Friday, February 13, 2009

...did someone say drinks?

Why is Snakelover, aka David, smiling so big? He's ready to party with the best of them at Debbie's 100th post party. He has been asked to escort me, and a couple other beauties. Missing body parts do not bother David. After all, these ladies are dressed for some good times!
Here is Bertha. Yes, she has lost her head. But, she can still dress pretty! Love that blingy necklace. I do believe Miss Talkin' Trash would approve.

She's not just expecting a good time. Bertha is expecting to give birth(a)!

This chick, Lady Slick, is also missing her arms. It's easier when they come that way. I don't have to worry about them getting handsy with my man. The slick head? I like it. Wish I could get away with that! Less prep time, for sure.

Cheers! To good times and good friends. Happy 100th post, Debbie!
He wouldn't even pose with the armless chicks!
Debbie's parties are the best. Amy. We don't need no stinking mechanical bull. We have Oreo the longhorn!
Good times at the pool table! Cat Daddy, is that you under the table? Who is that with you?
I'm in!
Look at what Elvis and Harry parked out front. Cat Daddy and Debbie just came in talking about the size of the backseat. hmmmBe sure to check back tomorrow for Garage Sale Saturday. One word: enamelware. Two words: Cheap enamelware.

Happy Friday!
ps. If the picture is good, Snakelover probably took it. Give the man his props!


  1. With that gorgeous face you could pull off any hairstyle (or lack of) Mindy. Let's party the night away, Pam

  2. Thank you, Pam! First round is on me! ~Mindy

  3. If David likes women with missing body parts, I want to know which part YOU are missing, Mindy! Fess up, child!

    The Texas Woman

  4. LOL!! I love your expecting mannie! Only in Texas baby!! What a hoot!


  5. Cher, if I am missing any parts, I am unaware. I guess he's an equal opportunity date! ~Mindy

  6. Looks like to me Bertha lost more than her head at that last party! In fact, I'd go so far as to say she's partied hardy one too many times. I'll have to keep an eye on her!
    Did you say Lady Slick or Schick? However does she fight the men off without arms? No question as to who does the leading in dancing, though.
    Yee Haw! Let's get this party started. Did anyone think to bring the Karoake machine?
    Have fun and thank y'all for being great participants in my silliness.

  7. Hi Mindy,
    Sounds like a lot of fun, that party! I wish I could get away with that slicked back look too and cut all my hair time out. I'll be back tomorrow to check out the enamelware... one of my many weaknesses!

  8. Tracie, two words for you. Cheap enamelware! See you tomorrow! ~Mindy

  9. Ok Mindy, you have been holding out if you have enamelware and haven't let me in on it. Can't wait to see. Don't party tooooo much! carrell

  10. Pass me a cold one, Mindy! With a twist of lime! And where's that mechanical bull? No true Texan would throw a bash without one!

  11. OMG! Oreo the mechanical bull needed? David, you hot rodeo rider, you! Between you and Cat Daddy, the Texas ladies got it good!

    Enamelware? I'm there!

  12. Amy, have you met Cat Daddy...he's all bull! B.S. that is. Mindy, I have to keep coming back to check for updates. You keep adding photos and it'll be as long as that dadgum novel I wrote! Don't listen to Carrell! Party On!!!

  13. Love both pool shots! David, you are too lucky! A woman who can shoot pool and look good lounging by the pool!

    P.S. I like the addition of "cheap" to your enamelware statement! :)

  14. I am indeed very lucky, Amy! Very, very lucky!

  15. Mindy, did you save me a drink? You're already in the pool or playing pool, or both?

  16. Hi Mindy , You are too cute - your sweet spirit just shines when you smile. This has been a great party but Toby / James Dean fell asleep hours ago ( he missed his nap ) so its time to head home. Now tell me , where can I get one of those cars? :0)

  17. I was going around making sure everyone got home all right and when I got to you.....I knew David would see to that. No worries there. Thanks for playing along tonight and helping to make it so much more fun. Debbie

  18. Amy, thanks! David is always there to snap photos, no matter what I'm doing! Gives me a lot to choose from when playing at blog parties! haha

    Sue, thank you so much! The car---Gruene, Texas was it's last sighting. It was parked in a space reserved for Elvis. Seriously!

    Deb, had a blast! And the extra cherry on top? David was my escort AND he participated and WON! I love that!

    Thanks everyone for a great time! ~Mindy


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