Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I'll be darned. I have been bestowed with the Honest Scrap Award by Tricia at The Domestic Fringe. If you haven't found her, you'll be glad you did when you click on over. She is refreshingly refreshing. Less about junk and more about life. Life as we know it. Not fancy. Not unrealistic. Life lived. You'll laugh. Sometimes, you'll cry. You'll nod your head and you'll bond with this lovely woman and her Fringe Family. Thank you, Tricia, for recognizing my efforts at keeping it real. You rock!

Here's what she said about this award: RULES: Tell 10 honest things about yourself. Nominate 7 brilliant, honest people for this award.

So, onto the 10 honest things about me:

1. I worked as a lifeguard in a Baptist summer camp for 2 summers. Yes, I donned a swimsuit and saved little girls from drowning the summers of 83 and 84. I loved it!

2. I am patient as the day is long. I don't get flustered easily. If there's a wreck, I'll pick up a book in my vehicle and read as I wait. I'll sing along with the radio. I'll make eye contact and visit with fellow road warriors. I'll dust my dash. I'll call a friend. Whatever. I'm just grateful I'm not in the wreck and I wait. Patient, I tell ya.

3. I am a sympathetic crier. If you cry, I'll cry. I am a total mess during award shows. It's funny. But, I just can't help it!

4. David and I met on match.com. I have honestly shared this before. But, for those who have not seen this. Indeed! We got our money's worth almost 16 months ago. Uh Huh!

5. Honestly? I have 4 indoor cats and 7 outdoor cats. Indoors, I have Ellie, Jethro, Opie and Bumpkin. Outside, I have Momma, Fluffy, Tippy, Lolly, BB (aka Waylon), Butterscotch and Newby. I know it's crazy. But, I get them all fixed and vaccinated. I try to do my part, even with uninvited guests. I love 'em all. Not looking for more, and wasn't looking for most. But, here we all are!

6. When I was in college, I worked at a counseling center as a secretary. When I was caught up on my work, I would read the client's charts. It never ceased to amaze me how good my life was compared to many.

7. Also, when I was in college, I did a practicum at a hospice for several months, and afterward, stayed on as a volunteer. Have you any idea what an honor it is to be in someone's life before they go to see God? It's an amazing honor that I will never forget.

8. Twice, I walked 60 miles in 3 days to help raise money to fight breast cancer. This disease sucks and I liked the sense of accomplishment of raising over $3000 and physically challenging my body. If you have such an opportunity, I encourage you to look into it. It was a wonderful experience for me.

9. I studied voice extensively in college. I sing. As my sister says, I am the "funeral singer". Yup. There are wedding singers and there are funeral singers. Many a person has told me "When I die, I want you to sing at my service". An interesting request, let me tell ya. A deacon in the church I grew up in, Everett Sellars, made this request and about 20 years later, I fulfilled it. I, again, was honored.

10. Alas, number 10. Honesty. Hmmm... Something you don't necessarily know about me.... Let's see. Well, ok. I had a tooth pulled back in September and since then, I have walked around with a hole in my head. Indeed, David jokes that he always thought he'd date a girl with all her teeth. Seriously. Don't most 40 something year olds have all their teeth? Not me! They want about $2000 to fill the hole with a post and tooth. I'm thinking that I'm doing ok without it for now.

So, there you have it. 10 things you may not have known about me. Honestly!

Now, I am to bestow this honor on 7 brilliant, honest bloggers. Honest, according to Webster's: free from fraud or deception. Wow. Fringe Girl fills this bill for sure! Here we go in no particular order:

1. Erin at Woman in a Window. When she tells me she went for a walk or a drive, I get all excited. Know why? Cuz it means I am going for a walk or a drive. She takes me with her when she goes out. When she looks out the window at her children playing or walking to the neighbors' house, she lets me look, too. She includes me. Honestly. I find myself exhaling deeply after reading what Erin has to say. She has a gift and openly shares it. Love her like I do.

2. Next up is Teisha of Becoming One Flesh. This young lady is getting married soon, and her refreshing honesty, as she prepares for not only the event of the wedding but the event of marriage, is something you will enjoy following. I do, anyway. Her college days are coming to an end and her career and married life are on the horizon. What a pleasure to follow on her blog.

3. Tim, of Abundant Life, is Teisha's father. We met years ago at the Baptist church camp I mentioned earlier. Dry. Funny. Faith driven. Loving and loved. His wife, Tina, happens to be one of my very best friends in the whole wide world. Honestly!

4. Mayron and Marcie of Unique Unique Design. They don't pull punches. They are business women who happen to know their poop. They will honestly tell you what they do and don't like. If you want an honest experience, get yourself in these ladies' presence. You'll appreciate the "no games played here" attitude. I do.

5. Next up. Margo of Margo's Junkin' Journal. I had the pleasure of stumbling on her blog months ago, and then I got to meet her in December. She is an honest joy. Her wheels turn in a constant motion. She thinks about new twists and turns items can take. Creative. You could certainly use this word when speaking of Margo. Click and enjoy.

6. Listen, if you haven't met David by now, where on earth have you been? David is known as the Student of Life, David, Snakelover, my love. He won't say anything if he has nothing of substance to say. He won't waste his time or yours. He does get mushy about our love. But, hey, this love we have is something to be proud of. He is honest and I love that. Honestly. And his photography? His photography is something to drool over, as well as the recipes he is so willing to share on his blog. Yum!

7. Number 7. This lady, I met through my giveaway last week. She clicked over to my flickr pictures and found some items she wanted. I ended up sending her a paypal invoice and she kindly paid. And then, God bless her, she emailed me and told me that I had underbilled her. Wanna talk honesty? She owed me $10 and she told me so. I love honest people. She creates and sells some neat stuff. Jan at The Polka Dot Barn. Check her out.

That was fun! Congrats to the awardees and a big thanks to Tricia for the honor.



  1. I have a little something for you on my blog... Stop by and check it out!!

  2. Isn't that the greatest sign? I'd love to have it in my house. Honestly, I would.

    The Texas Woman

  3. Your "realness" is one of the things I love about you most! Thank you for passing this award on to me as well. You know I'm not one to feel obligated by such things. But, who knows? I might surprise you and play along. Or I might not. ;-) Hey, just being honest. Speaking of honest...


  4. Thank you for this award, It's a new one I haven't seen before and I'm honored. I'll get my thinking cap on to pass it along.

    View my blog at:

  5. Nice getting to know you better, I just printed out snakemans recipe, me being Italian have never made this....I'm thinking tonight Yummy!

  6. Mindy, you did an awesome job with this award! I enjoyed learning so much about you and I wish I had an ounce of your patience. You're a remarkable woman. It takes someone special to give the gift of comfort and companionship in the last days of a person's life. I'm sure you're the best funeral singer out there!

  7. Mindy, congrats on the award! Okay, next we meet, I have to hear this funeral voice of yours!!

  8. Mindy, thanks for the award, I am honored. I ditto David's comment about being obligated. Even if I did feel obligated, I would first have to go out and make some more blog friends to get up to seven.

  9. See? See how generous you are? That was really so kind of you. We'll see if my laundry ever thaws so that I might have a chance to play at this. Thanks for the kind words.

  10. Great Post. Love your blog.

    The vintage husband


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