Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reflections in the Restroom

It's true. I have a thing for mirrors. I like 'em! I keep picking them up and bringing them to Primitiques to sell. We hung them all in the bathroom and let me tell ya. It is a memorable experience if you have to visit the facilities!

Jeannie won't go in there. She says that seeing that much of herself, whilst using the restroom, is just not something she wants to see.

I guess if some mirrors are purchased, I'll try to resist placing new ones at floor level!

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I, personally, can "go" anywhere. What about you?



  1. Wow! This must be traumatic on a bad hair day. Ya, I can only take small portions of my relflection at once, but it sure makes a cool looking bathroom.

  2. If you gotta go, you gotta go! Just look at the floor or close your eyes, Jeannie! :) Too funny!


    P.S. Love the "Friends who support me like a bra!" Are we talking an 18-hour bra? :)

  3. Bad hair day? With that many mirrors you can also see when it's need-to-shave-my-legs day!

    The Texas Woman

  4. Amy, I think those gals would support me for weeks on end if I but asked them! haha ~Mindy

  5. It's not my legs I was worried about when I was at your open house!!! I'm trying to remember, there wasn't one directly in front of me I don't think. That would just be too weird. But I had drunk some eggnog so I was just probably too busy trying not to fall off to notice. But I took photos. I liked it all. Debbie

  6. Alright, Debbie. I just spewed eggnog out my nose! (I'm down to my last bottle, by the way) You're such a delight! ~Mindy

  7. You're so close, Mindy. How exciting! It goes by fast, doesn't it? Congratulations!

  8. The mirrors are gorgeous...and I love them and buy quite a few.....but that many in a BATHROOM...ain't no way I want to see that view!

  9. Thanks for your comment.
    We will for sure have our ipods with us, That is one thing Ms Molly does love.
    I'll try to keep everyone posted on my blog as I can.

  10. A trip to that restroom might just be a little frightening. There'd be no preparing for a glance, just a hiya as you sit and push. TMI? ya, sorry.


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