Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hello all,

Yes, I have been silent. No good junking stories to share.

I'll be back when my writer's block and my junker's block cease.

In the meantime, I continue to enjoy y'all. Thanks for including me.

Here's a picture of me with short, short hair. The subject recently came up somewhere, so I thought I'd share. I loved it. I miss it. But, I like what's going on now, too. It's all good, don't ya know?
Happy Day!


  1. Oh, you can really wear that short hair. Not many can but you're gorgeous.

  2. Oh Mindy, my heart just sank, yes you looked pretty, but I love your hair on you! You didn't cute it short again did you and I'm just misreading?

  3. Thanks Erin and LaurieAnna!

    No, Theresa, rest your pretty little heart. I did not cut it short again. I just thought I'd share! Hair, past shoulders, now, as we speak. *smile* I am enjoying the length. Like I said, it's all fun! ~Mindy

  4. What a cute sassy cut. Love it, Love it now too.

  5. Okay, since you are having writer's block anyway...go to my blog and sign up for the treasure hunt!


  6. Mindy, your hair is precious like that, too. Not many can do that and look so cute. wow!

  7. Nice to see you back, Mindy. That haircut really showed off your pretty smile.

  8. So pretty. I love short hair. I had mine super short when I met my hubby to be 30 years ago. I have gone between long and short and love how easy the short cut is. With a face like yours any style would be lovely. Pam

  9. Love the short hair, I too have grown my out past my shoulders. I will have to update my pic sometime.

  10. I tried 4 times to put a comment on this post last night and obviously it didn't work. Blogger may be the death of me.

    Anyway, you rock the short hair. Love it! I'm not usually a fan of this short, but it looks fantastic on you. You've got a very pretty face and the short hair showcases that.


  11. Thanks everyone! It makes David nervous when I talk about how much I loved it short. He's not a fan. haha No worries...it's not in my immediate plans, love! ~Mindy

  12. I've been doing that for years now! Love it. No other way...

  13. Looks good short and looks good long! You could probably shave your head and you would still be pretty!!


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