Friday, February 20, 2009

Signs of the Times - Garage Sale!

Where have you been? We opened last night. Lucky for you, I'm not too picked over yet. Welcome!
This garage sale is a little different. Not only is it starting Friday night, I am also trying to get some local traffic to Poetry. Some of the items in today's sale can not be shipped. You will have to come pick up some of the larger pieces. Sorry my faraway blogger friends!

I know I should have put some measurements on these, but I was in a hurry to get the pics and leave for work. Sorry! Holler if you need measurements.

Ready to peruse? Come and get it!

Click here and start looking. If you want to buy something, or ask me questions, or if you'd like to request measurements or more pictures, or whatever, please email me at If you tell me you want something, I will mark it SOLD on the flickr page so that others will know.

The fine mother does my packaging and shipping with USPS. I've never sold to Canada, but, I imagine we can figure that out. Let's keep this to US and Canada buyers. Mom uses Priority Mail shipping, as boxes are provided and it gets the package to you fairly quickly. So, after you have made your selections, Monday I will take them to her house and she will package and figure the shipping. I will then invoice you via Paypal. If you have questions or want more pictures, please inquire.

And in case you missed it, all proceeds from these Saturday Garage Sales will help fund my trip to Round Top/Warrenton at the end of March. There, I will be taking pictures and later posting about all the great stuff, people and fun. So, consider this an investment in good reporting! *wink*

You will want to click on the flickr set to see all the pictures and the prices. But, here is a sneak peak at some of the listed items. Be sure to swing by Margo's Sunday morning. She'll be hosting a Sunday Garage Sale with lots of goodies.

Happy Junking Weekend!


  1. I hope someone buys the sewing machink!

  2. This is my kind of Friday night! Whoop! I just finished setting up for a flea market that we'll be doing tomorrow. Then I get home to this wonderful surprise! Love the Friday night garage sale, Mindy!

  3. Great stuff!! I guess the rubber stamps from the previous post sold????? Still interested - if they didn't!!!

  4. Maybe that should have been sewing mashink? Or maybe just sewing masink? OK, it was funny in my head. But in writing, it definitely loses something!

  5. I love your idea of a Friday nite garage sale! That sewing machink, as David put it, is quite a unique piece.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Great stuff, but the Cashier sign is sold, UGGGGG.
    Lots of other intriguing pieces there. I like David's new word.
    Hope the rain doesn't mess up your sale ;)

  7. I really want to come to Texas to shop and you make it really hard not to jump in the truck and come! I have to make a choice this summer, go to Texas or Paris (France) to shop?? Not sure which it's going to be!

  8. I got it David. I like masink. Sounds more lyrical.

  9. I like the sink. One day it's my dream to have an old house in which I use really old fixtures. I like old sinks for the bathroom and the kitchen and I love claw-foot tubs.

    Good luck on your garage sale!

  10. Tee-Hee...I like the masink....or it could be called a singer-sink!


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