Friday, February 25, 2011

Come See Us!

When I was a kid, we'd go to visit my Grandmom and whether we were there for an afternoon or a week,when it was time to go, Grandmom always hugged our necks and said "Come see us!" This confused me. We were there. We'd been there. But, she wanted us to know we were welcome to come back. And the sooner the better.

Grandmom would have loved Robelyn of redneck chic. I can just see Grandmom pinching her cheeks and teasing her about her crazy red hair. They would share toothy grins and have a mutual admiration club. When it was time to go, Grandmom would hug Robelyn and say "Come see us!"
Kelly & Robelyn Hug
(My sister hugs Robelyn)

As for Cathy of Girls Gone Junkin', I think Grandmom would enjoy all the lace and fashion that IS Cathy. Grandmom liked creating and I think she and Cathy could chat and share and inspire til the cows come home. Without a doubt, Grandmom would hug Cathy and holler at her as she drove off "Come see us!"

I haven't had the privilege of meeting Pam and Sue of GGJ, but as much as Grandmom would enjoy Cathy, I believe she would giggle with Pam and Sue, too. The way I figure, if they hang out with Cathy, Grandmom would hug 'em as they departed and yell out "Come see us!"

Grandmom never met David. If she were here today, she'd give him the once over, ask him a few questions about his intentions and she'd hug his neck, cover her teeth with her lips and gnaw on his jawbone. This was the ultimate show of love, the gnawing of the jawbone. (Yes. Quirky runs in my family!) Then, as David loaded up the truck and put it in reverse, Grandmom would stand at the end of the driveway, wave and yell at David "Come see us!"

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 26 from 10-5, there will be lots of talent under the same roof at The Primitique. Robelyn, Cathy, Sue, Pam and David will be joining me for Tailgates & Trunks. The weather will be glorious. The shopping will be amazing. And the company can't be beat.

Come see us. We'll help you shop. We'll help you load. And when you leave, I can't promise a jaw gnaw, but we will wave and holler, "Come see us!"

Happy Friday!


ps. If you can't come see us, go see Val of Red Shed Antiques. She's throwing a shindig tomorrow, too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I do love to shop

I've been shopping!

I bought something green.
Classic Pedal Car
I found this red thing.
And I couldn't resist this classy lady.
This warmer weather is good for my soul. I do love to shop!

I love playing hostess, too. After that, I love shopping. In order to shop, I need to sell. So, to satisfy all of my needs, come out to The Primitique this Saturday for Tailgates & Trunks. I'll play hostess, you buy stuff and then, the next day, I can go shopping. Win/Win! Thanks in advance for your support.
Tailgates & Trunks
Happy Day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Window Fun at The P

Have you heard that we are hosting Tailgates & Trunks at The Primitique this Saturday? Robelyn of redneck chic is bringing her goods for a Tailgate Party and Girls Gone Junkin' are geared up for a Trunk Show. Can you say shopping extravaganza at The P?

Whether we have a lot of fun HINGES on you!

Hinges & Frames
(Hinges. In the window. Get it?)

Our HEARTS go pitter patter thinking about all of you coming out for this shindig!
(Hearts. In the window. Get it?)

Things will be hot at The P Saturday from 10-5. Don't let the ICICLES fool you!
(Icicles. In the window. They are made of glass, but aren't they cool?)

We hope to see you there!
Tailgates & Trunks
Happy Day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Re-finds: things that you buy, offload, forget about and one day "re-find" in your driveway. Yes. I made that up. But, you follow, right?

Today, I re-found (past tense of re-find) this fun panel. It has some imperfections, but what is perfect is so worth re-finding!
And this isn't a re-find, but it's funny. Opah, the hen discovered my office today and let herself in. Isn't she a funny clucker?
House Chicken
OH! This re-find would make any redneck happy. A RC Cola Cooler. Or Beer Cooler. Moonpie cooler. Yes, it has a drain hole. Love it!
Beer Chest
Check out this little metal desk that I re-found. I was so excited, I forgot to turn it around and take a pic of the front. Oops!
Small desk
These re-finds are cool. A bed and a wagon. Yum.
Bed & Wagon
Sometimes Christmas is in my very own driveway.

Have you discovered any re-finds lately?

Happy Day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm a Goober

Last week, I was perusing my facebook wall when I saw this amazing, totally WOW necklace for sale at Graceful Bandera. Oh my.
Talk about impulse buying. I did it. I bought it.

It came in the mail today and as I was driving (I mean at the stop lights), I began snapping pics. I wanted you to see! Of course, I missed the bottom of the necklace in this pic. So, I'm not real good at this.
2011February8_necklace 006
Ah. Better.
Love it!
Love it?
Leather and Pearls
Can you imagine what the people on the highway (I mean at the red light) are thinking?
They are thinking I am a big goober!

Graceful Bandera in Bandera, Texas. They are on facebook. and when you get yours, tell 'em I sent ya. But, don't tell 'em I'm a goober. K?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tailgates & Trunks

What, I ask you, is better than a pajama party with your favorite girlfriends?
New Year's eggnog
I know! I know! Shopping with your favorite girlfriends! (in this case, I'll be selling with my favorite girlfriends!)

Wanna know who is going to come play with us at The P? I am giddy! I can't believe I get to play a whole. entire. day. with these ladies.

Click HERE.

Did you do it? Did you click? Holy Cow! Get back up there and click, already! They might have a little something like this for sale at the Trunk Show at The P! And do you know who else? Better than a pajama party, I'm telling you!

Click HERE.

Get back up there and click! Maybe she'll bring something like these to sell at The Tailgate Party at The P! It's true. The ladies from Girls Gone Junkin' and our very own Robelyn of redneck chic will be helping me host a Tailgates & Trunks Party at The P!

Saturday, February 26. Yes! You are invited! Come shop with us!

Happy Monday!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Delay of Game

2 redneck chairs
The redneck called this morning and requested that we reschedule the Super Bowl. She said she thinks the pucks won't be able to go through the baskets, because of all the snow. Bless her heart.
Cold Angel
We do strongly believe that if you were to sit on our tailgate, your booty would freeze to it.

Therefore, in the interest of your safety and well-being, we have decided to reschedule our Tailgate Party at The P.

Stay tuned for the date.
Cold Goodies
The Primitique will be open for business Saturday. If you're in our area, be sure to stop by!
Snow on Chair
Happy Weekend, Stay Warm and don't sit on any cold tailgates!