Friday, April 30, 2010

¡feliz cumpleaƱos, David!

David and the Cadi
If you know where this picture was taken, then you will know where David and I are going to spend this weekend, celebrating his birthday.

Be sure to stop by his blog and wish him a good 'un!

Happy Shopping, Happy Sales and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Shopping Thrills

I stepped outside this morning and sniffed good deals in the air, so I hit the road. Check out this pile o' goodies!
Pile o' Goodies
That metal sculpture (on the left) that might have once been a lamp? Mine!
Good Stuff
I got 4 of these fun chippy shutters.
Prepare yourself. This is cool. What is it? I dunno. A tractor bumper?
Funky Bumper
And here is that rocker that I mentioned earlier this week. More pics can be seen here. Super clean. Super comfy. It's good.
Comfy Rocker
I absolutely love the smell of bargains! Don't you?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jack's Garden

My store, Primitiques, is located inside of Jack's Town & Country (aka Poetry Feed & Seed) in Poetry, Texas, just north of Terrell. Wait til you see what is going on in the yard between the feed store and Jumpin' Jacks convenience store and grill.

Costeen, the feed store manager has a vision. He has ideas. He is growing his dreams one seed at a time. Let me introduce you to Jack's Garden. Over the past couple months, this grassy yard has grown into a virtual park like atmosphere.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 015
The garden is so inviting with shade trees and benches. You can come visit. Sit and chill. Read a book. Grab a burger and munch. The bird watching is prime!
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 055
You can also harvest yourself some lettuce or other goodies when they're ready. I know I saw some onions that are about ripe for the pickin'.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 044
Some beautiful statuary and concrete pieces have been placed in the garden. I think you will have to sweet talk Jeannie, the store owner, into selling them to you, though. 2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 021
Costeen can also hook you up with 4" vegetable plants and bulk seed. Click here for more garden pictures.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 036
I left this wonderful 10' long table out in front of the store Sunday and you should see it now.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 029
Costeen has loaded it up with plant life. We'll clear it off for you after you buy it though! Click here for more table pictures.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 025
Poetry just got more beautiful and I had no idea it was possible!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And The Party Never Ends

Saturday. Destination McKinney. GPS says it's a 56 minute trip from my house. Left around 10 o'clock in the morning. Arrived around 2 o'clock in the pm. Might you say that Robelyn is a bit of a distraction? Ok, maybe it's not her. Maybe it was all those green and orange and yellow garage sales signs! Go here to read about our adventures en route. Thelma and Louise inspired us all day long.

When we made it to McKinney, we high tailed it straight to And The Party Never Ends. One of the owners, Lisa, and I went to high school together (just a couple years ago). She and her gal pal, Susan, just opened this kick booty store together.
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 068
Let me take this opportunity to show you around. It was so worth the 56 minute-4 hour drive!
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 007
Loving those colors! Here's what they say about their store: "Located in McKinney's historic downtown, And The Party Never Ends provides a new venue to shop for one of a kind items. Specializing in vintage furniture pieces, accessories, home decor, apparel and fresh flowers." Annnd, they can also assist you in event planning. With plenty of experience under their belts, I think they are a shoe in for success!
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 054
Lovin' this chair and the art.
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 056
Tick tock.
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 041
Pretty vintage slip/dress/beauty! Check out those pink pearls!
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 037
These cows are saying, "Mooooo've me into your home!" I want these cows. I love these cows. I might just need these cows. Uh huh!
I love these cows.
We can all use a little...
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 011
Here's what I'm saying...head to the old bank on the square at 115 E. Virginia Street in McKinney, Texas and be ready for a Party. These ladies know how to gear you up!
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 004
Lisa and Susan, thank you for your hospitality! We look forward to visiting again, because at your place, it goes without saying...."And the Party Never Ends!"
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 042
To view all of the pictures I took at the store, click HERE. Don't forget, the slideshow option is a good thing.

Thelma, aka Robelyn, you get to pick our next road trip. Where to? Maybe we can take pictures along the way next time. I did take a picture of something that rocks. Literally! I'll share that tomorrow.

Happy Shopping and Sales everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010


It's Friday, which means that tomorrow is Saturday and the day after that is Sunday. Yup. It is what many of us refer to as THE WEEKEND. Yee Haw!

Whatcha doin? Big plans? Gardening? Shopping? Nesting?

Here's what I'm doing. Thelma, I mean Robelyn, and I (Louise) are hittin' the road. We're playin' hooky from life. We are stoppin' at every single garage sale that we deem worthy, come "rain are shine!" If you don't ask, then we won't tell. What happens in my 1995 Ford F150, stays in my 1995 Ford F150. We are carrying cash and we aren't afraid to trade for it.
OHhh! You wanna know if a mason jar will be involved?
I couldn't begin to tell you.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Hangin'

Sooo, today I got up out of my Springer Chairs and did a little shopping. Wouldn't you know it, I found some good stuff for hanging.

Check this out.
Clothes Hanger Art
It's clothes hanger art! (Well, that's what I'm calling it.) Janet at Sweet Talk recently had a rant and rave and nervous breakdown about her issues with hangers. Bless her heart. Maybe if we taught her how to make art out of tangled hangers, she could put the rose colored glasses back on and find peace.

Do you see it? They taped the bottoms of the hangers together and used some metal something-or-another in the middle, to help it keep form.

There is a chain that hangs from the top. I am thinking this would be way cute with earrings hanging off each hook in my dressing area. Crystals. Uh huh. Whatever. Now, we'll just see if I can let this baby go. hmmmm....

Next up, on my list of hanging finds today, is this horsehair plaster wall decor with mirror.
Horsehair Plaster Mirror
When I first picked it up, I thought it might be new. Resin (God forbid), I feared. Then I turned it over.
2010April22_Goodies 004
This thing has been hanging and celebrating Earth Day, many moons longer than I have. It's old and gorgeous!

Now, if you have been hanging with my blog very long, you know good and well I save the best for last (usually). So, are you ready? Wanna see what I think is the bomb? It's fairly big. It's fairly heavy. It's fairly amazing. Check it out...
Industrial Fixture
We'll just call it an industrial light fixture. Check out this angle.
Light Fixture
Uh huh. Now. To figure out if it will hang in my kitchen or if I'll let it hang out somewhere else. hmmm I'm leaning toward unadulterated selfishness.

Thank you for hanging with me today. If you would, David's girl child, Alissa, has started her very own blog. Click here, go hang with her, and give her some words of love. Goooo Alissa!
me and Alissa
Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Springer Chairs

With spring springing all around, I find that change is happening both outside and inside my home. Remember the chairs I purchased last week? Troy with Junk Exchange got me all educated about these circa 1935 chairs. They are Kem Weber Springer armchairs. Can you imagine how many folks have enjoyed these chairs in the last 75 years?

The style of the chairs is entirely new for me and my home. My decor must adjust. And this, people, is the fun part! Change isn't always bad.

My den went from this:

2010February2_My Home 007
To this:
My Living Room
I'm still playing. Shopping in my own home (and Primitiques) has been fun, but, I may have to go buy some new-to-me pieces. A taller chrome table in the corner, maybe. A different rug? What do you think? Keep the mirror on the left? Or go with a frameless mirror for cleaner, more modern lines?
My Living Room
The tiki man on the right may go. Maybe a cow pelvis hanging on the wall?
My Living Room
So far, so good. (See the missing arm on the chair on the left? No fear. I'll have it soon.)

Now that these chairs have joined the family, it's hard to get anything done. All I want to do is sit and spring up and down. I'll just be sitting here, comfortably waiting for your input. Take your time.

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

What do you do?

When I go shopping, I have different reactions to things I like.

Sometimes, I get giddy, thinking of specific customers and clients that might scoop it up from my store.

Sometimes, my heart races, hoping the price is within my range because I want it for me.

Sometimes, I stop in my tracks, not caring what the price is, but giving homage to the greatness of whatever I am seeing.

And sometimes. I cuss. Seriously.

Yesterday, I spent the morning restocking at Winnie & Tulula's. I was on my way out when I stopped dead in my tracks at Lillie's space. I didn't get giddy. My heart did not race. Time stood still and I said. Out loud. A cuss word.

Holy (not) Cow. Wanna see? These are not kick booty. They are SOOOO much more! They aren't darn good. They are quite a bit more than that! Oh. Yes. I would have slapped my very own Momma had she been there. It's a good thing she wasn't.

2010April16_Chairs 004
Look. Two.
2010April16_Chairs 005
2010April16_Chairs 002
They are mine! Alllll mine! At my house! In my house! I might cuss again, I like 'em so much!!!

So, tell me. What do you do when you see something worthy?

Happy Weekend!

ps. To anyone in W&T's who may have heard me cuss, I apologize. *grin*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloche, Contraption & Running Boards

2010April114 003
It's a cow head. I know. Some of you aren't into the bones. But, you know how big a cow head is, right?

Have you ever seen a cloche big enough for a cow head and more?
2010April114 011
Seriously! Isn't this divine? I bet I could cram an entire cow in that thing if I wanted. It's that big!
Remember this contraption from yesterday?
2010April13 003
One of my facebook buddies informed me real quick about it's function. Debbie said: "It's a stand used in woodworking. You balance the front end of a board on it while you're running it threw a table saw longways. It's like another pair of hands to catch the board and keep it steady so it doesn't get off kilter, catch on the blade and make a big mess."

Shortly thereafter, David sent this info identifying it as a "work mover". Well, now we all know! I am going to throw a roll of toilet paper, as suggested by Debbie. Love it!

Now. You know those running boards on pickups? Also known as side steps? Check out these shelves made out of diamond plate and grooved metal.
2010April114 019
Picture 6 of these stacked up on a wall with cool chotskies or trophies or cow bones.
2010April114 020
Uh huh. You're starting to like the cow bones, aren't you?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Fascination

I have a new fascination. Cow bones. I don't know why, but I really like them. Maybe it's the texture. Maybe it's the bleached out white they turn from being in the sun so long. Here's my most recent acquisition, a pelvis. It's big and it's cool. Would you have a cow pelvis in your home somewhere? I think I'll put this one on my coffee table. Maybe on the shelf under the glass. Hmmmm...
Now. Help me out on this one. What is it?
2010April13 003
I think I like it most, because I don't know what it is...the possibilities are endless. A towel rack? A sign holder? That wood round piece rolls. Hmmm....what was it? What would you do with it?
2010April13 004
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dress Up Party at Primitiques in Poetry

Saturday, June 19, 10am - 3pm - Dress Up Day at Primitiques.
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 033
We want you to dress up in something old, vintage, or retro and come out to Poetry for some accessorizing. It's a day of accessorizing you and accessorizing your home!
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 024
We'll be featuring Robelyn's Primitiques meets red.neck chic handbags , vintage hats, some new and old bling, alllllll for your buying pleasure! I do believe David, the official photographer of Primitiques, will be on hand to capture our fun day in pictures.
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 028
Now. You have plenty of time to get your outfit together. We can't wait to see what you come up with!
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 042
Click here for your map to the store.

See you there!