Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Winner of the Giveaway is Announced

Today is the day. The giveaway ended last night at midnight. We are celebrating my 100th post, don't ya know? Are you ready to find out if you won the book, The House that Cleans Itself by Mindy Starns Clark?

First, let me tell ya, it was a scientific process. I put your name on a piece of paper.

Theresa of Garden Antqs had the most entries with bookoos of referrals. Welcome all you new people where ever you came from! And another big thanks to Theresa for being such a supporter for all of us bloggers. You are loved, my friend.

Over 50 people want this book. And just over 100 pieces of paper were filled out.

Snakelover came over to help me go reset Primitiques, and I asked him to do the favor of drawing the winner. We had a gushy, romantic moment, saying that we were each winners because we found each other. Awww! I digress. The papers were in a cute little party hat. David stirred 'em up and he grabbed one. I swear to you,
my heart went pitter patter.

He held it up and we looked.

The winner is.....

Bec4. Yea! Wow! Congrats! And guess who referred her to me....Theresa of Garden Antqs! Thanks again, Theresa! Congrats to the winner!

I had no idea what kind of response I would have, but, I now know that a good book will get y'all stirred up! I shall make note of this and remember it when my 200th post comes around.

Bec4. You will be asked for a book report with pictures at your earliest convenience. ha!

Happy Saturday! I have got to get to the store and get busy!


  1. Congrats Bec4, Let us know how the book is.

  2. Yea! Thanks so much! I will email you my address. And I will post about it on my blog.

  3. YEA! Thanks so much--I will post about the book when I get it. I will email my address to you.

  4. Hey Mindy! Congrats to Bec4 winning and you too for hosting a wonderful give away. It was an awesome chance for me to stumble onto your blog, Glad I found you.

  5. Congrats to her and that's great that she came your way from my path!! Happy Saturday!

  6. Congrats Bec4! She has a great talent for making junk finds special...just check out her blog. Thanks for the contest Mindy! Looks like you gained a great following in the process.

  7. Since it wasn't me, I guess I'll be nice and say Congratulations Bec4. Debbie

  8. Mindy, I left you an award on the domestic fringe. Stop by to pick it up!

  9. Thanks for the fun contest and giveaway.. it was nice to have found more blogs to follow through it.


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