Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Dance and Pumpkinfest

The big event is coming. Are your outfits pulled together? I have pulled boots down off the shelf, I've tried on stuff, I've eyeballed bling. There is no telling what is going to come together the night of the dance. Overalls and slipdresses have both been considered. I'm still awaiting the hat I won in Cher's (The Texas Woman's) contest. Maybe when it gets here, everything will come together. I've read blog stories and seen pictures. They are having fun in Warrenton/Round Top. Let's see how much fun we can have in our own Virtual Homely Coming Dance! Read 9/24's blog for details if you are lost in this paragraph.

I took off work Friday, so that I can just sit in front of the computer all day gawking at your pictures. Ok, that is not entirely truthful. I am having a Pumpkinfest at my house Saturday and there are chores that need completing before then! October happens to be my birthday month, but, I will expound on that more tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of previous pumpkin parties.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reflections of Poetry

Today, I was en route to Primitiques when what do ya know? There was a garage sale. Had to stop, of course. Oh, yeah....these will be in the store next week.

Have you ever tried to take pictures of mirrors? Not an easy task. There are bevels, there is missing silvering, they are all bare edged with no rough, broken edges. They can be yours. Well, the ones all grouped together can be yours, any or all.

I must show off the one I intend to keep. The round bottom, the contoured top, the silvering gone and ghosty, the beveled edges. I am drooling still and it's already mine! I took some pics trying the round on bottom and the round on top. Which do you prefer? I'm inclined to like the round on the bottom with the contour on top.

The very talented, Ms. Kathie Butler, has made her mark on Primitiques. She brought some goodies today that I might buy if you don't hurry. Come see!

A big thanks to Andrea and Gayla for coming by the store Friday. I hope that y'all are enjoying your goodies! Liz and Doug came by and it was nice visiting with them. Also, I hear Donna has hit the store a few times. Hello? You guys need to sign the guest book when I'm not around. Sorry I've missed you, Donna.

Have you found your Virtual Homely Coming outfit yet? See Wednesday's (9/24) blog for the scoop.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homely Coming Queen/King

Were you not asked to the dance? Can't make it to the Prom? Ever been dateless? Well, here is your opportunity to dress up and show us what you've got! It's the Bloggers Virtual Homely Coming Queen/King Event. Get your duds together. Petticoats, corsets, cowboy boots, studded belts, and of course, BLING. Crazy hats are always fun, too. Guys, I am clueless on what to suggest...a blue tux with ruffles and a bow tie? I must admit I have not made it to the JunkoRama Junk Gypsy Prom in Round Top, (http://www.gypsyville.com/truckin_junkin.asp ) so I have no Actual, Real Life Experience with that whole shindig. But, I have seen some pics on Garden Antqs blog and Theresa took some fine pics (http://gardenantqs.blogspot.com/ )of some crazy outfits! Let that be your guide.

We'll just make up our own rules, put our own outfits together, dance to our am radios under the stars in our very own back yards, and set up our cameras to take pictures while we run into the frame. You know what I'm talking about, that self-timer thingy. The Real Junkorama Gypsy Prom is going on Thursday night, October 2. So, play out your fantasy that night, if you so desire. Friday morning, I will post my marvelous pics of me and you can leave a comment indicating that you, too, have posted pics of you on your blog.

Ok...in light of the fact that we are home for a reason, I have decided this will not be a "contest". Audience participation is necessary and it will be rewarded. Each of you who posts pics of you in your Homely Coming Outfit on your blog will receive one of my very own, handmade Denim Bling bracelets. Actually, I am feeling very generous. You will recieve two of my choice. One for you to keep and one for you to give away. Check out these pics to get an idea of what you will get for playing dress up with me!

I will post my email address on Friday, Oct 3 and you can email me your address where you would like the Denim Bling mailed. Obviously, you will have to comment on my Friday Blog so we can ALL view you in your glory! Friday (10/3) at 11pm will be the end of this FUN. Pics posted after that will be laughed at, but not rewarded with Denim Bling.

I am wondering if this will be like the falling tree in the forest with no one around (cuz they are all in Round Top)...can anybody hear me? Cher? Have you joined the millions at the greatest shopping spree in Texas? Anybody? hello???

And nah...if you are at the Real Junkorama Prom, well, that is not what this is about. This is about us homey's who stayed home. Whether we wanted to or not. I was grounded, myself.

Spread the word! This FUN is open to any Blogger Queens or Kings who were unable to go to the Real Deal. Closet Bloggers, y'all should go ahead and start commenting and posting pics, too!

the small print: only 2 bracelets per blogger. if you are interested in more, comment with your email address and we can discuss prices/sizes/colors/etc. i make watches, too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Ramblings

I know many of you are getting ready for a roadtrip to Round Top/Warrenton. I'm fairly certain I will have to budget time and money for the Spring show. Y'all are making me antsy with excitement, and I'm not even going!

Richard at Alston's wants me to remind y'all that he will be set up at Zapp Hall. Go see him! He's always got good stuff. I saw him packing a trailer and I even gave him some display tips. ha! He is such a good guy. You'll love him like I do before you leave his space. And his mom? Well, she'll win your heart, too.

The Chippy Girls have asked that we post any Texas memorabilia pics. Well, I have this cool Texoma ice chest. Also, well, Willie Nelson IS Texas. Hello?

As you have seen in an earlier blog (Good Eye), David, the man in my life, has a wonderful eye for photography. I have added his blog, Student of Life, to my Thrills and Inspirations. Check him out. He's always got something fun to share.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that Primitiques is THE PLACE for old doors. Well, let me show you a few pics, to prove my point. Please ignore any mess you may see. The pics are old and I'm sure the mess is cleaned up by now.

I think that is enough rambling today. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Old Fence Panels - Hartman

Cher, here's the wording from an ad I once ran: I have 5 panels made of heavy duty rebar and heavy metal. Two have decorative curly cues on top. Two have the curly cues on top with heavy metal, ornate design on bottom. And one has the name -Hartman- on top with the curly cues underneath. They are about 8'2" long and 3'2" tall. I do not have the posts these were cut from.
I will head up to the store in the morning and try for some better pics if you'd like. From what I can see, "man" could be removed with a torch...you might want to remove (cut) the Hart off and have it welded in the center.
Maybe I'll get to meet you soon, huh?

Pile o' Good Stuff

What a beautiful day! Today, I feature a pile of architecturals we have at the store. Jeannie came across these at a big house being torn down in Ft Worth. They are white, nice lines...some nails are present and will need to be reckoned with. But, how dang cool are they? Maybe these will entice you to make a visit to Poetry! They are $5-$10 each.

Come and get 'em!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Outta Here

We are outta here for a 3 day weekend.

Thursday in the mail, I got a Flat Stanley from a young man I have known since he and his sister and brother made their appearance as triplets some 8 years ago. Sean asked that I show Flat Stanley a good time as a school project. If you are unfamiliar, it's on wikipedia. I am getting Stan laminated and he is going on some adventures with David and I this weekend.

Update: Kathie is going on a buying trip this weekend and I do believe she is going to officially start moving in Sept 27. Yee Haw!

Many of you are preparing for Warrenton/Round Top. Good times!

I shall return to blogland Monday, sometime. Probably.

Happy Days! ~Mindy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Eye

David and I were at Primitiques this past Saturday doing a little pre-Ike work. We offloaded a bunch of doors, windows and screens and I got busy pricing everything. I do believe we are THE PLACE for old doors if you happen to be in the market. But, I digress. David has quite the eye, so I handed him my camera and asked him to take some pictures of the store while I priced the new stuff. Let me show you his perspective of a few things.

Pretty good, huh?

Talk about a good eye, this week, David and I are celebrating one year together. We actually discovered each other a year ago today. So, this is kinda our Columbus Day. ha!

Our second date was at Primitiques. I had just opened the store and wanted to show it off to him. He looked around and declared that he is not much into antiques. Well, God bless him, he's around a year later and helping me move antiques all around.

Love is a wonderful thing.

Here, I will share a few pics of the two of us this last year.

Did I mention, love is a wonderful thing?

We've only just begun!

Who knew?

Cher at The Texas Woman (link to the right under Thrills and Inspirations) is brilliant. Check out her blog.

Happy Day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Good Day for a Poem

Today's poem is one that David shared with me.


If you keep your nose to the grindstone rough,
And hold it down there long enough,

In time you’ll say there’s no such thing,
As brooks that babble or birds that sing.

These three things will your world compose,
Just you, the stone and your bloody nose!

We celebrate one year of dating this week. Ahhh, the brooks and birds are so much more fun when shared! Thank you, David, for sharing your world with me.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Secrets at Alston's Old Home Place

Today, we are back in Garland for part 2 of Alston's Old Home Place.

Chandeliers and wingback chairs, along with some fine pottery pieces.

Need a bed? Richard and Jo Ann can hook you up. Look at these stacks of beds!

Richard painted a bed white last week. No sooner had the paint dried than a decorator came in and bought it. The bad news? She is going to paint it black. This is another reason you don't see me picking up paint brushes!

Go see 'em. You'll be glad you did.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Secrets Told

Here it is...one secret a few of us around here know about: Alston's Old Home Place in Garland. My scavenger friend, Richard and his mother, Jo Ann will make you feel at home as soon as you step out of your truck. That homey feeling can be attributed to the fact that this house is the very home in which Jo Ann was raised. You can go to their website (http://www.alstonsantiques.homestead.com/) for the history and for shopping.

Richard tells me that he is too busy buying and selling and keeping up with his website to start blogging. Currently, he is busy getting ready for Warrenton. He tells me that he doesn't go to the prom. Too busy selling, I imagine.

JoAnn can tell you stories about the house and the merchandise. It's fun to sit and visit with the two of them.

The old Alston house is over 1500 square feet inside with 8 rooms filled to the brim.

Plus, there's all kinds of good stuff in the front and back yards, as well as the covered porches.

Plan on some time to dig and peruse. Richard will be around, stripping, painting, welding, repairing and sprucing up pieces for sale. He'll gladly take a break to show you some goodies.

Over the years, Richard and I have dug through some barns together in search of treasures. He often has an eye for things I don't see the same way. And he later brags to me about how quickly he sells those odd things!

He often tells me of his "finds". For instance, a couple weeks ago, Richard was stopped at a red light when he observed a truck next to him filled with goodies. Richard flagged the man down and in quick fashion, bargains were made on the side of the road and all that stuff was soon in Richard's truck! You gotta love it. Richard calls this a "Red Light Special". HA!

Check back tomorrow for more pics of Alston's Old Home Place. Oh! And don't go rushing to Garland tomorrow, as they are open Thursday thru Saturday, 10am - 6pm.

Awaiting Inspiration

I know. You are waiting for my next blog. I am working on it. Check back tonight.

No punch bowl recipes, huh? Mayron tells me that Country Home has a cool looking punch bowl drink for Halloween. She always gets her magazine days before me, though we are in the same zip code. This would explain why she is always ahead of the game...some kind of "deal" she has with the letter carrier. hmmmm

More later...after inspiration hits!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Punch Line

What do you think of when you see a punch bowl up on a pedestal? I think of wedding showers and receptions of friends and family. Do you remember the ice cream floating in soda concoction, and trying not to ladle an entire scoop of orange sherbet into one glass? I remember the baby showers of my friends, whose kids are growing up and driving and graduating and planning their own futures. What about when the ice all melted and everyone was drinking watered down Hawaiian Punch? You know what I'm talking about. I recall a variety of celebrations, being all dressed up, standing around, waiting for something to happen, sipping out of the cup, and practicing my "Don't I look good in high heels?" look. I'd love to post a picture of that, but I can't seem to find one!

The Holidays are coming. Share a recipe for Ye Olde Punch Bowl. Or share one of your favorite punch line memories.

Ah! And look! Here, I have a fine punch bowl with pedestal, ladle and 11 cups for sale. All glass except the ladle. $15

Margaritas could be fun! Maybe someone should take this to the Junk Gypsy Prom in Warrenton! hmmmm