Monday, March 21, 2011

Show Talk

Friday, we'll be opening up our show at Zapp Hall. This Friday. Uh huh. Friday, the day after tomorrow, and the next day and the next day. Friday, March 25. Oh my stars! Where did January and February go?

If you are the proper type and if you are waiting for an invitation, well here it is:Invitation
My friend, MALisa of Pent-Up Photos , made up this sweet little invite. Love it! Thanks, Mal!

This past weekend, David and I made a run out to Zapp just for grins.
I was driving along, and there, in my lane of traffic, was a turtle. All of his body parts were tucked in tight, so I guess he was taking a nap. David loves me dearly, because when I turned around, he very kindly, of his own volition, got out, woke up the turtle and gave him some free air travel to the side of the road.
2011March20_Zapp Run 004
If you look by David's left hand in this next picture, you'll see the turtle, wondering "What on earth just happened?"
2011March20_Zapp Run 005
We're lovers of nature. Go figure.

So, yes. I have been shopping! We have rented bookoos of space at Zapp this year! One big ole tent for The Primitique, plus another one that we are sharing with Robelyn of redneck chic. Can you say product? Big stuff. Little stuff. Cute stuff. Rusty stuff. Pretty stuff. Nice stuff. Funky stuff. Outside stuff. Inside stuff. Old stuff. Quirky stuff. And that's just what I'm bringing. Robelyn has been slaving away, preparing for your visit, too!
2011March20_Zapp Run 001
Back to the trip. We always stop at Las Fuentes in Somerville for refreshments. I highly recommend the beef flautas.

Here I am flirting with the camera man, aka David. Isn't he the best, playing in the antique business with me? Love him!
2011March20_Zapp Run 002
For those of you not in the know. If you get yourself close enough to Round Top, Texas, then you need to get you and yours to Royers for some pie. Pecan Pie would be my recommendation. With ice cream. Seriously.Us at Royers
Oh! I bet you'd like a sneak peek of goods we packed up for the show! Ok. Check it out.
2011March20_Zapp Run 008
2011March20_Zapp Run 007
I need to go iron and pack clothes for 12 days. And maybe I'll shop some more. Yeah...

See you soon!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fish bait

Fish bait, originally uploaded by BlueIzNTexas.

I don't know why, exactly. But, I was highly entertained by this truck on the highway. Fish bait. It sounds like a line of clothing or linens or socks with toes designed by redneck chic, doesn't it? I want to trademark the word, for some future idea. Heck, I would be tempted to call a store that. Don't you know a whole new clientele would be darkening my doors!

Fish bait. Maybe I'm just tired from all this Zapp Hall excitement and it's a flop. What do you think?

Fish bait.

Happy Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm happy, I'm busy & Someone Won!

How are ya?
I know that you bloggers are still writing, and I appreciate all of you still reading, even though I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth when it comes to talking to you in the form of comments. Truth be told, I'm not reading blogs much these days. cards7
Truth is, life is happening and I am happy.
I'm preparing for the big show at Zapp Hall.
2010March26April4_Zapp 025
Not to say that fellow bloggers and Zapp dealers, Debbie & Malisa aren't busy. Because, they are!
Debbie and Malisa
And Theresa never slows down!Theresa and I
Another Zapp Hall dealer/blogger that is going non-stop? Robelyn. I hear she keeps running out of duct tape. I can't wait to see what has been keeping her so busy! You know she dresses me now, right? It's a fact.Me and Robelyn
I imagine we are ALL preparing ourselves for the Junk-A-Palooza Junk-o-rama Prom. What to wear? What to wear? Where is my prom dress?
2010March26April4_Zapp 044
Here's a scoop. This is my 502nd post. Wow! Most of you might know, I don't do contests or membership drives. If you want to leave a comment, well, I do appreciate it. So, in honor of the folks who left a comment on post number 500, I threw their names in a hat and I drew Sandy of Peridots Garden. Sandy, do you want one of those belt buckles? Some have been sold, but, many are still available. If you don't see one you like, how 'bout you pick your favorite magazine and I will buy you a one year subscription? Congrats to you! Just email me.

Thanks to everyone for your words of wisdom, encouragement, thoughts and comments. I always appreciate hearing from you. Perhaps, I will be able to catch up with you soon! Maybe at Zapp Hall?
Zapp Hall
Happy Day!
(ps. All these pictures were taken at our past Zapp Shows.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Talk Jewelry

I do love me some jewelry! This is my dressing room, where more time is spent selecting jewels than getting dressed...
Dressing Area
Believing that I'm not the only one who likes to play dress up, we are adding some bling to The Primitique.

These silver plated spoons-made-pendants make me giggle out loud! The Primitique is proud to introduce Old Soul Studios as our newest Made in America line.
Spoon Tags
Which is your favorite? What I like about these, is I can special order my own words. Or even your own words. These could be worn with a ball chain (provided), ribbon or piece of leather. Good stuff.

Now, check out these Keyute Pendants, also by Old Soul Studios. (I do love to support creative folks.) What a wonderful way to repurpose! These can be special ordered with fun words, too. I really like "BE".
Old Soul Studios - Keyute Pendants
Speaking of jewelry, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Karin, aka Waltzing Gypsy. After viewing her new website, I ordered a pair of earrings. They came packaged so beautifully!
2011March8_Waltzing Gypsy 001
Who here, raise your hand, can resist a pair of earrings called "Sangria Sangria!"? I just love the name and the colors and the textures...and well, I just love 'em!
Sangria Sangria! earrings
Karin has also started a blog. Be sure to go check her out and tell her I sent ya! I think you'll like everything about Waltzing Gypsy. And by all means, shop! You love jewelry, too, don't you?

Happy Day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Belt Buckle Jackpot

Sometimes, I feel guilty because life is so good to me. Ok. No I don't. But, I am spoiled. For sure!
2011March8_finds 003
Look what I got today. A box load of belt buckles!
2011March8_finds 011
This one right here? The redneck chic fell all over herself to call me and tell me she wants it. Z28. She is such a redneck!
2011March8_finds 001
Ok. Maybe I'm a redneck, too. Cuz, I was so happy when I saw all these buckles!
2011March8_finds 001
Are you drooling?
2011March8_finds 002
Which is your favorite?
2011March8_finds 012
Giddy up!

Happy Day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Times at The P

We had a good time at Tailgates & Trunks at The Primitique this past Saturday!
2011February28_The P 004
Cathy, her hubby Steve, and Pam from Girls Gone Junkin' zipped in early in the morning and worked some fast magic setting up inside and outside.
GGJ space
Then Robelyn came in with all of her redneck goodness and threw it around like fairy dust!
Our guests began to arrive and we started making new friends.

Here is one now: Jill from The Virginia House blog.
If you are unfamiliar with Jill's blog, go check it out. I like her taste and her decorating touch. And her growing family is adorable!

Lezlee, of the blog Prior, came by for a visit with her sister, mom and son. Her family is always delightful!
Thanks Lezlee for coming out for a visit!

Cathy cracks a grin as more customers come in to shop...
tailgate party!
Did you see that plaid shirt I was wearing? Robelyn brought in a whole new selection of Saddle Tramp shirts and I snatched that one up real quick! (I'm not so sure I'm done shopping just yet either.)
Saddle Tramp Shirts
A big thanks to Cathy, Steve, Pam, Robelyn and David who came out for a day at The P. And to our shoppers, blogging friends and total strangers: thanks for making our day! Sitting on that tailgate all by myself would have been mighty lonesome.

We'll plan another trunk show with more guest vendors in a few months after the shows at Warrenton/Round Top. Uh huh. Robelyn and I will be at Zapp Hall again. Are you coming?
2010October1_Zapp 025
Happy Day!

ps. I pirated pictures from David and Robelyn for this post. If you click on the pics, you'll go to their albums.