Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here's the Latest

More efforts, due to y'alls wonderful suggestions. Debbie suggested that I try some scrim. First, I looked up the word scrim, and then I knew that I had none. But, I had this ribbon. I realize, from looking at the first pictures (2 posts ago) that I was mixing metal, wood, ceramic, brown, black, blah blah. No wonder it was too much!

It hit me last night that all the things that were on this shelf before Christmas are still in a box in the garage. Perhaps this is part of my issue. I'm not working with tried and true!
The second largest mirror has a yellow tint to it. hmmm. I thought that maybe the rust/metal might look better with the primitive shelf.

After I walked around the house saying "white, cream, silver", as suggested by Lisa, I had lots of things to choose from. And then, I tried brown.

I know. I went a whole different direction. It's coming around. I swear I'll move on soon. Jan suggested old books and binoculars. I think those are boxed up in the pre-Christmas boxes, as well. I so need to quit my real job so that I can play all day!

By the way, note to self: if you upload pictures centered, they will be centered. Holy cow.

Now, onto another project in the making. I saw this on Ki's blog yesterday. Love it! Of course, mine won't be so fancy, and I'm fairly certain that there will be a different twist. But, here's the screen I have to play with.
I know it's plain. But, that leaves it wide open for embellishments, eh?

Are your wheels turning?

Happy Day!



  1. I had to look up scrim, too! (Debbie, you smarty pants!) Honestly, I think all the vignettes have looked great! You just can't go wrong with great junk!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the Ki-inspired fire screen project!


  2. I like the film reel, nice touch. Good and rusted too. jojo

  3. I like the display and I love the old film reel. Great re-do.

  4. I think we should play a game and make us guess what is different in each vignette Ü!

  5. Ok, y'all, I am not a smarty pants. I resemble that remark! Mindy, you can get cheesecloth which will do the same job. I've bought it in small packages where craft supplies are sold. You'll only need one package and you can tea dye it. I like photo #4. Try spreading the mirrors out a little for an overlapping effect and see if you like that. Was I supposed to make a suggestion? If not, disregard please. Debbie

  6. Yes, Debbie, you can make suggestions. I love input. Cheesecloth, I have heard of. I do believe I am going to have to walk away from this for awhile. It could drive us all crazy! haha Glad y'all like the film reel. It is cool, isn't it? Tune in tomorrow for something NEW! Yea! ~Mindy

  7. I love the new look, rustic to go with the rustic shelf....and yes "scrim" would be perfect in that setting. You can buy cheesecloth at Walmart, and soak it in tea, to go with the prim look you have going on there!

    Can't wait to see the screen project, is that tomorrow????

    Garage sale again this weekend?

  8. I like that screen, Mindy. Yea, the wheels are turning. It's been fun watching you move that stuff around. Amazing how much it can change with basically the same stuff (more or less).

  9. Lookin good ! I can also see a different way going with a silver candleabra (the opposite of the rustic stuff)in front of the mirrors (spread out like deb said) some old books piled up....a bird nest on top of the books...see renee for birdnests or your backyard! but I love the reel that's reely rusted! LOL I like the simplicity of your screen...very archeticural if you do as Ki with the side pieces. Hope you don't mind me throwing in my 2 cents worth!

  10. Cindy, if I can get in gear and find some things in the garage, yes. Look for another sale.

    Patti, I love your idea. Don't be surprised if you see something like that in the near future. David thinks I am becoming obsessed with this. When actually, I am having fun playing with y'alls ideas! Maybe I'll post a picture at the end of every post with a new vignette! haha Or create a flickr set specifically with the shelf vignettes.


  11. Sometimes the needle just needs to be gently nudged over to the next groove. ;-)

    I think I would like the last two pictures a little better without the beveled mirror.

  12. I love the progression of your vignette!! If you're like the rest of us - this won't be the last 're-vision'!!!!

  13. I love fireplace screens
    They have endless possibilities.
    I'll be back when i have more time.

    Barbara jean

  14. Great arrangement! I have a screen too,and I think I'm going to use it to display things at the shop.

  15. Hi,,,,, good morning to ya.

    I am really loving the taller mirror. I have one similar to that hanging on one of my walls.

    Peace to you,

    Angelica Torrez


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