Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

I found another cardboard tube thing. The white color really appeals to me. You might recall a post I did about my fascination with these. My wheels are turning trying to figure out how to display this. Any suggestions?
Big Cardboard Tube
I also thought I'd show you a few more of my recent finds.
What are you diggin'?

David and I are heading to Canton tomorrow to meet up with Tracy and Steve of A Simple Country Life. They came all the way from Alabama to see the sights of First Monday and to do a little shopping, ya know. They have been here a few days and from what I gather, they are quite happy they made the trip.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Join me in Harassment, nay, Gentle Nudge

Today I was doing a little shopping when I ran into Lynn of Whitewashed. Do you know Lynn? Lynn of the blog Whitewashed. You know. Oh, you don't? Wanna know why? Cuz, Lynn of Whitewashed got the pink camera to make her posts more interesting with pictures, (indeed, she had it with her today) and once she got the camera, she quit blogging altogether. Says she can't figure out the upload/download thing on her computer. Seriously.

Lynn has some space at Golightly's in Ft Worth. Have you been? Just perusing around, I can see that I love her taste. So back to the story, there she was shopping and visiting. As I was looking at all the goodies to be had, it seemed quite a few things that I picked up were already Lynn's. Yes, she got there before me and made piles. Dadgummit.

I made my pile and Lynn proceeded to inquire if she could take pictures of my pile. Really? And so, I asked, "coming out of retirement to post my finds?" and she tells me she is the personal photographer for Tina of Dream in Cream. Do you know Dream in Cream? I said, "Sure! Post my goodies on Dream in Cream. Why not?"

Dear readers, if you'd like to see my pile, soon destined for one of my avenues of sales (Primitiques, Winnie & Tulula's, Warrenton), stay tuned to Dream in Cream's blog.

In the meantime, go over to Whitewashed and harass Lynn into posting on her own blog again!

Happy Thursday!
2009July17 010
Since it is wrong to post without a picture, here is an industrial table I picked up a couple weeks ago. It is currently at Winnie & Tulula's. Cool piece, eh?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comeing, nay, Comming, nay, Coming Soon!

Wanna know what is comeing soon?
Comeing Soon!
Surely, you know what is comming soon.
Comming Soon
Do you realize that we are less than 2 months away from the Zapp Hall Antique Show in Warrenton? Show dates are Friday, September 25th through Saturday, October 3rd.
show 033
This will be my first time to set up and sell at this world renowned antique show. David and I will be there with lots and lots of goodies. I have been advised by several experienced sellers to stock up, stock up, stock up. So, you better believe I am taking heed. I think David may be tired of me telling him every single weekend, "I need to be buying". Bless his heart. He is one heck of a trooper! So, how many trucks, trailers and uhauls should we bring? hmmmm...

Yes. I will be selling this kind of thing. No. Not the sign. The dead people's stuff.
Dead People's Stuff
Of course, I am a believer in surprises, so consider this one of your very last full on, big picture sneak peeks. No. You local folks. You cannot buy it now. See? This is why I don't show and tell!
stuff in driveway 001
Any advise from you old heads? I mean experienced sellers?

And you buyers. Go ahead. Tell me what you want to see at the show this fall. Color? Rust? Chippy? Frenchy? Whites? Christmas? Fabrics? Wood? (painted? stained? distressed?) Industrial? Mirrors? Concrete? Garden? Here's your chance!

Indeed, the show is comeing, comming, coming soon!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To Baby Bella from Baby Mindy

Baby Picture, originally uploaded by BlueIzNTexas.

Someone propped me up here, on the primo vinyl sofa, at the age of 2 months so that I could give you a lil advice.

Listen up Miss Bella,

Schmooze your Grand Cat Daddy and he will make sure that the world is yours. Go ahead and schmooze your daddy while you are at it. He already thinks you hung the moon!

Don't worry about sitting ladylike at this age. It's darn near impossible with these diapers.

See my left hand? Left hand. I forgot you're just a lil kid. Ok, the side the kitty cat is not on. See my fingers? My very own Daddy about stunted my growth by putting my fingers in the hook 'em horns position every time he walked by me. He was bound and determined that I would wear orange and achieve my higher learning where he got his learnin', at The University of Texas. Does anybody think Dad is bothered by the fact that I am (years after this picture was taken) madly in love with a bonafide, maroon wearing, cult ring bearing Aggie? Thankfully, my fingers didn't stick that way.

Bella, you just get yourself smart however you can. Drink your milk and grow yourself. After that diaper thing, you'll have plenty of time to sit ladylike, I'm sure.

Love your family as much as we all do, and your life will be more full than my tummy after a bottle of milk.

Miss Debbie, thank you for inviting me. I didn't get to rsvp, so I hope you don't mind me crashing the shower. I'm gonna go crawl under the bed and see what I can see. I think I saw something moving and that's always fun to explore!

I kinda wish we still had this vinyl sofa to sit on. Or at least to sell!

Happy Tuesday!
Little Mindy

ps. If you are confused by all this fuss, Miss Debbie at Talking Trash is hosting a baby shower for her beautiful Bella. Go here to read all about it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Tammy Weekend

Last week, I got to David's for some quick prep time before the Tammy's came. You know I had to rug the house just for fun!
David's house got rugged!
Tammy Missy showed up and we commenced to make a little Sangria. We couldn't find a glass pitcher, and you KNOW I am a glass snob, so we used a glass vase we found. It worked very nicely.
Sangria in glass vase
The rest of The Tammys hit town and the party started. We, of course, enjoyed some spa time and then we came home to enjoy that Queenly Menu that I showed you all. Tammy Brenda is enjoying her Pinky Champaigne and Tammy Missy is loving her salted Rita. Tammy Missy and Tammy Brenda
Here is the shrimp dish that you heard about. I swear there is shrimp in there somewhere. Check out this Wilton Armetale Grillware. I fell in absolute love with this amazing dish! Tammy Cindy actually laid the dish right on the grill. Would you look at what happened to the cheese? Holy melted, burned cheese YUM!
Wilton grill!
Chef Tammy Cindy got after the grill like it was her very own. More melting burning cheese is oooozing out of that chicken. Can you say deee-lish?
Grillin' and Chillin'
Tammy MaryJane and Tammy Cindy enjoyed their frozen Ritas.
Tammy MaryJane and Tammy Cindy
Ever wonder where crowns are kept? We kept ours under cloche, resting on our coasters that read, "I'm not here to make things better, only to observe and pass judgement."
Crown under Cloche
Nuff said.
If the tiara fits...
It simply would not be a Tammy weekend without our Scrabble tiles!
Tammys Forever
We watched Tammy Brenda as she decorated a cake for an order she had to deliver Saturday morning. I will be posting about Brendal's Cakes in the very near future. Would you check out this amazing cake? Tammy Brenda ROCKS!
Board Shorts Cake
Saturday, The Tammys hit Malakoff for some Curious Goods shopping. Thanks for snapping the picture, Rhonda!
Tammys at Curious Goods
Then we headed to Athens and checked out Sweet Pea and Winnie & Tulula's. Donna snapped this one:
Tammys at Sweet Pea in Athens
After all that shopping, we were in need of refreshments so we headed to Tara Vinyard and Winery in Athens. There, we enjoyed some wine tasting, some steak eating, some wonderful, live jazz music listening and lots of star gazing. The night was beautiful!
Tammys at Tara Winery
It was a wonderful time, our Tammy time. We are already talking about next year. I imagine we will find another place to gather next year and David won't have to get lost.
I love my Tammys
FYI, Sweet Pea is having a back room sale this Thurs/Fri/Saturday with 50% to 70% off. Wow! Bring your truck!

Speaking of trucks, I have a truck full of junk. Maybe I'll snap and share one day this week, too.

Are you aware that Warrenton is in less than 60 days? Theresa posted about that countdown yesterday. I have got to slow down on the blogging and pick up on the shopping! You know I'll be there selling, don't you?

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Queenly Tammys Dinner Menu

Ok, ya'll. I had to run over to the computer between courses and share what is going on in David's kitchen right this very moment. We just finished the salad course. Between the wine and champaigne, somehow, we are working margaritas in, too. Seriously! Happy Friday! ~Tammy Mindy

SPQ Girls’ Weekend – July 2009 - Queenly Dinner Menu


Appetizer Course

The Queen Mum’s Shrimp that’ll make that Tiara fall off yo’ head

Gulf shrimp stuffed with a mild jalapeno, wrapped in proscuitto, lightly grilled, then suuuuummmmmuuuuthered with cheddar cheese – Yummy Mummy!

The Queen’s favorite Tea Time crackers and cheese

Assorted crackers served with Raspberry Chipotle covered Cream Cheese

A TOAST to ring in the weekend

Champagne infused with Raspberry Vodka - pinkies up, please!


Salad Course

A Salad Fit for Mighty Fine SPQ’s

Baby spinach with lightly toasted pecans, green apples, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and bacon – tossed in a red wine viniagrette

Paired with White Wine - Conquista Torrontes (Argentina, 2007),

OR….. keep guzzling that yummy, very Queenly Champagne delight, pinkies still up, please!


Entrée Course

A sampling of the following Queen’s Greatest Hits (No, I’m not talking about Fat Bottom Girls or We Are the Champions….)

H.R.H.’s Perty Chicken Wraps

The finest SPQ-sized (a.k.a TBG-sized) yardbird breasts stuffed with proscuitto and swiss cheese, wrapped around asparagus and grilled to perfection – yum, yum hunny-bun!

Spud Stud Worthy Ribeye

Tender cut of grilled-to-perfection boneless Ribeye, seasoned with a bold spice mixture– too bad no Spud Studs will be there to enjoy it – ha!

Out of this World (but NOT out of the Mississippi River) Scallops

Tender sea scallops, with a big-O bear hug of basil and proscuitto, pan seared in a light extra-virgin (which we were when we met each other) Basil Olive Oil

All served with Garlic Rosemary Mashed Potatoes and paired with your choice of 1 or ALL of the following:

White Wine - Conquista Torrontes (Argentina, 2007),

Red Wine – very bold 7 Deadly Zins (Napa, 2006),

OR….. keep guzzling that yummy, very Queenly Champagne delight, pinkies still up, please!


Dessert Course

A Tribute to

“American Thighs: The SPQ Guide to preserving your ASSets”

Bananas Foster

Sweet bananas, pan seared with butter, brown sugar, dark rum and cinnamon, served over Bluebell’s finest vanilla ice cream – keeping those American Thigh assets in good shape!


Bluebell’s finest with or without chocolate sauce


keep guzzling that yummy, very Queenly Champagne delight, pinkies still up, please!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My boyfriend is getting lost this weekend

2008 Tammys in Granbury
Last year around this time, I was meeting up with some girlfriends in Granbury. When my Tammy friends and I got to our loft, we were greeted with this lovely floral arrangement. My boyfriend had found out where we were staying and ordered these beauties for us to enjoy during our stay.

The next day, the ladies and I headed to the spa for some relaxation. When we got there, I was told that my boyfriend had paid for my entire day of luxury. (I have a picture of me and the girls after the spa, but, we have spa face, spa hair, spa daze. So. No picture for viewing!)

Since that time, my boyfriend has continued to love me and spoil me rotten. This year when the girls and I were discussing where to go for our trip, David invited us to stay at his house. He said he would get lost for the weekend while we played in his casa. Suweet!

While my boyfriend is wandering around being lost, we'll be playing with his Keurig coffee machine. It's pretty fancy!
I promise we will not rest our drinks on the green felt, love. But, I can't promise we won't dance on top of the table!!! I guarantee, we will be grillin' and chillin' while David wanders aimlessly in his lostness.
One of the girls, Tammy, had a trampoline at her house when we were growing up. She, in fact, broke her arm on it. I'm hoping to re-live some flips. But, no runs to the hospital or calls to the lost man for a ride to the hospital! (I hope)
One of those lost days for David will be a fun day for us in his pool! Good times!
We will absolutely be playing with his margarita machine while he is lost. Thanks for showing me how this contraption works before you got lost, honey!
I lied. Here is a picture of us after the spa last year. Thank you for getting lost honey, from me and my Tammy friends!
2008 Tammys
Sunday, David, at the appointed time, I would appreciate it if you would stop being lost and find me. Ok!?
Quick Cuddle
I sure do love you, Mr. Wonderful!

Have you bought a Sweet Potato Queens book yet? Jill Conner Browne is the author. You will really love her! In fact, while I'm off with my Tammy friends, you should check out Jill's blog. Enjoy!

Happy Week/Weekend! I will return in a few days.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday's Road Trip

Grab your favorite beverage. Put your feet up. This is a nice, long post with lots of pictures and links. You could be here a while. Enjoy!

Saturday morning, David and I hit the road, gps plugged in. We stopped at garage sales along the way, picking up a few bargains.

Our first scheduled stop was Carolyn Westbrook's Summer Market in Chatfield. We enjoyed the less than 100 degree weather as our eyes beheld Carolyn's wonderful decor and linens.

I really liked this industrial piece with the mirror atop. Sharp! For more pics from Carolyn's, go here. By the way, all of these pictures were taken by David. Boyfriend and photographer extraordinaire. (When you view his sets, I highly recommend watching the slideshow. You will see that option in the upper right hand side of your flickr screen.)
Carolyn had guests vendors set up with her, as well. Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest were there with lots of lovelies.
I thought this little headless bride was adorable! (I know, it wasn't their intent for me to call her that, but it makes sense)
Did you know Miss Tn' T was there? Indeed! Our most beloved Debbie was set up selling and looking absolutely stunning in that white dress. Love it! Also in the picture, you can see Cat Daddy and Jenn, Momma Bella herself.
The Trash Talking Family
After drooling on all the good stuff here, we hit the road with Malakoff set on our gps. We had to stop and see Donna and Debra of Curious Goods. Here are the pics that David took at Curious Goods.
I fell in love with this dirt dobber art. Isn't it amazing?
After that visit, we went down the block for a quick visit with Lillie at Junk Palace. Let me tell you right here and now, Lillie is having a 25% off every single thing in the whole, entire store sale. We did not allot enough time for this spree, dang it! Lillie, I'm coming back. David got a few great shots of Junk Palace here.
The gps next directed us to Athens. David headed into Sweet Pea where he commenced to take some awesome photos of Gloria's store. Here are the pictures he took.
I headed straight into Winnie & Tulula's and did a quick reset of my space with some new goodies. David snapped a few pics of Winnie & Tulula's as well. To see the entire running set of the store, you can view here.
That was a whirlwind, wasn't it? Whew! We enjoyed spending the day together and visiting with all of these fine people.

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Monday!

PS. I just got an update regarding Haylie, Marcie's granddaughter, who I mentioned Thursday and Friday. Her surgery was this morning for the brain tumor. The doctors were able to remove all the brain tumor, however preliminary tests indicate the tumor is malignant. No course of treatment has been decided, pending additional lab test results. Please continue to pray for this family and the medical professionals.

You could be next!

Rugging is the new rage!
Have you heard of "rugging" a house? It's the new rage. It is much cleaner than rolling or toilet papering a house. The unexpected is as shocking as hundreds of plastic flamingos in the front yard.

Remember the quantity bargain rugs I got garage sale-ing Friday? Well, I decided as a joke to "rug" my sister's place.
She got rugged!
I was on the phone with her when she walked in and discovered the redecorating job I had done. Her confused voice said, "what are all these rugs?" She looked left and right and everywhere seeing a total of 27 gold and blue A rugs all over her place.

I don't know who laughed more! Good, cheap entertainment. Watch out! You never know when you might get rugged!

Happy Monday morning!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bulk and Answered Prayers

As a rule, I am not a fan of linens. Selling linens, that is. Too much to keep up with. Gotta keep them clean. Folded. Nicely displayed. You get the picture. Not my thing.

I saw these rugs at a garage sale today and thought they had a weird D on them.
I got over that brain fart and realized that if I merely turned them, the weird D was actually a fancy A.
I spied these on top of a fairly large box. Upon further investigation, I found that the entire box was full of these funky round rugs in the turquoise blue and gold. I guess there are at least 20 or so.
I might not be into linens, but I love just about anything in bulk. It's an addiction. A problem. A gift? ha! You got it. I bought the entire box. For a steal, I might add!

Maybe I'll sew them together and use them for my flooring in Warrenton. Hmmmm.

David and I are heading out to Carolyn Westbrook's Summer Market in the morning. Are you going? Then we are moseying our way to Malakoff to visit my friend, Donna, at Curious Goods. Will you be there? And after that, we are headed to Winnie & Tulula's in Athens. Surely, we'll see you at Winnie & Tulula's. I sure hope so!

Happy Friday (and weekend)!

and by the friend, Tammy, sent an email today, and here is what she said about Teenage Tammy: "She's feeling better, blood work numbers came back actually good". Is there anyone who read my blog yesterday that doesn't believe in the power of prayer? High Five, God! And a big thanks to all of you who prayed. Let's continue to keep Marcie's family in our prayers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cherubs and Prayer Requests

Calling all praying people!

Marcie, of Mayron and Marcie (the m & m's). Marcie of Unique Unique Design. Marcie, grandmother to Haley, is in need of our prayers. Haley was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor when she was 6 years old. This little girl had radiation and chemotherapy and now, after three years, the doctors have found another brain tumor. Haley is undergoing surgery this Monday morning at 7:30. Won't you pray for Marcie's family, the medical professionals and Haley?

Also, earlier this month, I mentioned my Tammy friends. We are getting together this next weekend for some eating and drinking and spa-ing and laughing and giggling and story telling and well, you get the picture! Memory making.

In my earlier post about the Tammys, I mentioned that one friend, Tammy, has a daughter who is chronically ill. For the sake of anonymity (you know how teens are) we'll call the girl child, Teenage Tammy. Well, Teenage Tammy is having a flare up of some kind and Tammy is waiting to hear some results of blood tests before she determines if she is going to come to our Tammy Reunion.

All of this to say, would you please pray for Teenage Tammy? Being a teenager has enough challenges without adding chronic illness to the mix. Pray for healing and comfort. And maybe, if relief comes quickly, Tammy can still come play with us. And Teenage Tammy can rest easy.

Thanks, y'all! I can't wait to show this mother and grandmother the outpouring of love and support from y'all! They will know and feel your prayers and what a wonderful thing!

Now, here are some framed cherubs I picked up today.
Metal frames. Velvet background. Chalk Cherubs. With color.
Yesterday was a baseball base on a chair. Today is cherubs.
Ya never know! What do you think? I'm not crazy about the blue and pink, myself. But, I do like the spirit of the pieces. If you love them, holler. They would ship easily.

Happy Thursday!