page you can go directly to it.

I hope to update photos on it. "Fans" can leave reviews and post photos of Primitiques. Ummm...well, it's just another place for us to all play, isn't it?

Sales continue at Winnie & Tulula's and at Primitiques through Saturday, January 16. Come see us!

Happy Weekend!