Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recent Finds

I walked into the thrift store yesterday and look what I found...
Isn't this candlestick beautiful? I looked all around for a twin or a vase or some other family member. No luck.
See the cloth heads? What were they originally used for? Wigs? Hats? Display? Function? Do tell...
I like the idea of collecting them...but, my bet is that they will end up at the store.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Mindy, where did you get the heads from. I'm not gonna believe it if you tell me the thrift store too! I want them!! Good find. jojo

  2. jojo, I did not find them at a thrift store. One was at a flea market and the other in an antique mall. Want them? Email me. ~Mindy

  3. I just amazes me what people get rid of!
    It is true what they say...one person's trash is another person's treasure!
    You truly found yourself a treasure!

  4. I've seen a picture of one of those heads wearing a wig and sitting on a shelf. I don't it that is its proper use, but that's what I know.


  5. Oh! Mindy I love that candlestick! It's so French Country and Old World Style...love it!!!


  6. Mindy,
    That candlestick is gorgeous! I think I remember my cousin having some heads like that way back when to hold her wigs - I think she called them "falls" (just the back part), brings back some giggles. I'm sure they'll look wonderful wherever where home ends up being - haven't seen them forever!
    Happy night,

  7. I think they are for pinning a hairpiece to when you aren't wearing it. So that it doesn't get smushed or something. I have also seen some that are made of styrofoam. There are great big 3" long "T" shaped pins that go in them. Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?

    Either that or they're Nerf cannonballs. So that you can shoot your cannon in the house without mom getting mad. One or the other, definitely!

  8. Wow! Love the heads, too! I find myself collecting more hands and doll parts!

  9. I dont know if the candlestick needs a mate. It so amazing on its own....next to a plant in the spring? Maybe a cactus of somesort? Great finds. I started thrifting again and have been having a blast. I missed it. Sandy - The Tattered House.

  10. Oh I love those cloth heads too! I think they're for wigs also but they sure display jewelry and hats nicely.

  11. Great candlestick....you could pop a birdnest on top or an artichoke or a moss ball! I read the comment on "falls" (hair)....man... it's been ages since I've heard that one. Probably the late 60s...yeah that was probably one of the first words I heard! LOL Patti

  12. Both great finds - and the word"fall" does take me back to jr. high - when those were all the rage!!! Now it's hair extensions!! LOL
    I would love to find a child sized display head - if you ever come across one!!!

  13. Silly girl! Of course they had a function...to someday be items everybody would need to collect. Right? Debbie

  14. OK, those heads are very cool, as is that shelf that they're on. You need you a couple vintage hats to display on those heads.

    (My daughter has a couple vintage hats on an old shelf in her room. Today I notice her Tim Horton's toque is hanging from in between them. How...pretty...)


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