Monday, January 26, 2009


While all you Texas junkers were in Malakoff enjoying the grand opening of Junk Palace, and everyone else was enjoying their weekend, David and I were bonding in Poetry. You might recall that we planned to lay some wood flooring in the dressing area at my house this weekend. Well, a "we" project quickly became a "David" project. I wasn't an unwilling helper. I was merely clueless. I can hammer nails, I can read the small print on the glue bucket and I can lug wood from hither and yon. But, I'm not real helpful when it comes to "how should we do this?" In this picture, David is contemplating the thickness of the boards compared to the height of the baseboards.

It was determined that the baseboards had to come off, so that the wood flooring could be placed correctly.

I kept forgetting to take pictures. But, here is what it's looking like right now. I'm not sure what kind of wood it is. It was a gift from someone who did not know any history of the flooring. The planks are 8" wide, tongue in groove. The wood has been around for awhile, as there are some old newspapers affixed to the back of some of the planks, but no dates seen. It looks pretty sharp laid out, huh?

David earned a big gold star for his patience and skills this weekend. There will be cold beer in the house when he comes back to finish up!

Be sure to check out David's blog. He intends to have a random drawing at a random time in the random near future, maybe. He's an Aggie, ya know. Making up the rules as he goes! *smile* You'll want to follow him and give the man comments. He likes comments as much as we all do.

Happy Week!


  1. Oh, clueless!!...I know the feeling well! The floor is looking good, tho.

  2. Looking nice. I can't wait to see the end result. Pam

  3. Ohhhhh I love the floor, sooooooo pretty!

  4. I love your wood floor! Those old wide planks are my favorite. David's doing an excellent job!!

  5. Did you say cold beer? Come on, Cher & Deb! I'll meet you there!

  6. I always make it a point to just try and stay out of the way and fetch tools as necessary! It's looking good. You better have more than just a cold beer waiting on him next weekend!!! Looks like Amy wants to crash the party-look out. Debbie

  7. Amy, you come to Poetry and the beer is on me! Debbie, David is going to look for dead quail in the field next weekend, so I plan to head to Malakoff and check out Junk Palace...see what you might have missed! I'm just catching up on y'alls blogs and am loving what I'm seeing. Did y'all leave anything? ~Mindy

  8. Wished you had made it to the opening too! I missed getting to meet you! Your floor is going to be sooo cool. Love the wide planks. I'm impressed you got to take any pictures during the progress! Can't wait to see it finished and all decked out!
    Bless ya!

  9. Some of the boards are a little warped. Some of the tongues are missing or are too messed up to fit into the grooves and have to be removed just so the pieces can lay next to each other. Needless to say, these characteristics don't exactly make for a precision fit type of installation. Plus there are numerous nail holes, cracks, gouges, discolorations of all sorts... you name it, this floor has it.

    There's only just so much the installer can do with materials like this. And I wasn't sure how all this would reflect on my workmanship. But I needn't have worried. Mindy actually APPRECIATES the flaws and imperfections, referring to them with such terms as "beauty" and "character." Hmmmm... I'm beginning to understand why she loves me! ;-)

  10. No the steak wasn't was like $29. You know how guys are though, think it made him feel big and bad cause he could eat it. haha ....
    Gross if you ask me. I'm just not a big meat eater at all.

  11. David has done a great job. I am anxious to see the completed job. Tell David his shoes are too white for dirty work. I have never had a handyman come to my house looking so good.

  12. Oh! Mindy, I love those old wide's going to look fabulous! Can't wait to see the end result. You guys are doing a great job!

    Have a nice day!

  13. I think that David's a keeper. He helps around the house & gives great advice. I've so appreciated his comments on my blog & have actually taken his advice to heart. Thanks to both of you for your support. If you were closer, I'd share my prize with you. Guess I'll have to keep it all to myself. We'll look forward to pictures after your trip this weekend. Wish I could go -- we're so tired of winter. We're having an ice storm today. Peace, Jan


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