Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Morning Exercise

You know shopping is my favorite form of exercise. So wanna see what I managed to run laps around this morning?

Isn't she lovely? She wasn't very heavy, but my heart beat fast when I picked her up.
I worked my arms, offloading all this thick, long bamboo. Can you imagine the possibilities with these 15-20' shoots?
2010February25_finds 009
And then, there was this cool can and large painting on canvas. I had to walk around a bit before I found them. Cardio. Uh huh.
2010February25_finds 020
And my trailer was loaded down, but I couldn't get any pictures at the right angle. Sooo, just imagine a green door with wavy glass, white chippy shutter doors, a kick booty garden chair, an industrial looking tub...oh hang on I have a pic of that....
Well, you get the picture. I am feeling soo fit after all that exercise today! *wink*

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Monday at Canton

It snowed for a nano-second in Poetry this morning. Just enough to tease. But, it is supposed to be a lovely weekend coming up. Soooo, what do we do here in Texas? We plan our lives around First Monday at Canton. Trade Days. The Flea Market of alllllllll flea markets. It's a big 'un.

The big news is...Girls Gone Junkin' have got themselves new digs. They are opening shop on Row 46 at the Paul Michael building. Uh huh. They are gonna have walls and everything. Sounds sooo much cozier than their last home, doesn't it? And you know. Or do you? They have kick booty stuff!

(Indeed. This is where I should insert a picture. But, it was cold and wet or something last month and I didn't get out there to take pics of the wild girls. Oops!)

And while you are there, on Row 46, it would be a wise choice to stop by Uniquely Different for some uniquely different shopping. Those girls work all month to bring in new, funky, cool, crazy stuff for you. Stop in and and tell 'em Mindy sent ya.
Jenny's Space 013
Then, it would be oh, so worth your while to head to the Arbors 2, spaces 207 & 208A to pay a visit to Troy, Rod and Sherry of Junk Exchange. You've never seen a slipcover til you've seen a slipcover made by Troy. And lamp shades. And. Well. Go look. Buy. Amazing stuff.

I would be derelict in my duties if I failed to remind you that Primitiques in Poetry could very well be on your way to Canton (click here for map). And even if it's not, well, come see us anyway! We have a roof and walls and a heater. There's a burger joint next door to slap your momma about. Seriously. And I've brought in enough new stuff lately to fill your truck up and then some.
2010February20_Primitiques 006
Concrete topped table
She's an Angel
All this Canton talk kinda gets my heart racing. Shopping is my favorite form of exercise, you know? Maybe I'll see you there!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

What's new in Poetry?

Last post, I told you I had been shopping. And. Well. Most of you know. I do love me some good shopping!

But, my next favorite thing to do, is put it all together. Wanna see what I did Saturday while playing at Primitiques in Poetry?

2010February22_Primitiques 006
2010February20_Primitiques 001
2010February22_Primitiques 010

Good times in Poetry, Texas. Click here if you'd like to see the entire Primitiques photo album. Come see us!

Happy Monday!


Friday, February 19, 2010

I've been shopping!

Hello! I know. I've been the absent blogger, but here I am and wait til you see my most current purchases. I love this big fan casing. It has square bolts, and I'm told that indicates it is probably from the 1930's. Good old stuff. Gotta love that it's still around, making people like me giddy!
2010February19_finds 001
This oversized paper cutter puts butterflies in my tummy. It's humongous! A guillotine, almost!
2010February19_finds 009
And then, there is this monstrosity.
2010February19_finds 011
2010February19_finds 010
Uh huh. Lots of drawers. 22 is what I am counting. Sweet!

My dad (and his truck) had to meet up with me at one sale and let me load the drawered piece and the paper cutter in his truck, as my truck was full from all the sales I had hit in the area earlier. See?
2010February19_finds 013
Crazy! This non-snow weather has the estate sales going today. Yee haw!
I hope to have most items cleaned up, priced and at Primitiques by about mid-morning tomorrow. Well, not the stuff in Dad's truck. It will take a few days for me to grab that.

Ah! Free Stuff Saturday. Primitiques opens at 8:30 tomorrow morning and the first 6 customers who come in and want one, will get a free, 3 way cheese grater. What does one do with such a thing, besides grate cheese? Groupings, people. Your freeby will kick off your new collection!
Cow Bells, Oil Cans and Cheese Graters
Anything in mass is fun, isn't it? This is an old picture, so don't come in looking for cowbells and oil cans. I just wanted to show you how fun the graters are in groupings. Here's your map. Come see us!

Happy Weekend!

ps. Does anyone reading this live in New Buffalo, Michigan?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Always Be Prepared

Are you ready for some shopping? Do you know what the Boy Scouts of America's moms do while the guys are learning to tie knots? The moms drop the fellas off and they go shopping. The maternal figures are the ones who coined the phrase "Always Be Prepared".

LaurieAnna's Serendipity Market is this Saturday, February 20 in Canton. Let's discuss preparation, shall we?

1. Start mapping out your stops along the way and back. Will you stop just north of Terrell at Primitiques en route? Go ahead and plan on a visit to Athens for a visit at Winnie & Tulula's? You know you want to.

2. Bring your truck and trailer. Roadtrip! You really should make a buying trip out of the day. It's wise. You want to be on the ball, don't you?
LaurieAnna's 9

(LauriaAnna's baseballs)

3. Money. Uh huh. You'll need that. Bring it.

4. Measurements. You know there's a space that needs filling in your home. You better plan ahead and know how it sizes up.

5. Set the alarm clock, have your tank filled and your trailer hooked up. You do not want to waste time driving while the stores are open. Primitiques Saturday hours are 8:30-3:00. Serendipity: 9:00-5. Winnie & Tulula's -10:00-5:00.
2010February13-14_W&T - Valentine Day 008

(clock, etc, at Winnie & Tulula's)

6. Let me help you. Here is a map with driving directions from one store to the next to the next. Just copy this and have your navigator (side kick, buying buddy) yell out directions between giggles, spilled coffee and u-turns.

I can tell you for sure. It's a pain to not be prepared. Or is that pane?The Pane of Windows

(Windows to be found at Primitiques - SOLD!)
Here's to good preparation and some great shopping this Saturday!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy day after Valentine's Day!

A day with the man I love, topped off with a great meal at Truluck's, made for a wonderful Valentine's Day. See my smile?
Ok. The blue topaz earrings were something to smile about, too!
Happy Monday!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 2 of Chillin' in Poetry

It's like other people's vacation just have to suffer through them. Or not! But, won't you indulge me by looking at my pictures? What a difference a day of constant snowfall makes. Records have been broken in Texas!

Yesterday, as you may recall (check out the amount of snow on the fence):
Chillin' in Poetry
And this morning:
2010February12_Snow 001
Snow! Yesterday's chair and cot:
2010February11_Snow 005
This morning's chair and cot (notice the trees bowing with the weight of the snow):
2010February12_Snow 003
Yesterday's sitting area in the backyard:
Come sit a spell
Now check out the pile of snow on the chairs this morning:
2010February12_Snow 005
This has been fun! Heck, this is so much fun, wanna see a sneak preview of things going to Antiques Week at Zapp Hall in a few weeks?
2010February12_Snow 020
2010February12_Snow 022
And now, because you have humored me today, I will share some Redneck Snowmen I had the priviledge of "meeting" last night.
Bubba Snowmen
Bubba Snowmen
I love him, don't you?
Redneck Snowman
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chillin' in Poetry

Snowing in Texas? Sure 'nuf! Well, in my little corner of Poetry, Texas it is!
Chillin' in Poetry
I had fun capturing a few photos in my backyard this morning.
2010February11_Snow 005
2010February11_Snow 009
Check out this many birds?
Three birds!
Come sit a spell
Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 8, 2010


David and I got to play a little this weekend at Primitiques. Wanna see?
2010February8_Primitiques 022

Check out this stack o' mirrors. All are frameless, some are backed with wire hangers. There are quite a few, and this holder/display thing is perfect for pics and mirrors, huh?!

I fell in love with this green locker. We had fun "dressing" it up.

David took that picture up there. Isn't he good?
2010February8_Primitiques 009

The free item at Primitiques this week is this late 1800's Hungarian Flax Cutter.


Hungarian Flax Cutter

I used it as a quilt holder. It's cool. It's primitive. It's yours for the taking. Free. I'll have it to the store by 10am Tuesday (tomorrow morning). Strike that. It will be in the store at opening at 8:30am. Come and get it! No holds. No dibs. I'll let you know when it's gone.

Happy Monday! ~Mindy

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping Addiction Friday

Hi. My name is Mindy and I like to shop. (distant voices, "Hi Mindy!")
2010February5_Finds 003
I know you love that horse! And what, on earth, is that rusty thing with wheels? Metal stool is SOLD.

These goodies will make their way to Primitiques tomorrow morning. The way I see it...if someone comes and buys, then that will fund more shopping, next Shopping Addiction Friday. See the plan?

Check out this metal multi-drawer cabinet.
I have two. And they are scrumptious. They'll be in the store in Terrell (Poetry) tomorrow, too.

How much fun would this old concrete vent be planted with succulents? sold
House Vent
Feel free to feed my habit and come out for a visit tomorrow. I'll be there working for a little bit. Here is the map if you need a refresher.

And now, as with all such meetings, I am headed to the cookies and punch table.

Thank you for your support and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trough Play

I was so sure that this old trough would look great on my harvest table. I stacked it on top of the marble on the cotton sack. Look.
2010February4 001
No need to get excited about filling it with anything. It's wrong. So, then I did this.
2010February4 004
Huh uh. Not good at all. This trough was not meant to be on this table in this room.
Let's try this from a different angle. I upended it and tried this.
2010February4 005
Not bad. But, then I tried this.
2010February4 007
This is my favorite.

Did you see what lulu redstar suggested? She said to "flip it over, put holes in the rounded part and hang it up as a super cool hanging fixture!" Wow! Wouldn't that look amazing hanging over the harvest table? Now...who do I know that does lighting? hmmm

What would you do with it?

Happy Thursday!

ps. Thanks for your input yesterday. I really needed some affirmation and ideas. Y'all rock!