Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr. Scrap Man (Men)

He was driving a truck. I was driving a truck.
He wanted money for scrap. I had money for scrap.
He didn't mind one bit when I started hollering out my window at him.

I pointed and inquired.

He laughed and affirmed. "You really want that wheel barrow?"


It is heavy and has character out the wazoo. Who cares if the tire's not good?

Stop in the name of scrap! Yup. I bought that sign, too.
2010July29_acquisitions 002

My favorite goodie from the scrap man?

What made him scratch his head and raise his eyebrow?2010July29_acquisitions 003

Yup. It's an old, heavy pipe. Raise your hand if you love it!

I can bury part of it in the yard and throw a piece of glass on top to hold my mason jar during parties, huh?

You might recall, this isn't my first foray into driving wrecklessly to get a scrap man's attention. Remember this?

Ha! I had published this post and I'll be darned if I didn't just flag another scrap man down! I believe I will use this old swing frame to hang chandeliers at the store.

Happy Thursday! ~Mindy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Have you ever tried to catch the wind? It's a lot easier if you have a sail. Some girlfriends and I hit the high seas of Lake Ray Hubbard this weekend, sailing out of Bella Harbor in Rockwall.
2010July14_Tammys 028
Check out Sail with Scott.
We enjoyed about an hour and 45 minutes, sailing, sunning and visiting. I must admit, after crewing on a few sail boats in my day, it was nice to relax and watch others crew this beautiful, handmade 60' catamaran.
Catching the Wind
Cheers to Scott and his crew!
2010July14_Tammys 026
2010July14_Tammys 047
I'll be back!

Do you like to sail? Ever been?

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Do You Celebrate?

How do you celebrate special occasions?
My sister makes crazy, funny faces and I dance!

The year I turned 40, I hosted a party every single month. It was the celebration of the year that I turned 40. Most parties were themed. January was Brunch with a Hat. My mom wore a hat that I had worn as an Easter bonnet when I was a young girl.
all 049
Other themes included a scavenger hunt, survivor party, a class for exotic dancing. This is the year that I began hosting Chili Cookoffs and Pumpkinfests at my place.
all 257
Most of the parties were kid friendly. all 149
I was surrounded by friends and family every month, the entire year!all 270
What a blast!
I highly recommend this type of celebration, if you have it in you!

David is turning 50 in May of 2011. I guess you could say he is taking the tiger by the tail.
Vegas, Baby 036
He plans to celebrate his 50th year with a bang. As in the blast of a starter pistol. Go here to read about his plans to run a half marathon. Be sure to leave some warm, encouraging words. I assure you, I'd need them!

Now, do tell. What do you do to celebrate decade milestones?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

How hot is it in Poetry, Texas?

It's so hot that if you leave a 12 pack of Sprite in your car with the windows up from Friday to Monday, 11 out of 12 cans will explode.

While I wait for the beams to come up at The Primitique, I think I'll scrub down the suv. Look! It even poured itself out the doors!2010July19_Sprite Explosion in Texas 001

Talk about a sticky mess. I've got it!

Happy Monday! ~Mindy

Thursday, July 15, 2010


A big thanks to every single one of you who left comments this week!

I love that many of you were caught up in the Married Up post. No, David and I did not tie the knot. My friend, Tina, pegged it when she reminded everyone that I had a party every single month the year that I turned 40. Being that I have never had the privilege of being a bride, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be many a celebration when that day comes!

No fear. You will be briefed, over-briefed and perhaps need debriefing by the time we say "I do." Don't you imagine there will be an entire blog dedicated to nauseating everyone with details, rants & raves, and praises for wonderful vendors? My long time friend, Brenda of Brendal's Bakery & Cupcake Couture, has been planning my wedding cake for years. I have no idea what her latest thoughts are. But, this creation of hers is pretty!

Your supportive comments on The Primitique news is heart warming. As the walls come up and the building takes shape, we will have a better idea of the grand opening date. I will give you plenty of time to book your flight, rent a u-haul, and work some overtime for extra cash. Promise!
2010June22_Eagle 003
Speaking of supportive people, did you read what my very own mother said regarding the Married Up post? "Your mother just about had a heart attack. There is a great picture of you and David and the title Married Up. What is the world supposed to think? Mom " Still cracks me up!

In support of my very own parents, who will celebrate 47 years of marriage this year, I'd like to introduce you to their ebay auctions. I saw these ring boxes and thought you might like them.
Aren't they great?

They have several. Go check them out, would ya?

I am thinking about carrying a soy candle line at the new location. What is your favorite scent? Do you have a favorite brand/vendor?

Happy Thursday and thank you for your support!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Introducing "The Primitique"

Happy News!

My store has a new location and a new name!

"The Primitique" will be located at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch in Royse City.

This will be a similar situation to my last location, with a room off of the main building with space for my goodies. The Primitique will keep the same hours as Eagle, Monday through Saturday, 8am-6pm. Due to my full time job, I will not be at The Primitique at any scheduled time, but I will be available for appointments weekday mornings and on weekends.

Eagle Hardware is a family run business with a staff that is excited about The Primitique joining them. They are experiencing growth at Eagle with the addition of a Smokehouse Restaurant. The Primitique will also have merchandise for sale in the restaurant and in the surrounding gardens.

I guess you could say I am getting in on this new location from the ground up.

As the walls come up, I will better be able to inform you of the Grand Opening. Stay tuned!

For you locals, this location is on Hwy 276 in Royse City, between Rockwall and Quinlan. Click HERE for the map.

The Primitique will feature vintage home and garden decor, red.neck chic pocketbooks & hats and whatever else I find on shopping sprees!

Quirky Vintage Goodness for you and your home.

Did I mention how dad gum excited I am??? Gotta go order some cards, stamps, signage. What else?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Married Up

Sometimes, you just know it's right. Like peanut butter and jelly. Eggs and bacon. Jack and Coke. The joining together of two, making a delightful marriage.

Not long ago, I bought this nice little white/rusty piece with three shelves. I liked it. Had no plans for it, but I liked it! A couple weeks later, I stopped at a yard sale and eyeballed three oversized baskets. I had no plans for them, but I knew I liked 'em, so I snatched them up.

When I got home later, I eyeballed the rusty piece, grabbed the baskets, and Voila! A marriage made in my driveway! Fantastic, isn't it? I'm not sure, but this may go into my closet for shoes/hats/handbags. hmmmm

Married Up
Do you like it?

Happy Monday!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

We're back! We (me, David and 6 of his family members) left for Vegas early last Thursday and returned home late Tuesday. It was a fun-filled 4th of July holiday, for sure.

What I am going to tell you about Vegas is probably not typical. This was my first trip to Sin City, and it seems I am not one of those people drawn to the strip, shows or shopping. (Well, I like to shop. But, I don't have to fly 2.5 hours to shop. I have Dallas within minutes.)

We stayed at a wonderful resort in Henderson, MonteLago Village Resort, just 20 minutes east of the strip. I cannot stress to you how glorious this resort is! Quiet is the word. Our suite was on the top floor, overlooking the swimming pools, a portion of the shopping and restaurant village, the golf course and Lake Las Vegas. Behind the lake, the mountains show off in all their glory.

Vegas, Baby 011
In the mornings, I got up, grabbed a Dr. Pepper and bag of cheetos and sat on our balcony, basking in the quiet and beauty as I enjoyed my breakfast of champions.

One morning, we watched this lady at the pool slather herself up with sunscreen. She then commenced to cover her body with the towel, magazine, and book over her toes. We were cracking up.
Vegas, Baby 013
I enjoyed watching this stand-up paddle-boarder on the calm waters of the lake.Vegas, Baby 244
We rented a boat one day and learned that the entire lake is restricted to electric engines only. Ahhh. This explains the quiet. No boat engine noises!Vegas, Baby 129
David and I did hit the strip one day. We sat at an oxygen bar and never felt the slightest buzz. The minute we walked into any casino, I was grossed out by the smell of stale and not so stale cigarette smoke. We walked around in the malls, wondering what made them any different than the malls at home. Ok. The fake sky on the ceilings was cool. I liked that. We looked at most everything people told us to.

We sat in front of the Forum for a long time and played Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear. While we never stopped anyone to actually discuss their wardrobe, we did silently give a few compliments. And we silently reproached several people. Eeek!
Vegas, Baby 082
This fella was tuckered out from all the fun!Vegas, Baby 069
The highlight of the strip was the filet mignon at Olive's at Bellagio. Holy. Freaking. Cow. Amazing. When I say it melted in my mouth with each bite, I kid you not. It did. Wowsers! The fountains at Bellagio were also quite worthy. Another highlight? I got fitted at Victoria's Secret. I know I could do that at home, but I hadn't and I needed to. So, I now know my official VS size and am in possession of said size. Yea!

Another day, we took a bus tour to the Grand Canyon, then a helicopter tour, then a brief boat ride on the Colorado River. I must say, it was a nice day with the family. We enjoyed the photo ops and the magnitude of God's creations.Vegas, Baby 222
Click here to view a short video of our helicopter tour.Vegas, Baby 197
My guess is that other people's vacation pictures are not very exciting. But, if you are so inclined, you can click here to view all the pics I took.

As for me and Vegas, I will gladly go back and stay at this resort. If you go with me and point out something I may have missed, well, ok. I'll go. Without question, 6 days with my man and his family were 6 days I enjoyed, no matter where we were!
Vegas, Baby 248
Happy Weekend!