Friday, October 31, 2008

Junk Pumpkin Contest

You may have noticed my widget for the Junk Pumpkin Contest sponsored by Ki and Linda to help promote Junk Revolution. I have been on board and gung ho about this contest since it's announcement. And of course, I have managed to put it off until tonight. It is past midnight and I have two (maybe three), um, great (yes, indeed, GREAT) pumpkins to show for it. No. I do not have children. No. I did not borrow any children. I created these. By myself. Did I mention after midnight? The truth be known, I very much want to win a gift certificate to this new, cool company. Cross your fingers for me, would ya?

What is a belly button in this picture...

Is a nose in this one! I really wanted to utilize Grandma Joy's teeth somehow. Notice the feet.

I call this one my twenty-five cent pickle.
Ok. I'm going to bed now. I am spent.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

House Rules

For years, I have had a rule in my house regarding decorating. Whatever comes in my house to stay, must be either old or art. That is it. If it's new, there better be something artistic about it, or it doesn't stay long. This includes furniture and decor. Where does this become difficult? Gifts. People who don't know my rules and give me new, shiny, cute stuff. You would be surprised how many ways you can look at something and finally figure out something "artsy" about it! But, it probably won't last long in my house.

Of course, now would be a good time to show you a lot of pictures of my house. But, I don't have much today. Here is one David took in my kitchen.

We'll make this a two-parter. Come back for more pics in the next couple days.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What on Earth?

This mountain of tire sidewalls can be seen from I35, north of Hillsboro. Any ideas just what this is all about? There is a black tarp, overlaid with a white tarp, which is held down by these sidewalls all tied together. Snakelover and I saw it a few weeks ago.
Saturday, Miss Talking Trash and I pulled over to explore and we are still clueless. There was some standing water at the bottom of the hill and it was quite stinky. Landfill cover, maybe? An artistic endeavor? What do you know or think about this?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

See Kathie. See Kathie's Stuff.

Here she is! Miss Kathie, our new cohort at Primitiques. Doesn't she look patriotic?

Kathie went to Kansas for some junking and look at what she brought back. This kick booty stand. The book part is kinda spring loaded. Who amongst us has seen one of these before? The woman can "do" primitive, eh?

Check out this magazine rack. Love the black.

An old phone box. I do like natural, unpainted wood. This could be good for lotsa stuff.

I know. Not the best picture. There is a bedazzled butter knife on top and then some jewels around the base. I think it would look good on the buffet with a pecan, cream cheese ball concoction during the holidays. Or you could serve up the head of your favorite doll on it, maybe?

Insulators. Place card holders with wire? Flower holders? Candle holders? Huh. Any ideas?
It's First Monday weekend and we are less than an hour away from Canton and less than an hour away from Dallas. Come see us!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Faith in God

Often times, when I read profiles, I read about loving husbands and beautiful children. I read about wishes, dreams, ambitions. Sometimes, I read about folks loving God. I was attempting to keep my profile more "business" oriented and less about me. And I have hardly succeeded in that! So, let me tell you here and now...I am a Christian. God is a big part of me. I don't thump my bible and I'm not going to quote scripture to you right now. But, I am going to tell you that Jesus Christ died for my sins and I accepted Him as my Savior many years ago. I am not perfect. I won't be perfect. I do love me some God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. As for religion? If you want a label, we'll go with baptist. But, it's honestly not about religion. It's about faith.

I had the pleasure of bonding with Miss Talking Trash (Tn'T, Debbie) Saturday. We enjoyed some discussion about faith and religion. Today, Debbie blogged a prayer request. You'll see that I also added the prayer request button to my blog for Baby Witt. I do not know these people, but I do know God. I know that He likes us to talk to Him. I know that He likes us to share Him. I know that He offers peace and comfort and love. And because I find myself loving Debbie, I find myself caring about what she cares about. And if she asks me to talk to God, well, how easy is that? And how powerful and true is He to listen?

It's like a pyramid scheme. Deb asked, and now I am asking you. Will you pray for this family? Maybe by the end of the day, God will have shown Himself through love and blogship to more than we could have ever imagined. Maybe that family, who already feels the strength of God, will feel more comfort and love than before.

Miracles? Well, God gave us Baby Witt and now look. I am talking to you about God and faith and prayer. Witt is a little miracle maker already, eh?

Happy Life!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Treats than Tricks

Slap your momma and holler "Yee Haw!" cuz, yesterday was more fun than the law should allow. Treats galore!

I picked up Miss Talking Trash (aka TnT, aka Debbie) first thing in the morning and the treats began. She is a sweetheart! We drove to Waco and met up with (left to right) Rene, Cher and Theresa at Bloom and Bee Swanky, owned and operated by the sweet Miss Amy.

Repeat after me: "Ooooo. Ahhhh." Wow. Cool store. Wonderful decorating ideas. Great products. Jewelry. Bedding. Lighting. Furniture. Vintage clothing. Old stuff. New stuff. Wonderful blending. This is how it's done. Go check it out. What a treat!

We bought there, then headed to a couple other shopping establishments in the area. Of course, I bought stuff all day long! Dominoes, flash cards, green mercury looking candlesticks, a champagne bucket, a flower topped stand, a wooden drawer, a cute spice jar, a display tree, a wire tree. Check out the boot I found on the side of the road. I made the grab as Cher and TnT laughed at me. No, it does not stink. OH! And a butter pat with "Mindy" written on it. They knew I was coming and saw "sucker" written on my forehead. In honor of the Chippy's (and because I am a sucker), I bought it. Trick, indeed! The trees and spice jar aren't for sale, but, anything else is up for grabs.

Margo's contest is over (click on her name to learn how to order your calendar) and a Texas size congrats to my very own Snakelover for having two photographs selected for publication. Suweet! What a treat! Here is David's flickr photostream if you would like to enjoy more of his pics.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Steal

Last Friday, I got an email from my friend, Richard. The title of the email was "A steal". Richard, my dealer friend from Alston's in Garland, had forwarded a Craigslist ad to me of an oak dresser with mirror. It was priced to sell fast and my heart started to pitter patter. Now, Richard often forwards steals to me when he is already en route to pick them up, or he already got them. So, I inquired if he was out the door and he answered that he didn't have time and he instructed me to "go for it". Well, I immediately emailed the sellers and within 2 hours, my folks had picked it up. I was at work and couldn't get away to steal anything! Check it out. This piece is majestic in my bedroom.
That is Bumpkin looking at you. She thinks I got a good deal.

Ah, so, I later emailed the sellers to tell them how pleased I was with the piece and the transaction. Come to find out, Janet and Clyde are antique dealers and they have several booths at Remember This Antiques in McKinney. I haven't made the drive to see their store yet. But, if you do, I am thinking you'll find some good stuff. After all, this piece came from their garage!

Janet inquired if I knew of someone who could resilver the mirror. Let me tell you, as I told Janet, I will not be resilvering the mirror. I like mirrors that look like this. My sister commented that it's not functional. Of course, it is! It reflects light.

The magic of Craigslist, eh? Speaking of which, I need to load up some screen doors and get them to Primitiques for a lady named Jenn. She found me on CL and she needs herself some doors for a craft show. I better get after it!

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your photos for Margo's Photo Contest. Also, tomorrow is like, everything. Bloom and Bee Swanky is having an open house in Waco (I'll be there), The Trinity Antiques District Flea Market is having their shindig off Industrial in Dallas, Red Shed is doing their thing with a big sale.

Happy Friday! ~Mindy

ps. Thanks, Richard!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Believe

Yesterday's blog asked for opinions and suggestions regarding a new piece that I acquired for my home. I got one suggestion regarding the mirror situation, in an email from Mayron. She suggested round, on top only. We also threw around the idea of an oval mirror. So, I tried a round mirror that I had, and it was too large. Then, I went oval. I didn't think I wanted a framed mirror, but I do believe that I hit gold. Yee haw! Thanks, my friend!

Now, to the rest of you lurkers. Who, amongst us, does not like to give solicited or unsolicited opinions? I, personally, sit silently, anxiously, waiting for people to ask my opinion. My view. My feelings. My take. I can keep it to myself. But, if you ask, be ready. I am ALL over telling you what I think! So, am I very different from you? Where were you yesterday when I needed some mirror advice? I believe that we, as bloggers, like to hear from our readers.

Today's homework? Click on that "post a comment" and start your comment with: "I believe". Run with it! Open topic. This should be interesting and entertaining.

I believe that our blogship (blogging friendship, as defined by Cher) will grow with your participation. ;-)

Happy Thursday! ~Mindy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Washstand

This washstand was in my folks' garage the week before my birthday. I walked into the house with a big smile on my face. "I know what I want for my birthday!" Dad just thought he was going to put it in an auction, after probably buying it from someone for $10. I foiled that plan and he played along. Yea, Dad! I did have an old European buffet in my dressing area and I wanted a change.

No worries, the mirror isn't staying. I'm playing around with that. What do you think? An oversized mirror that covers the area above and below the bar? Just above the bar? Only as wide as the piece? Or is wider ok? Or should I strive for narrower? This is a task! Opinions are needed.
I might be defiling the piece just a bit by placing my necklaces on the linen bar. But, it works!
See the earring holder? That is one of those picture holding tree things that came out a few years ago. I'm not sure I'm crazy about it, but it works for the earrings and keeps 'em organized. I do like that.

Thanks, Dad!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What a day! Mom and I got to meet, eat lunch and visit with the one and only Theresa of Garden Antqs. Talk about treats! Have you any idea what a delightful lady she is? I must confess, I stared at her for over an hour and I cannot begin to guess how old this beauty is. From her childrens' ages and the years she has been married, I am quite convinced that things were happening in her life when she was barely in her two digit years. Seriously. How DO you maintain your youth, Ms. Theresa? Wow! I want in on that secret.

More confessions? I am inspired to do this after reading the FringeGirl's confessions. She is a hoot. If you haven't discovered her yet, whatcha waitin' on? Click over and start laughing.

Back? Now, more confessions.

I have a goofy functioning brain. If things aren't familiar, my brain doesn't always latch on. My friend Mayron? Well, how many Mayron's have you met? I'm tellin' ya, I had to be told her name numerous times before I could remember it. I wrote it down as it was spelled to me and I stared at it for a very long time. I called her the M-lady behind her back for weeks before my brain caught up.
So, my friend, Mayron told me years ago about how she and her business partner, Marcie used to do a show in Fayetteville. In fact, small world, Theresa of Garden Antqs used to set up at this sale. Mayron told me they did this show at the same time as Round Top/Warrenton. I always thought it was fairly risky of them to go to Arkansas when all the dealers/buyers were heading south. It wasn't until about 3 months ago that I found out that Texas boasts it's very own Fayetteville and it happens to be outside of the Warrenton/Round Top area. Holy Cow. They weren't going to Fayetteville, Arkansas after all.
One more confession. During this very blog, I figured out how to send you to the person's blog without including all that html garble-dee-goop. I'm feeling quite accomplished.
Your turn. Any good confessions? Do tell....
ps. I can't get my paragraphs to be paragraphs in the lower portion of this post. I suppose this is my punishment for feeling cocky and proud about the danged click on link thingy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Visit the Snakeman

I am always amazed when David sends a picture he has taken of me. He manages to bring out the best in me and I'm not sure how. Is it the fancy camera? The good eye behind the camera? Or is it me, looking at the man I love? I know, I'm just goofy. But, I often wonder.

Why do I call him Snakeman? Well his handle on flickr is Snakelover61. Cher dubbed him Snakeman, and I like it!

The Snakeman happens to enjoy photography and he took a few photos this weekend at Primitiques. Check 'em out. My store looks good through his eyes, too!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rules & Inspirations

A few weeks ago, Ki at Junk Camp took pictures of her garage and published them on her blog. Her point? She needed to have a garage sale. If I took a picture of my garage, my insurance man would call and cancel my policy for fear of a fire or some other tragedy. A burglar could break in and hurt him or herself and then sue me. It's that bad.

I have a new rule. Every time I go to Primitiques, I have to take something from the garage with me (notice the bold and the italics). Surely, you can grasp my commitment here.

Some things out there in the garage are just not to my liking anymore. Come on. Does anyone else need another minnow bucket for a flower arrangement? I've found 2 so far. Took 2 rusty mini bundt pans last week. Today, I forgot to take anything. Twice. Eee gads. Does this mean I have to take 3 things next time I go? I guess so. It's not like my garage can't donate 3 items.

David has influenced another "rule". For every new-to-me item I bring home, I must purge my home of an item of equal or larger size. No, the man doesn't live with me. But, he can see that I need rules.

So, there's a sink in the yard that needs to go. I bought a cute little yard art thing on my birthday trip and I already committed to taking the sink away. I guess I'll load that up with the 3 things from the garage when I head to Primitiques next.

Speaking of my birthday, yes, it is still my birthday month. As additional treats to myself, I have some visits scheduled with some mah-ve-lous women in the next week. I met up with Mayron of Unique Unique Design this past Saturday. Tuesday, I am scheduled to meet Theresa from Garden Antqs in Huntsville. And then the 25th, I am meeting Cher of The Texas Woman in Waco to see none-other-than Theresa from Garden Antqs at Bloom and Bee Swanky. How will my very spirit handle being in the presence of each of these talented, inspirational women? I anticipate myself being a big sponge, soaking up anything they will share with me.

I know. Blogs are useless without pictures. I was going to post another of my experimental pictures, but, my dial-up doesn't feel like sharing tonight. Click on that flickr thing on the right. You can check out all my pics and several taken by David on there. That's a cool gadget, eh?

Happy Week! ~Mindy

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Eyes

David decided to try out some of my glass eyes. I'm not sure how well he could see, but, we can certainly see how funny he looks!I am learning to see things in a different way. David has shown me this cool little feature on my camera called "Macro". I walked around Primitiques today, practicing my new eye.I've learned to look around and see things up close and personal. It makes for interesting pictures, don't you think? I call this one How Grate Thou Art.
These cast iron legs are from an old sink of days gone by. I call this picture "Crossed Legs".

Bobbing for apples.
Chippy hinge.
So, while my eyes are not glass, they are certainly seeing things differently since David taught me a little bit about macro. Thanks, dear!

By the way, Margo is sponsoring a photo contest. Click on the button on my page for the details. I'm hoping one of my pics will be chosen for her junk calender. How cool would that be?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spooky Fun Decor

I was doing some arranging at Primitiques this morning and tried this out. A deer pumpkin?
As promised, here are some of my home decor choices for the Halloween season. Yup. A glass full of glass eyes. They came from an eye doctor's office, so yes, they are "real". Those teeth? Grandma Joy's. I have a jar full of her teeth displayed in my bathroom throughout the year. But, having them out in front of a framed picture of the grave of some kinfolk seems like a nice touch.
The skull, big spider and dead man's head in the fireplace are real screamers, yes?
The paper skeleton holds onto an umbrella as he shows off my cool mirror.
And Ellie Mae is sitting on top of the coffin. I bought this real live coffin at an antique store in Terrell years ago. It is one of my spookiest, prized possessions. The inside is lined in a silky type material, under which is straw. I like to think that this was a salesman's sample. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Food, Good Stuff

Good Times! Indeed, we're back from one great roadtrip. We discovered this sign at a restaurant somewhere, and David suggested we go back at night and steal it. Isn't he the best? He was, of course, kidding. But, to play along with my fantasies is so endearing.

We did enjoy some of the best food ever at the Bandera Saloon. Chef Mark took wonderful care of us. When you go, I highly recommend the Maytag Bleu Cheese Tenderloin. A-ma-Zing. Truly. Wow. I don't even like Bleu Cheese. Try it. You'll like it. Also, if you are drinker, Jen, behind the bar, makes a mean Texas Tea. Yum!
Cher at The Texas Woman sent me this wonderful hat that I enjoyed bookoos on the trip. Somewhere on her blog is a link to her son's company, where this head cover came from. If you love it, move fast. There are limited qualities.

David played along well, when it came to stopping and shopping. We made stops at thrift stores, an estate sale and some garage sales, as well as a few shops here and there. Places that, I assure you, the man would never have stopped had I not been there. Isn't he a trooper? Here is a peek at some of the goodies I walked away with.

The big, wire basket is to die for (sold). The old apothecary jar will look wonderful with just about anything displayed inside. The only marking on it is "Pat June 11 1895". The finial is heavy. The napkin rings (sold) are silver with cow hair attached. The orangy tin with barbed wire, well, that's self explanatory, people. Cute for the fall weather, eh?
I'm heading up to Primitiques with these goodies today. As is the practice at most eating establishments, first come, first served.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gone, Not Forgotten

It's a throw away society. Things get tossed, because folks don't always see function beyond intended function. There is a cool architectural piece at Primitiques that I just love. Jeannie informed me the other day that it is a table leg. Well, I had no idea! What would one do with it? I do not know. I just know it is pleasing to my eye. Parts can be more fun than the whole sometimes, don't you think?

So, along the lines of neglected, but still loved, I am hoping that our blogging relationship will remain intact the next 5 days. I shall be away from the computer Friday through Tuesday. It is yet, another long weekend celebrating my birth. Hoorah! Bandera, Gruene, Salado, y'all watch out, cuz here we come!

Birthday Gifts can be dropped off at the store while I am gone.

Feel free to swing by and buy yourself into a frenzy. When I get back from this buying, birthday trip, I'll fill in all the gaps with new parts and pieces that you can love.

Ahh, the table leg I told you about? First picture, tall, dark piece with fabric draped on it inside the window, furthest left with door knobs at the base. Cool, eh? $15 for an old table leg. Come and get it.