Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Garage Sale

It's Saturday, and any junker knows what that means....Garage Sales!!!

No need to get dressed or to drive around looking. Grab your coffee and get ready to peruse from home. It's the Saturday Garage Sale at Primitiques 'n Poetry. No baby clothes, teddy bears or tennis shoes here. Maybe there's something for you here, maybe not. I tried to keep things small enough to ship without large expense. I also tried to offer a variety. These things came from my garage. If there is no interest by Monday, they will make their way to Primitiques.

Click here and start looking. If you want to buy something, or ask me questions, or if you'd like to request measurements or more pictures, or whatever, please email me at If you tell me you want something, I will mark it SOLD on the flickr page so that others will know.

The fine mother does my packaging and shipping with USPS. I've never sold to Canada, but, I imagine we can figure that out. Lets keep this to US and Canada buyers. Mom uses Priority Mail shipping, as boxes are provided and it gets the package to you fairly quickly. So, after you have made your selections, Monday I will take them to her house and she will package and figure the shipping. I will then invoice you via Paypal. If you have questions or want more pictures, please inquire.

And in case you missed it, all proceeds from these Saturday Garage Sales will help fund my trip to Round Top/Warrenton at the end of March. There, I will be taking pictures and later posting about all the great stuff, people and fun. So, consider this an investment in good reporting! *wink*

You will want to click on the flickr set to see all the pictures and the prices. But, here is a sneak peak at some of the listed items.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Good luck on the sale and thank you so much for your comment today! much appreciated.

  2. My love, the combined use of your blog and Flickr account is brilliant! The one thing I would suggest is that, in Flickr, probably at least in the set description if not in the description for each item, you have a link back to this specific blog. This way, non-bloggers who surf into your Flickr photostream can buy from you and maybe even become blog followers. I can show you the html code for that if you need me to. You have opened up a whole new realm of possibilities with this concept. I love it! Way to go, baby!

  3. Great Porthole! The red tea-pot clock is pretty cool too. All the best on your yard-sale!

  4. Good Morning Mindy! I have an award waiting for you on my blog. Good luck with your sales!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Great idea....I want to do something like this in my blog. Your so smart. Love it and the prices are amazing. Have fun whatever you do.
    With all good wishes.

  6. Love all your finds... Especially that porthole!! I love your idea, too... I've been trying to figure out a way to sell some of my wares...

  7. I love this trip of pictures. And the porthole is a unique find too! I got my book yesterday--yeah! Thanks, it looks good! The first thing I opened to was getting to church on time. It was funny because we had just returned from church, where we were sliding in right during announcements! Have a great week!


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