Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gratuitous second post of the day...

A very dear friend, who shall remain anonymous, emailed this to me in response to my post earlier today on Belly Wisdom: "all I can say is, "what were you thinking?".....or smoking?"

I know. It's a leap from my normal post. But, it's a cool piece! Really, it is! And self-acceptance is a lesson we all need to be reminded of.

But, because my junking friends would like to hear about junk, I'll post a second time today, to feed their needs. I took down Christmas (in my home) and put these things up on the shelf. Now, here's my issue. As soon as I was finished, I felt like it was a display for my store.

Do you ever feel that way? I'm not sure why I think this. I don't know what makes this different from other vignettes in my home. But, it feels like a display.

Maybe it's decent. But, I keep looking at it, thinking I need to slap some price tags on everything.



  1. See great minds do think alike. I'm getting ready to do a post on kind of the same line of thinking and as far as the belly dancer goes-remember: If you love it then I love it for you! I'm always sticking price tags on things in the house then C.D. comes behind me and tears them off. Debbie

  2. Mindy, I know what you mean. I vacillate between thinking I want the stark one or two good pieces look and realizing that I truly love the full to the brim vignette look. I do sometimes feel that my display appears more like a retail set up. Then take a step back and remove one or two pieces (just like jewelry). I also find an asymmetrical look works best. Take away the doll heads (distracting color) move the mirror off center a few inches to the right. Take away the duck silhouettes and move the white vase to the left. Now play around with whats left. Maybe lay the scale top down and lay the shovel handle against it as if it has fallen over. Use odd numbered groups together. ( I have way too much fun playing with vignettes)Isn't it fun to fuss with display? You should check out Tracy Porters blog on her retail site. She has VIDEOS of displays in her home that are amazing. Tips galore. Just google Tracy Porter and you will find it. Wow I'm wordy tonight, Pam

  3. Debbie, can't wait to see what you have to say.

    Pam, thank you for those suggestions. You "got" what I was saying. When I get home, I'm going to try these things out. And I'm headed to Tracy Porter's. Thanks! And I'll post some pics as I change it up. You're right. Too much crammed together. ~Mindy

  4. Hi Mindy , Love the mirror - its gorgeous. I think by taking the few things out like Pam suggested it will *pop* more. I have a thing for mirrors - our house is so tiny that mirrors add "square footage." How are the floors coming along? Sue

  5. Sue, thank you! I, too, love mirrors. As David says, I never met a mirror I didn't like. David is going out of town this weekend, so the floor won't be completed until the next weekend, if we get to it then. I'll post pictures of it completed and without furniture when it's done. Thanks again. ~Mindy

  6. I can't believe you covered up the belly dancer! That was funny. You've got a truly unique piece...show the world your belly! :-)

    Um, I don't think I'm qualified to comment on this question since I don't have a store. I just move my junk from place to place in my house and none of my junk is set up as lovely as yours. Yours looks good, even if it's for sale.


  7. I am cracking up at your belly post and love your vignette ~ No you dont' have to put prices on the things but your friends might have fun if you did ~ I think it just means that you have a shop and have a knack for decorating :)
    Have fun !

  8. I think it is a great vignette...home or shop! You know you are a very funny gal! You always make me laugh! Angie

  9. I do like the vignette, but I could do without the doll heads. Unless you are going for creepy! ;-)

  10. Mindy: I think it is a good thing to break out of your shell and write about things other than junking...helps your reader get to know you better! I say go for it once in a while!


  11. Thank you, David, for the doll head comment. Could you extend that to grandma's teeth, please?

    The Texas Woman

  12. Had a store for 18 years and people would come to my house and say "it looks like your store in here" really didn't because I kept all the best stuff! Hee Hee. Anyway when I display it is for the purpose of suggestion to the buyer so of course your home and store displays are going to have similar feels. I have had friends come to my house and be picking things up looking at the bottom, when asked what they are doing... they were looking for the price! Can't say I haven't sold things right off the wall!

  13. I can see that. But then I turn around and look at some of my displays and think, huh, I could slap a pricetag on that stuff and sell it. But then I want to keep it all for myself.


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