Saturday, January 17, 2009

Garage Sale Saturday

Couldn't make it out to any garage sales today? Me neither. But, I did go out to my garage, taking my life in my own hands by doing so. It's a scary place, my garage. But, look at what I came out with! Goodies! See anything you like? Nothing is over $20. Wanna shop? Old nautical light fixture (needs rewiring) $5 (SOLD). Old mixer $5. Oil cans $2 each. Green chair part $15. The mirror isn't for sale today.

This wood chalk board is the real thing with an eraser still attached. $20

Yes, this picture should have been turned...but, I wanted you to see the red door push bells (heck, that is what I was told they are). Cool, huh? Yes, they are brass. You'll be able to see which ones do and don't still have clangers in the next picture. $20

The 4 wood mallets together $5. The Duncan Phyfe base in chippy, creamy yellow would make a great plant stand or whatever $15. The thermos with the baby face is just the bomb. It still has the mercury insides. It's $15.

And the yellow metal Kleenex brand box is $7. If you need better pictures, email me and I'll snap away. Line up with your selections, holler at me here: and let's get your shipping figured out. This was much easier than driving around all morning, wasn't it?

Happy Weekend!


  1. There's a message for you on my blog!

  2. I love the table base but I'm afraid the shipping would be prohibitive. BTW I left a comment for Deb's canned ham and mentioned your link. So another entry for you. The comments are too funny. Pam (BTW I was catching up on blog reading and read about your love story. I've been trying to get my friend to try it out. I will tell her to read about your success.

  3. A whole new approach to peddlin' it on the street!!! You go girl. Tn'T

  4. yeah that is what I wore, a sports bra, but still......ughhh! LOL!
    I'm sure not people who are reading your comments are wondering what in the world I'm talking about. hehehe....

    Hope you're having a good day. I got out with Steve a little while ago and went to Walmart, ohhhhh it was fun just to get out. I do feel so sorry for Molly though, can't wait till she can get out. The doctor said this morning they are pretty sure we'll get out of here Tuesday. Wooohoooo, gonna be so nice! If we do go home Tuesday I am gonna keep Molly home from school Wednesday just so we can chill out and do nothing! Heck we might even go somewhere and do something that day.
    Ok.....I'll quit blabbing now.

  5. Ohhhhh....I love the mirror, the chalkboard and the legs off the table. I have to agree with trash talk...that's a great idea. Another one's trash is another one's treasure.

  6. I like this modern-day garage sale stuff! The colored mallets are very cool. I could see making something nifty out of those things.

  7. I love the mirror...of course it's not for sale! The chalkboard is way cute too! The bells are also neat...oh heck, I'd buy it all if I was in your neighborhood. My garage is very scary too...that's a post for Halloween...


  8. What a great blog....and you sell vintage goodies too..I am in heaven.
    Love your garage sale items. Don't have much time for garage sales so I enjoyed yours. I will be back again and please stop by and visit me sometime :)

  9. Honey, you must own about 2/3 of all the mirrors in Poetry, Texas! So why can't you part with that one?! Don't tell me it's your favorite!

  10. No, it's not my favorite. 1. I thought you would enjoy hanging it in the gallery/bathroom at Primitiques. 2. I thought I would entice everyone to actually come to and carry. Gas could be cheaper than shipping! 3. I liked using it to display the garage sale wares. My new Saturday blog feature might be garage sale specials. I could easily be pursuaded to part with the mirror. Want it? ~Mindy

  11. Hi Mindy, thanks for the visit. The wall color is Ralph Lauren Sisal....To save money you can get a color chip and have anyone mix the color up, thats what I did.

  12. Ah, stuff. Stuff is just good sometimes.

  13. Mindy!! you need to keep that table base and use it as a plant stand in your flower garden or under a big tree. put an asparagus fern on that baby! way cool!
    i can't believe you would even think about getting rid of that.
    were ya trippin'?

  14. If that's whats in your garage, I can't wait to see your store. I'll be there on Wednesday.

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