Monday, September 27, 2010

Yee Haw!

Howdy! We are having some fun at Zapp Hall! Have you been? Are you coming? We'll be there selling through Saturday afternoon. Come on!
2010September16_stuff 001
Remember this close up? Here's the big picture:
2010September16_stuff 002
Yup. It's all gone. Well, except the dog. I decided he needs to be mine for a while!

See Here
Did you wonder what this was when I posted it last week? Check this out:
Giraffe Face
Isn't he magnificent?
The Giraffe

He stands about 5' tall. And yes. He's sold.

I love shopping, loading up and selling! It's fun!

Wanna see the pictures David has taken so far? Click here.

Oh! Do you remember this little contest that Robelyn of red.neck chic was having? She didn't think y'all would wear this hat and pocketbook together. I thought you would. And, it seems, based on the high numbers. I was right. Most of you are quite willing to wear them together! But, only one of you could win this little give away.

Are you ready to find out who won? Ok. Just a minute.

Malisa of Moonlight Hollow is our neighbor at Zapp Hall and she got to do the picking. Have you been by to see Malisa yet? Dadgum if her tent isn't the Belle of the Ball! Everyone is having too. much. fun. getting their pictures made at Pent Up Photos. Come on out and see for yourself!

Are you still here? Wanna know who won the fabulous bag and hat? Well, let me tell you.

The winner is....drum roll please....The Miss Cara Scarlett, herself!

Congrats to Cara for having the good taste to not only wear these pieces together, but to agree with me, of all people! he he (Cara, Robelyn will get back to you when she gets back from the pastures of Zapp Hall.)


First and last pictures are courtesy of my very fine boyfriend, David. Yee haw!

Hope to see you soon!
Happy Day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Now, The Future and The Free Stuff

The NOW: Holy cow. Are you aware that The Primitique represents at Zapp Hall in Warrenton starting Friday? Oh, my goodness. Wanna know what is in the Bulldog trailer? So do I! We packed up the Bulldog Father's Day weekend, when we closed Primitiques. The new store, The Primitique, hasn't opened yet. So, I guess you could say you will be seeing my entire store under that 20x20 tent at Zapp Hall! Of course, I threw some really great stuff on top of the really great stuff in the trailer. I tell ya, it will be like unwrapping Christmas gifts as we unpack the trailer!

The FUTURE: Speaking of The Primitique. Check this out.
Welcome!  Front door
Indeed, we've got walls! It would seem that someone has gotten busy. Maybe it was the threat of me throwing an old truck on the pad and having them build around it? ha! I will let you know of a Grand Opening date when there's a roof and stuff. K?

The FREE STUFF. Did you know that Robelyn is having a give away? Seriously. She wants to know if you would wear this darling hat and pocketbook together, at the same time. I said yes. She said no. Bless her heart, it would seem she is outnumbered so far. Click here to check it out and vote. Did I mention she'll be sharing space with me at Zapp? Uh huh. Come see us!

Now, to occupy your time until I can get to a computer in the middle of the pasture and post again, click below and view the pics from our previous shows. This, being my third show, is the most exciting. Because, remember? I have no idea what I have!!!

Zapp Hall Fall 2009.

Zapp Hall Spring 2010.

Oh! For those who are coming to the show, you better come by and say howdy. I'd love to say hi and share a hug with ya!

Happy Now!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cow Pasture Treasures

2010September20_deer lease 034
Of course, there are cows in the cow pasture.
But, check out other things one might find on hundreds of acres in west Texas.
2010September20_deer lease 070
I know it goes on a tractor. But, I like it just the way it is.
2010September20_deer lease 071
This thing was just laying there, calling to me.
2010September20_deer lease 057
Yes. There are plenty of cactus plants out there. Aren't they pretty?
2010September20_deer lease 059
I had to get up close and personal with this old farm implement.
2010September20_deer lease 020
The stories this could tell.
2010September20_deer lease 063
Isn't he just the cutest thing?
2010September20_deer lease 072
1960 Texas license plate as found.
2010September20_deer lease 008
Would you look at that patina?
2010September20_deer lease 001
Two. Two. Two trucks in the cow pasture.
2010September20_deer lease 022
I am fairly certain they won't mind if I take a few things home with me each time I come to visit. What's your favorite cow pasture treasure?
Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Up Close

Time for a sneak peek at some things hitting the road for Zapp Hall next week.
2010September16_stuff 001
You know I like neutral colors.
2010September16_stuff 001
So, Robelyn must be brainwashing me. Look. Color!2010September14_stuff 004
It's a P for "The P". Does anyone have a spare "the" hanging around?
2010August23_secret acquisitions 006
Excitement abounds as the show gets closer. Heck, this time next week, I will be whupped from setting up. Opening day is next Friday, September 24. Hope to see you there!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

More red.neck chic Magic

It's not enough that I have been exclusively toting red.neck chic pocketbooks for the last year.

Hog 014
These boho chic bags are my current possessions. I imagine I'll pick up another rnc pocketbook soon.
Have you seen the lu.cille? I am in love with this white and orange beauty. (photo stolen from rnc)
bed head hat
Then, I fell in love with red.neck chic hats. (photo stolen from the artist herself)
Now, the woman has me wearing her clothes! Well, not her hand-me-downs exactly. Her newest line of red.neck chic vintageware. Or is it vintagewear?
2010September13_rnc vintageware 002
Who doesn't love the lace and rosette?
2010September13_rnc vintageware 003

You do know that Robelyn, the executive director and creative artist of red.neck chic, will be sharing space with me again this year at Zapp Hall, right?

I'm not at all sure how much I will let you take with you, as I fear as soon as I see the inventory, I'll be snatching it up, whether it fits or not! (as my friend, Debbie says: Squirrel Alert!)

See how that top is a little loose? My mother was the photographer for the shoot. Here's the behind the scenes scoop:

Mom: You have something white between your bosoms.

Me: It's a rosette. Robelyn made it.

Mom: It's very large in the bosoms. You should stuff a sock in there. That's what we did when I was in school.

Me: I always thought it was kleenex. That's what they did on Happy Days.

Then , between the first photo and the second, Mom became my wardrobe lady and she tucked the back into my bra. Look back up there. Big difference, huh?

The moral of the story is, if you like it enough, you can make it work! Which is good. Cuz, Robelyn will have an assortment of sizes and styles available.

We will be opening our tent flaps next Friday, September 24. Come see us!

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 10, 2010

A Room with a View

Here is what I saw from my office this morning:

My cat, Bunky was visiting with the deer, Bucky this morning.
Bucky and Bunky
In fact, she was hanging with two bucks. One is a a 6 point and the other an 8 point. They are in a No Kill Zone on my land, so the only shots taken are with cameras. Bunky looks like she is posing, doesn't she?
Bumpkin and the Bucks
Here's another cat, Chuck, hanging with a Buck.
Chuck and Buck
Mornings in Poetry. You just can't beat 'em.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rescued Pronghorn Antelope

Blaspheme - Pronghorn Antelope
There he was, wired to the fence as an advertisement for a garage sale. Blaspheme, I tell you. I couldn't stop and rescue him, but one call to the man I love and that antelope was free! He's been hanging out on my dining room table since David brought him home. Isn't he beautiful?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Handle This

Handle this
I love the handle. I love what it's attached to. I love that other rusty thing, too!

Happy Day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I spent my morning...

Today, I stopped by my parents'

and bought this amazing, wonderful, almost can't stand how cool it is,

Chair love
Earlier, I went to a sale and bought something green called Jack. See?
Green Jack
At this very moment, there are at least eleven (11) legs in the back of my truck. See 'em?
I am a big
of Garage Sales, aren't you?

Happy Thursday!

ps. A special shout out to my g-sale friends Rhonda and Ricky. I may be back, so keep digging!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

THIS is a Yard Sale

I stopped by this house yesterday for a visit and saw the plan. The tables were set up. A Yard Sale in the making. Anticipation.

Today when I went by, it looked a little different. And you know I had to shop!
2010September1_mndgsale 004
Not everything was out. In fact, as the sale goes on, more things are put out. These folks don't mess around. They have lots and lots to sell!
2010September1_mndgsale 012
Fishing poles and puzzles.
2010September1_mndgsale 009
Sewing notions.
2010September1_mndgsale 016
Yard tools.
2010September1_mndgsale 014
Lighters and shot glasses.
2010September1_mndgsale 006
While I don't think I need these, I sure do like them!
2010September1_mndgsale 007
Green boxes? Love 'em!
2010September1_mndgsale 003

Check it out. No clothes. Ahhh, they'll throw some out to appease the masses. But, there is plenty here to keep a shopper busy. In fact, I know good and well when I drop by later tonight, more stuff will be out. Heck, it was only about half done when I was there earlier!

My parents know how to throw a yard sale, I tell ya! Nope. No shopping online, no shipping. If you are local to the Dallas area, give me a holler and we'll discuss location, location, location. The sale runs Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon, depending on the weather.

Good stuff, huh? And you thought I didn't come by my love of salvaged stuff honestly?

Happy Wednesday!