Thursday, February 26, 2009


This morning, I was the recipient of a gift. I don't know who gave it to me. It could have been Lolly, Fluffy, Tippy, Momma, BB, Newby or Butterscotch.
I am sure that I should feel honored by this gift. And had I known it was there, I most certainly would not have stepped on it with my bare foot.
I think it is a heart. This is what I stepped on. This gift.
And here are intestines. On my floor mat by the kitchen door.

It was a beautiful way to start the day, stepping on this gift. I know I felt loved and thought of upon finding it.

Do you get gifts from your outdoor kids?

Happy Day!

ps. I strongly believe that the being the heart and intestines came from, it died of natural causes. For sure.


  1. Oh I hate those kinds of gifts! But then I hear my "Peanut" meowing so happy that she surprised me! How could I possibly be mad at that!?

  2. eeew! Yuck!

    My indoor cat sneaks outdoors sometimes and brings me back in a rattlesnake though!

  3. That is just lovely!!! They love you....

  4. One of the reasons I don't own a cat.

  5. Gross!! It's like when my 2 year old comes up to me with a dead mouse in her hands. Yucky!!!! Your so loved. jojo

  6. You should see the look on my face right now. About the same as when my pups brought a dead mole in the house to finish it off.
    gotta love those pets.

  7. Oh, you're not alone. My inside cat is a good mouser...when the little boogers get in. She leaves me a partial gift too. I guess that's her way of letting me know she got them.

  8. Oh , Mindy ! We use to have a Mama kitty that shared those same sort of gifts of Love. I don't miss them, especially barefooted!

  9. Oh, goodness! What kind of animal did that come from? How long did you scrub your foot? I had a cat which used to bring me a bird everday...but they were whole!


  10. Oh I know how this is, the outside dog is all the time dragging up dead critters here, the latest was a dead buzzard, I guess someone had hit it and killed it, the dog had those big feathers all over the year, ughhh! Nothing to see deer legs during hunting season, fish heads in warmer weather, haha !

  11. One of our cats once brought us the gift of internal organs of one of my son's hamsters. Not a good gift. Pam

  12. I don't know what's worse..that or a snake!

    Have a great day!

  13. MMM-yummy! My cat likes bringing live critters in, that I don't discover until later--freaks me out every time!

  14. That may be the grossest post I've seen yet. Y*U*C*K*!

    Better you than me. That's all I have to say.


  15. Ha! Well, I do see that I'm not the only one! Y'alls snake stories have me grateful for the parts gifts. Eeek! Best we can guess, these parts came from a bird, who I am sure died of natural causes! ~Mindy

  16. OK, ohmygod! That was so gross! And in your bare feet! I'm afraid there would be a matching heart and intestines to match. Where's that cat?

  17. Don't you just love cats?! Ours is very fond of bringing in birds. Usually all we find is the feathers - everywhere! I really enjoy when she brings in the live ones. We once had a mouse living in the brand new washing machine for a couple weeks thatnks to her. You are very fortunate to have been gifted.


  18. Ya just never know what the day will hold when pets are involved! Just when you think you've seen it haven't! I've not had this gift from my furry babies....yet!



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