Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2009! I hope y'all all had a good and safe celebration. Soon, I hope to be caught up on your blogs again. I miss y'all and can't recall what I did without you in my life.

New Year's Eve I got to surprise David with one more Christmas gift. We had seen a stand up John Wayne like this back in October, and David had expressed an interest in it. So, after watching ebay for months, one came up for auction. I won and it arrived in time for a New Year's surprise. He was speechless!

Do you remember the glass eyes I have?
See how silly we look? Funny!

In the near future, we have some fun and chores planned.

One chore is laying some wood flooring that I got for Christmas. Pray for us. Give us any tips you can share. It's wood planking, old tongue in groove. 7" wide. We'll be laying it in my bedroom entry and dressing area. Tips? Guidance? Floor layer referrals?

Additionally, David and I enjoy geocaching.Link We haven't gotten to play in a while, so we hope to do so in the near future.

OH! And the store! Of course, the store! Kathie and I will be doing a reset next Saturday. Look for photos and fun after that. I always like to show off what we get accomplished. We'll be putting out new merchandise and moving out or marking down stuff we are sick of, but you might love!

This appears to be post 97 for me. I have noticed that it is traditional to have a giveaway for such monumental occasions as the 100th post. As my friend Debbie (aka Talking Trash) says, "pull up your bra straps" and get ready. At this very moment, I'm not sure what you are getting ready for, but watch and wait and we'll figure it out together.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh, boy! 100th post give away...we finally get a chance at some of those eyeballs! :)


  2. Will be looking forward to seeing the changes at the store. Have fun and go and play your game w/ your honey!

  3. The number one rule of any game or giveaway is Debbie Wins!!! Good luck with the flooring. Let me know how it goes. I'm trying to talk C.D. into letting me do the living room in hardwoodor pergo. I keep telling him we can do it ourselves. I'll keep my eyes open for photos of the shop. Debbie

  4. The John Wayne sign was a very sweet and thoughtful gift, my love! You never cease to amaze me! It stands up on it's own, so I stood it in the corner of my game room in front of the closet door. I can move it aside on the rare occasions when I need in that closet. I love it! And I love YOU!

  5. Happy new year Mindy. I'm so glad I got to meet you and go junking last month. I think I need to make a trip out to your store.

  6. The John Wayne cut-out cracked me up! How fun. It's my 100th post today too and I've got a little give-away goin on. Come join in the might be lucky enough to win another pair of socks. :)

  7. Great surprise for New Years. Ebay comes through! My next post will be 100 and I am holding off because I want to make it special but I have no ideas at this point. My hubs and I laid a wood floor and finished it in a hallway and it was much easier than I expected. We did Pergo in our family room and I think cutting and nailing the wood was much easier than the "Easy click floating floor" plus it wears much better no matter what Pergo says. Just rent the floor nailer and go for it! I did a lot of the cutting and nailing myself. Easy! Pam

  8. Followed you over from Jan's blog ~ I am looking forward to see pictures of your store. Good luck with the flooring and many heartfelt blessings for a new year!

  9. Those are fun eyeballs! And as to advice, don't aim for perfection. Aiming low always seems to help us out!

  10. I used some old wood planks on my floor. We started so precise & ended up laying it anyway we could & no one ever notices so don't take it too serious. You'll love it just because it's wood. By the way, I didn't get the burger -- we ate a can pringles & Dr. Peppers. Good luck! Jan

  11. All those eyeballs bring back grandfather had one. Looking forward to more photos of your store. I remember seeing the last ones. I live up the road from you...I'll have to come down and see your shop in person sometime. Wishing you many blessings (and more eyes) in 2009!

  12. Malisa, who said I was giving away eyeballs! You want some, huh?

    Theresa, thanks! We did some geocaching Saturday. It was 84 degrees that day. Crazy!

    Debbie, I see what you are saying. I will see what I can do to make sure you win. With or without a prize, you are always a winner!

    Margo! You do need to come see my store! Roadtrip!

    Pam, Jan, Erin, thanks for the wood laying advice.

    Ragamuffin Gal and Patti. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!


    ps. I have been experiencing issues with my home computer, so if there is any absence, that would explain it.


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