Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Knew?

So, when Robelyn with Red.neck Chic told me she was inspired by Primitiques, I felt a little like Mona Lisa.
You know. I could grin. I could nod my head. I could be flattered. Hard to smile and giggle, not knowing the abilities of the artist. Thrilled, but in fear of just WHAT the artist would do with her inspiration. hmmmm...

Holy Cow. Yee Haw! Wait til you see! The woman has skillz and can make kick booty bags with my style in mind. Wow! The cat is out of the bag.
Jazz's Haircut - After
Robelyn with Red.neck Chic defines style in the handbags she produces in her laboratory. She puts touches in her handbags that define her as the one and only designer, creator, seamstress.

A couple weeks ago, we told you Robelyn was coming to Zapp Hall and showing her new Primitiques inspired line of purses. Ok. It was supposed to be a surprise to me, but I figured her out. She's not as sneaky as she'd like to think she is! She has created a "primitiques meets red.neck chic" line of bags that has my very own jaw dropping to the ground. A couple tubs of inspiration were dropped off in Poetry this weekend. Wanna see?
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 004
Uh huh. Good, huh? haaaa! Ok, here is a closer gander...
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 007
Denim, hair on, belt buckle. Seriously. Pinch me. Am I really awake? Love it!
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 006
It wasn't enough that she was inspired by Primitiques. The artist, seamstress, visionary, went and created a pattern called Thee Mindy. (side note: my mother calls me and my sister by The Mindy and The LucyJane...ha!...wild!) I can't decide if Robelyn is psychic or what. Who doesn't love that ruffle and bling? Hello?

And what can she do with a feedsack, that others aren't already doing? Well, she knows how to go red.neck on a feedsack. That's for sure. Check this out.
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 059
Do you see the drawer pull? Ha! Nice touch! Everything about Red.neck is recyled. No new, straight from Jo Ann's fabric for her. The girl has recycling down!
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 049
While the front is something to ooooo and ahhhh over, check out the back side of this primitiques meets red.neck chic bag...
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 064
Ha! Yup. A good time to say The End, huh?

The bags, Primitiques merchandise and Mindy and David will be at Zapp Hall setting up, starting this Thursday morning. The show starts Friday morning at 10:00 am. Be sure to stop by to get first dibs on the kick booty, detailed, inspired rnc bags. Here's her etsy store if you just can't wait.

I'm no Mona Lisa, but I am thrilled that Robelyn was inspired by little ole me and my store in Poetry, Texas!

Come discover red.neck chic. You'll be glad you did!
Robelyn at jRne
By the way, the red head will be on hand to discuss inspiration and hand bag details Saturday, March 27 through Wednesday, March 31. The bags will be available throughout the show, or until they are gone. You better hurry!

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Topless, Teasers and Old News

I know. You want to see my latest finds, don't ya? Ok. I'll show you, but, only little bits and pieces. Why? You ask. Because that's just how I roll. *giggle*

I picked up these topless tables this morning.And this thing with the hasp? Fantabulous! Uh huh. It will be in Warrenton at Zapp Hall, too. If you'd like the down low on location, location, location at Zapp, HERE's an old post.
2010March19_Warrenton Stuff 004
Without question, it is good times at Zapp. Great shopping. Fun vendors. Good live music. And food at Royer's Cafe that will make your tummy smile. HERE's an old post I did shortly after the fall show.

Yes, this will be there, too.
2010March19_Warrenton Stuff 010
The show at Zapp opens next Friday, March 26 and runs through Saturday, April 3, 10a-6p with late shopping (til 8pm) the night of the Junk Gypsy Prom, Thursday April 1.

Uh huh. This will be there. It's a twin. Bring your trailer early and load 'em up!
2010March15_Warrenton Stuff 011
Speaking of beautiful things and beautiful people, HERE is a post I did with a few pics of the famous folks who stopped by last show.

Are you having fun? I hope so! I need to go wash my apron and work on my list. Hope to see you soon!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clothes Lines and Silver Dollars

When I was a kid, our folks would ship me and my sister off to our grandparents' for a week or two every summer. The days were full of sunshine, bare feet, aunts, uncles and cousins, fried foods, coke floats, Vacation Bible School, and sitting on the piano bench by Grandmom as she played the hymns at church.

Sometimes, the phone in the house would ring and we'd run to answer it. Grandmom and Grand Dad were on a party line and they would, to my bewilderment, tell us the phone wasn't for us.

Other times, the phone was ringing for Grandmom and it was someone inquiring if the grandkids were visiting. Know how they knew? Our shorts and t-shirts were hanging on the clothes line in the backyard for all to see!
Old Wooden Clothespin

Before the clothes ended up on the line, Grandmom would call for me to come help her in the shed. The shed is where the washing machine was, on a dirt floor, as I recall. I'd help her get the clothes out of the washing machine and without fail, Grand Dad would have forgotten to empty his pants' pockets. There, in the tub of the washer would be a US Silver Dollar Coin.

The coin always felt so big and heavy in my hand. Grandmom would tell me that if Grand Dad couldn't empty his pockets, well, then, I'd just get to keep the silver coin. I loved helping "catch" my Grand Dad! To this day, I have the silver dollars that Grand Dad "forgot" each time we visited.

When the sun shines and the wind moves just right, I remember those barefoot summers with clothes lines and silver dollars.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Cow Pastures are Alive!

You know the song from the musical, The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music!? Well, the cow pastures in Round Top are alive with the sound of tents being erected! David and I took the packed, loaded to the top, it will be scary when the doors open, Bulldog trailer to Warrenton this weekend. It's always fun to check things out early, as it's like watching new life come to the little towns all over the area.

You want a picture, huh? Hmmm....I didn't take any of the tent cities coming up, nor am I sharing what's inside the trailer, but I did capture David smiling and being his very handsome self!
Got a smile!
Still learning the ins and outs of the shows? Here is a map.
And if you click HERE, you can see the dates that each show is open. Be aware, it's not quite right about Zapp Hall. Our show opens Friday, March 26. We'll be there! Will you?

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Round Top - Antique Week - 411

2010March5_secret Stuff 027
It's getting to be crunch time. Are you feeling it?

All three times I have gone to Antiques Week in Round Top, Texas, I have been told of the ooos and ahhhs of The Marburger Farm Antique Show. Have I heeded the call? Uh. No.
2010March5_secret Stuff 017
From what I've heard, it's enough to make you slap your momma. Great stuff. And displays to die for. Well, great displays. I haven't seen a hearse pulling out of there yet.
This rocks
Soooo, this show, I have been given the opportunity to head on over there and gawk and shop, take pictures, and what have you. Of course, I will blog about it! Hello? Would I leave you out of something way, too cool like that? No way. Better yet, why don't you join me? Let's gawk and shop together! March 30 - April 3. If I don't see you, I'll head on in. Happy Shopping!

Clueless about all this Antique Week talk? Click here and get yourself educated.

And don't forget The Zapp Hall Antique Show. I'll tell you more about who's who at Zapp in the near future. Here are the pictures David took at this last fall show.

2010March5_secret Stuff 018
Have you been paying attention to the pictures in this post? Don't look now, but I just gave you a sneak preview of some goodies that will be in my space at Zapp! *wink*

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

red.neck Chic - Sneaky Designer

When Robelyn heard that David couldn't spend the whole entire time at the spring show working at Zapp Hall with me, she offered up her time and services. She said she just wanted to come and help me. Isn't she the sweet one? The word selfless comes to mind. Taking off work just to help me. I like this kind of friend!

Would you look at what I saw when I read her blog today? Not only did she and her man-friend come help David and I load the Bulldog yesterday, it seems she and her duct tape-friend snuck some pics in, as well! Sneaky, is what they are! I am so on to her! Would you look at this? The designer extraordinaire has gone and created a new line of handbags inspired by who??? HA! She says that I inspired this line and she is debuting the "primitiques" line of red.neck Chic bags in my space at Zapp, March 26 - April 3. HOW? I ask you, does she think she is going to sneak those things in without me noticing? Check out the barb wire and lace.
blog - barbed wire
Now I'm in a tizzy! Where does one display handbags? Maybe I could throw them all in here and let y'all dig?
container for RNC bags?
Or, maybe this could work?
2010March5_secret Stuff 008
Yeah, this could work.

Ok. Y'all don't tell her I know. As far as I know, *wink*, she is coming to help. I do believe her personal appearance will be Saturday, March 27 through Wednesday, March 31. But, the bags will be there the entire time...she doesn't know it, but I've already arranged for a shipment to come with me for the show opening! he he he

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I kid you not, I am happy. I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. I rise in the morning to antique. I plan and scheme where to go, whom to see, when to throw money. I envision every odd thing, put together, blending. I am playing with this ever evolving thing called style. My style.
2010March2_Fabric 002

My day is spent searching and loading and offloading.
Vintage Bedspread
I sleep with lists in my head. Spray. Dust. Powerwash. Place. Painted? Stained? What goes with what? It doesn't have to match. It just has to "go".
2010February26_Table 005
I, my friends, am happy.
If you don't hear from me much, I am busy being happy. And I sure do hope that you are, as well.
Happy Happy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Month of The Zapp

Surely. You know. Today is the first day of March. March is the month of Antiques Week in Warrenton/Round Top/Marburger...specifically, I am talking about The Zapp Hall Antique Show. The official opening day of the show at Zapp is Friday, March 26 and the show runs through Saturday, April 3. Open daily from 9am to 6pm. Open til 8:00pm Thursday, April 1 for shopping under the stars.

Preparation is under way.

David and his man child printed and cut over 1000 price tags for me.
2010March1_tags and Bulldog 001
David backed the newly remodeled (stay tuned for full coverage of the remodeling story) Bulldog trailer down my curvy, winding driveway.
2010March1_tags and Bulldog 005
And now. It is get busy time for me! More buying, cleaning & pricing are in order. You know I love that buying part.

Wanna see pics of my space in the Fall Show at Zapp? Click here.

I have doubled my space this show and hope to double the fun! Are you coming? Please tell me you are coming and you are bringing a trailer. I guarantee, you are gonna want a big old Bulldog trailer of your own after you see all these cow pastures filled with great stuff!

More info to come. Just wanted to remind you that this is the month of the Zapp!

Happy Monday!