Monday, January 19, 2009

Show Some Love

This is not your normal Award Recipient blog. Read on, my friends.
What a great couple of weeks! I have been so honored to have been recognized by several of you for awards recently. I so much appreciate these nods of approval, as blogging is such an enjoyment to me. I like knowing that someone is reading and "getting" me.

The ladies at Snowman Hill bestowed the Lemonade Award on me. This award is for bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude. A list of responsibilities came with this award and I am ditching them and making up my own rules. HA! Keep reading...

Tracy at A Simple Country Life then bestowed me with the Honest Scrap Award. I was fortunate enough to have received this award last week and here is my homework from that one, including all my honesty.


Tracy has a daughter named Molly. Molly has Cystic Fybrosis and is currently in the hospital for what is turning into almost a two weeks stay. If you click here, you can read about the very bad time that Molly and Tracy are having today.

Now, remember I was making up my rules about these awards. It's all about Honest Attitude and Gratitude, right? If you would, please, go to Tracy's blog and leave comments of some kind. They could use the love of some bloggers today.

That is all that I ask. And I thank you, cuz I have seen the love and felt the love. Let's share it. Ok?

More? You ask. Yup. Jan at Summer Sundays posted about Mike, her husband of 42 years. He died suddenly last week. I don't know her, but tears roll down my cheeks at her loss. Will you send her some love/prayers, as well?



  1. Oh, that's so sad! I left Jan a comment. Thanks for letting us know. ~Lori

  2. I'm sorry - after reading the last part of your post, I forgot to congratulate you on the awards. So congrats! ~Lori

  3. Oh girl ... so sweet of you to mention us.
    Thanks so much ....

  4. I went and visited Jan's page, Ohhhh my goodness, how sad! I'm just so sorry for her loss.

  5. Yet another reason I love you! Thanks for making us aware. Prayers going up.

  6. Hi Mindy , I love that you changed the rules for a good cause. I went to tracy's blog and left her a note. I'd love to send Molly a card each time she had to go to the hospital. Sue


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