Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Garage Sale

Let's see. It's Saturday. Garage Sale Saturday!

Ready to peruse? I have glass, plastic, enamelware, advertising goodies, an old ashtray, a wonderful pink powder box with graphics. Come and get it! If there is no interest by Monday, these items will make their way to Primitiques. I've noticed a few folks coming by the store and snatching some garage sale leftovers up. Thanks, y'all!

Click here and start looking. If you want to buy something, or ask me questions, or if you'd like to request measurements or more pictures, or whatever, please email me at If you tell me you want something, I will mark it SOLD on the flickr page so that others will know.

The fine mother does my packaging and shipping with USPS. I've never sold to Canada, but, I imagine we can figure that out. Let's keep this to US and Canada buyers. Mom uses Priority Mail shipping, as boxes are provided and it gets the package to you fairly quickly. So, after you have made your selections, Monday I will take them to her house and she will package and figure the shipping. I will then invoice you via Paypal. If you have questions or want more pictures, please inquire.

And in case you missed it, all proceeds from these Saturday Garage Sales will help fund my trip to Round Top/Warrenton at the end of March. There, I will be taking pictures and later posting about all the great stuff, people and fun. So, consider this an investment in good reporting! *wink*

You will want to click on the flickr set to see all the pictures and the prices. But, here is a sneak peak at some of the listed items.

Happy Weekend!


  1. OK Mindy, I have a list. I left a msg. on flckr but I figure it's easier here. I collect vintage art supplies. I will take the paint set, also the blue ashtray and the box of twine from Paris. Let me know total with shipping and how to pay. Thanks, Pam

  2. I am addicted to those glass sugar containers in your first photo. So much that I had to force myself to refrain from asking you about them! Love your sale though. Thanks for the shout out about the "cigart" too!

  3. Pam, email sent. They are yours.

    Candy, the sugar dispensers, sadly, are plastic. But, they are $2 each, if that makes them more appealing!


  4. Hi Mindy,

    It was so nice to finally meet you in person! I look forward to coming to your store someday soon......after February 20th! Glad to hear you're coming to the show!


  5. P.S. You keep good company, Mayron is a sweetheart!

  6. I like this garage sale thing you are doing. I just need to remember to look sooner. I may try the same thing too. Got a lot on my plate right now though. I enjoyed your shop, and will blog about it next week. Were all those things outside yours as well?
    Loved that metal thing with all the cubbies.

  7. Hi Mindy! I found your blog while browsing on Whisperwood Cottage....Love your idea of an online garage sale! Looks like we have some blogs in common...check mine out....if you ever make it to ND, we'd love to see you at one of our junk sales! Great iron piece that your Dad found for you! It would be a dream to someday make it to that show I've read so much about in Warrenton. Happy junking!!

  8. Such lovely things. I've got a collander almost like that one!


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