Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Friday

First of all, my last post was my 400th post. If you have been around very long, you know I don't host contests. I just tell you when somebody wins. Today, the winner is MALisa of Moonlight Hollow.
How did she qualify to win, you ask? Well, she commented on my 400th post. Everyone who commented on Tuesday's post was entered. (I absolutely love making up my own rules.) Thank you to everyone who leaves comments regularly, in spite of my absentee-ism lately! So, what did she win? Well, I think we'll let her tell us. MALisa, would you like a magazine subscription to Elle Decor or House Beautiful or Veranda or name-your-magazine? Congrats!

Next...I have 13 gals coming to my house for the Clothes Swap tomorrow morning. We will fill up 4 racks of clothes from size xs to 1x and swap til we drop!
2010 May 25 - Primitiques 036
I'm thinking this is going to be a lot of fun!

Next...Are these shoes, like, way history, out of style? They are mighty comfy. I have them in tan and in blue. But, I think they are past their day. Maybe some nice homeless person will like them, because I'm not sure they are nice to offer to my swap friends.
2010May28_shoes 002
2010May28_shoes 001
Next...y'all know that my boyfriend, David, can take some pictures.
David and the lens
If you'd like to see all the pictures he took last weekend, click here. The slideshow is the way to go.

So, in addition to being the photographer of all things fun in my life, he also happens to be a creative wordsmith. Robelyn did a sweet little post about Favorite Things yesterday and inquired of everyone what their favorite things are. Think about the song from The Sound of Music. Now. Here is David's response:

"My sweetheart, a road trip
With fresh geocaches
My camera and lenses
With filters and flashes
We drive down the road just to see what it brings
These are a few of my favorite things

Stopping at yard sales
And colorful places
Taking our picture
With smiles on our faces
A Hill Country cottage
And clear flowing springs
These are a few of my favorite things

A field of bluebonnets
An old windmill spinning
My truck filled with treasures
That leave my love grinning
White chippy pieces and rusty bedsprings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the work piles
When I'm stressed out
Under a heavy load
I simply remember my favorite things
Then Mindy and I hit the road!"

I sure do love this man!
After the Clothes Swap, David and I are hitting the road. Hope y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Veterans, I thank you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coming up for Air

Hello Stranger. I am alive and well, and am between parties at my house. Last weekend was the 5th Annual Roadkill Chili Cookoff, where I won 2nd place among 15 entries. Yee haw!
2010 May 25 - Primitiques 039
This husband and wife competed against each other and he, who places 1st or 2nd every year, placed 1st, while his wife took 3rd. It was a fun party with some really good chili!
Mindy takes 2nd place!
I imagine you'll hear more later, after David gets his pictures up. Here are the pictures I took of our day.

We were entertained by the vocal talents of Brittnee Lee. Click here and order your cd now. This young lady is going places!
Brittnee Lee
I know, you are starving for junk, aren't you? Click here to see a few things I've picked up lately.

These lockers were sold before I even offloaded them. Aren't they a fun color?

2010May24_newest stuff 003
And now, I am busy getting my home ready for the Clothes Swap. So far, we have 9 ladies coming and a couple have donated clothes, but can't come. I think this is going to be a fun adventure!
2010 May 25 - Primitiques 036
I hope all is well with you. Catch you later, alligator!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Bowls, Spoons and Tablecloths

I have over 80 bowls and spoons. Seriously.

Ok. Some of the "bowls" are actually vintage melamine coffee mugs. Anything with a handle or a finger hole is a good thing for a chili cookoff. Easier to hold as you move from chili to chili.
Finger bowls are great for sampling chili, as well. Most folks don't prefer a full size bowl when tasting 15+ chilis.

The butter pats make great spoon rests. I need more. Don't you think butter pats would make a great hostess gift? Just sayin'.

With over 60 folks coming to The 5th Annual Roadkill Chili Cookoff at my place tomorrow, I'm grateful that I have continued to pick up spoons this year while out garage sale-ing.
bowls and spoons
Yes. I provide "real" dishes for my parties. I did not collect most of these vintage bowls to have them in a cabinet while we eat off plastic. No way! I think the guests enjoy the choice and the variety.

And then there are the 10 tables in my front yard. I figure if I have collected vintage tablecloths for years, then I ought to use those, too.
tables and chairs in yard
Nope. You're not seeing the tablecloths yet. I still need to iron them. Ick. Are there any cookoff attendees who want to arrive early and iron???

I'll share David's pictures next week. Guess I better pick out something cute to wear, huh?

It was fun seeing what y'all like to eat with your chili. I made my chili last night and I do believe it's a contender. It has no beans, and I sampled it with mild cheddar and fritos. Yum! It's a touch spicy, but not slap your momma hot. Oh, no! I didn't ask you that! Do you like your chili spicy hot???

For those of you who are coming, I'm looking forward to seeing you. And for those who aren't coming, I wish you were!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am the Bee (not the walrus)

The busy bee, ya know? As you may recall, I grounded myself these last 2 weekends to nest and to make my house a home again.

Know why? Because the opportunity to entertain is upon me. You see, I am hostessing The 5th Annual Roadkill Chili Cookoff this Saturday at my house.
Chili Cookoff Plaque
This is a little tradition I began, well, 4 years ago. And it's a hit! This year, we are expecting over 60 folks (at last count) and I don't know how many chilis will be competing.

This guy (who places every year) caught his armadillo instead of running over it. Easier to clean without the tire grit all over it, I guess.
Cass and Vittles
Here are the pictures David took at the 2009 cookoff. Doesn't it look like fun?

I'm thinking about throwing some bacon salt in my chili this year. Reckon that will make it the winner? Hmmmm....

So, do tell...beans or no beans in your chili? Crackers or fritos? Sharp or mild cheddar cheese? Is your favorite roadkill armadillos, opossums or turtles?

Happy Tuesday!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Clothes Swaps are HOT!

I had no idea! If you google "Clothes Swaps", you will find yourself some good reading materials. I thought I would check and see if there were any "rules" to such an event since I am hosting one. Indeed. Lots and lots of rules.

Some say you can only take home as many items as you bring to the party. Yeah. I'm not playing that game. If you can use it, you can take it.

No money is to be exchanged. That's right.

Some say if two girls want the same thing, flip a coin. I think we're going to try leg wrestling at my party. The first girl flipped loses. I'm kidding. We'll have you both model the clothes, then we'll vote on who looks best in it. I'm kidding! Y'all can duke it out. Oh, but if I want it, I get it. It's my party. HA!

We are only swapping spring and summer at this shindig. If it goes well, fall and winter will be another excuse for a party in a few months, huh?

Some folks refer to this as "swishing". I don't.

Oh! One just suggested telling my guests to wear clear deoderant instead of the white stuff that gets on everything. That's good advice!

Someone else suggests drawing numbers. But, we are not going to go in a rotation. I'm fairly certain, ours will be a free for all.

We will go with "you must try it on before you take it". I think this will prevent folks from taking things that might not work out once they get home. I don't have to see it on you. But, you do!

An auction. Someone said to hold the item up, tell a description including size, fabric, etc, and have interested people raise their hands, like an auction. Once again, what to do when 2 people square off? hmmm Grab the video camera, for sure. Heck, in my larger days, I sure as heck wasn't going to discuss my size "hmm hmm" with other ladies. We are going with anonymity, as best we can.

Another suggestion is to reserve the right to reject unstylish clothing. Holy cow! That call is to be made by whoever wants to take it home! I'm not planning on bashing my friend's wardrobes. But, if Mom Jeans show up, mockery is inevitable. HA!

No lingerie or underwear. Agreed.

Shoes, belts and purses are ok. OK. Sure! I'm not opposed to someone bringing purses....
Robelyn! Got any purses??? he he he

One site mentions bringing jewelry for exchange. Well, I guess we could. Hadn't thought about it. Heck, we could be at my house for DAYS if we do all this, huh?

Ha! Someone else calls it the
Naked Lady Party (NLP)! This is funny! I will, however, provide try-on rooms. Modesty is completely comprehended by this hostess.

Another site said invite 10 ladies, another suggested 35. I have invited over 50 and so far, had 5 RSVP. We have a nice crossover of sizes so far, from 6 - 18, with some plus sizes on the horizon. So, see? This is very doable.

All of the sites I visited agreed on one rule. When it's all said and done, box up all the leftovers and donate them to charity. I'm on board with that. Any local folks know of a worthy charity?

To add to the fun, I'm frying bacon and serving brunch. I do love a good party with bacon!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Get busy. If you're not around Poetry on May 29, maybe you can host your own Swap Party, aka Naked Lady Party.

Happy Weekend, Sales and Shopping!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clothes Racks+Closets+Excessive Clothing = Party in Poetry

Today, I spent the morning trying on clothes. I have a lot of clothes.

I went from one clothes rack...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 005
To the next clothes rack...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 002
I did not even make it to this closet...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 006
No chance to sample the clothes in this closet either...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 008
I hit this closet yesterday...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 010
Yes, those are camo pants...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 011
You thought I was kidding when I told you I had a lot of clothes, didn't you?

Here's the plan. After trying on lots of clothes this morning, I have decided to refrain from using the clothes racks anymore. If it doesn't fit in my closets, it goes. If it's larger than I am. It goes. If it resembles Mom Pants, it's outta here.

I am going to reload a rack with "get rid of" clothing (minus Mom Pants, which will be burned). I am going to invite all of my girlfriends over (you included) to my house for a Clothing Exchange Party. We're tentatively looking at Saturday, May 29 (Memorial Day weekend), brunch.

Girl friends and family are encouraged to clear out your closets and bring spring and summer clothes over to my place. Wrong color on you? Wrong size on you? Too short? Too long? "What were you thinking when you bought that?" I've got clothes from 8's to 18's and M's to 1x ready for trading. Check out this stack...
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 013

We'll load up the clothes racks, take turns "shopping", and then whatever is left will be boxed up and donated to charity. Who is in? The more ladies who come, the more variety, sizes, etc.

I know some of you have participated in such fun. Tell me how your exchange went. Did you draw numbers to see who went first? Did you model for everyone to see? What if more than one person wanted something?
2010May12_Clothesracks and Closets 001

If you respond that you want to come and this date is good for you, I will contact you with details, evite, etc.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Fever

I've got the fever.

The Birds are singing.
Bird on Canvas
The flowers are blooming.
2010May4-art and dishes 004
To sum it all up, spring is springing.
Vines and Springs
Mom (Dad, sister, sister's beau and David) came over for Mother's Day and helped me clean house. Seriously. Burn piles were burned. My workshop was cleaned out. David discovered that I have a tiller after 2.5 years of dating. HA! Bushes and trees were trimmed. We were busy!
Now I have Spring Cleaning Fever. I want to take off work and clean. I want to get rid of everything that's in my way. I want to minimize. Simplify.

Who really needs that much Tupperware? I have clothes racks and closets packed with clothes from single digits to high double digits. Perhaps I could be optimistic and rid myself of my fat clothes. Yeah. There is a stack of 'em by my front door right now. It's all going. No time to eat anyway. Single digits, here I come!
me and the goat
(photo courtesy of David)
If I don't move quickly, while the spring fever is active, I'll settle on things the way they are. Noooo! I. Must. Clean.

Has the fever hit you yet?

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Did you guess?

Do you know what this is?
No movable parts.

It's not from a fan.

It's not from a clothes dryer.

Not a seat cushion or a table.

It would look great hanging on a wall. For sure.

2010May7-finds 002
It's original use....a rack in a circa 1950 Automatic Hotpoint Dishwasher!
Automatic Hotpoint Dishwasher Rack 1950's
Source. Pretty cool, huh?

Can you see it now? A wonderful piece to use when serving buffet style.
2010May7-finds 003
I think I will fill it up with the smaller bowls and use it for my chili cookoff in a few weeks.
2010May4-art and dishes 006
Then, maybe I'll hang it on the wall.

Happy Shopping, Sales and Weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am Grounded

I know. HEAP is happening in Tyler. Portia, Gina and Alan are at it in Dallas. Hico is hopping. And me? I'm grounded in Poetry.

You see, the music is playing and I've been dancing, but I am having some problems keeping in step with the rhythm.

The next few weekends, I intend to reacquaint myself with my house and home. My land. My garden. My barn. My pond. My trees. My cats. My carpet. My laundry. My garage. (Well, that garage thing could take more than a few weekends. *wink*)

Anywhoooo, you get the picture. No public appearances for a few weeks. I am fully aware that I am missing out. And I'm not very happy about that. But, sometimes, one has to act grown up. This is my turn. Ugh...

In the mean time, here are some shirts I picked up this morning between life appointments.
Pile o' shirts
Bowling, anyone?
How's your outfit coming for Dress Up Day at Primitiques? Need a cool, vintage shirt?
Now, would you like to take a guess at what this is? I'll be using it at an event at my house in a few weekends.
It's about 2' x 2'. Hmmm...Whatcha think?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winnie & Tulula's - Junk & Disorderly

I ran in to Athens this morning to "work it" at Winnie & Tulula's.
My space
After throwing out some new stuff and fluffing my space, I decided to travel the store with my camera. Check these out.

You've got your groupings:
Liz's Corks
Lillie's Space
And here are some close ups:
Curious Goods
Margo's Space
A few more goodies:
Curious Goods
Liz's Space
Debbie & Danny's Space
Liz and Fran's space
Charrise's space
Like what you see? Come see us, Wednesday through Saturday, 10a - 5p. 119 E. Tyler St, Athens, Texas.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Junk & Disorderly, a celebration of our 1 year birthday/anniversary with a sidewalk sale! Saturday, June 5 from 10-5. If you haven't heard the rumors...Our parties and sales are FUN!

Happy Wednesday!