Friday, January 16, 2009

Warm Heart, Warm Toes heart has been warmed all week long with wonderful awards. Have you discovered Angie at Whispering Pine Cottage? She awarded me my third Proximity Award this week. Thank you so much for the nod, everyone. Recognition from great bloggers warms my heart, for sure!
Seeing the cold weather on the news is one thing. But, reading of your cold days makes things more real to me. I read last night on a blog called Ooglebloops about her concerns for her horses. She bundled up in her grandfather's old wool jacket, along with numerous other layers, went out to the stables and threw heavy blankets on her horses. She's a good mom, huh?

So, how do you stay warm in this cold? I like a good bowl of chili in my tummy, uggs on my feet and a fire in my fireplace to create the feeling of warmth in my home. Snuggling with David on the sofa would warm me up, with cats laying on top of the blanket on top of us. *smile* Tell me. What do you do to warm your toes on these cold days?

The fire photos are courtesy of Snakelover.

This just in...
Debbie at Talking Trash is having a name her canned ham contest. Swing on over and help her out...and tell her I sent you! I get more chances at winning if you mention me. Thank ya.

Stay warm!


  1. Great pics of the fire. I dress like an eskimo and use 5 blankets...oh, ya I wear inside gloves and use FringeMan as my personal warmer. I'm generally cold and when it get cold out, it's all downhill for me. I should be living on the beach in Florida!

  2. Snuggling on the sofa sounds great! You bring the Afrin and I'll bring the Puffs!

  3. My whole bed vibrates at the touch of a button. The dogs and I love it.

    The Texas Woman

  4. David speaks the truth. We are both mouth breathers these days. Buy stock in Puffs, cuz I'm going through Puffs like they are chocolates! ~Mindy

  5. Well, i don't much to warm my toes--I hate hot feet! But I do turn the fireplace on, and drape myself in a soft blanket--I will even walk around it with it on my shoulders.

  6. Bec...when you say you turn the fireplace on, does this mean you turn the gas on and light some real wood...or do you (like David) have a fake fire? haha

    Cher, that vibrating bed sounds divine!

    Tricia, I too, subscribe to the more blankets, the better!

    Tn't, I have seen how Cat Daddy looks at you, and I do not doubt that he loves a good cuddle with you!


  7. I saw your comment over at "Before the Stroke of Midnight". My dad was stationed in Germany also when he was in the army. I guess it was 1967 and 68 or so when my dad was over there.
    Cool huh?
    My parents still have a big brown paper bag full of love letters they wrote to each other from his time in Germany. I haven't seen or read them in a long time, but I remember when I was young I used to get a kick out of reading them and seeing all the mushy words they called each other, haha...


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