Monday, January 5, 2009

Aspirations Shared (#98)

As my 100th post approaches, I find myself looking for words to share and gifts to give in celebration.

My blogging buddy, Pam at Frippery, is doing the same thing. It seems many of us joined the Land of Blog around the same time and our 100th posts are close to each others. Today, Pam shared some wonderful goals for herself this year. She aspires to Be Real, to Participate and to Create more.

While considering Pam's aspirations, I thought of my own. Let's see. Balance. I find myself in need of balance. Many of you are a spouse, a parent, a business owner, have full time jobs, hobbies, etc. I envy those of you who strike a balance and stay sane. I often feel scattered. So, my goal is to seek and achieve balance.

To achieve this, I need more Discipline. I sometimes while away my morning in front of the computer when I could be doing laundry, paying bills, chores, etc. Having more discipline might assist me in achieving more balance.

Next, I'd like to have more Organization. With better organization, wouldn't balance be easier? Less clutter. As my latest Country Home mag says "Live with what you Love and get rid of the rest." Makes sense. Read Erin's blog on Stuff to see how I am feeling. And yet, some stuff has to go!

Have no worries. I don't intend to kill myself to "get there". But, I will write these 3 words down and look at them with frequency. My mind works well with such a visual reminder. Many times for me, it is merely the acknowledgement of needs that helps me in achieving goals.

You are welcome to share any ideas you might have in striking a balance, maintaining discipline and/or becoming more organized. I'd like to hear how you do it! Or, feel free to share your own goals and aspirations.

Now, to the matter of a prize. Hmmm...I still have no clue what I will give to you in celebration of my 100th post. But, I'm sure something will come to me. Stay tuned!


  1. Those are wonderful aspirations, baby! But you're also pretty darn terrific just as you are!

  2. When I leave a comment you will smile with anticipation? You'll be smiling when you get home cause Lucy Jane has helped you to get started with organization. Oprah said the same about "Balance" today. Look at her web site.

  3. If you find out the secret to being organized, please let me know. Heaven knows I need more organization. Congrats on 100!

    David's comment is SO SWEET!

  4. ok...that anonymous message was from Lucy Jane herself. She was so excited to be leaving her first comment, she forgot to leave her name! I can't wait to get home to see what she has helped me with. Have I mentioned that my sister totally ROCKS? She does!

  5. Good luck on your goals. I think maybe if just one is accomplished, the other two will fall in line. Just a thought I had while reading this and I was trying to decide which I would start on first if it was me. Kinda makes sense and wouldn't that be great? Tn'T

  6. Mindy, thanks for this post. You've inspired me!

  7. Oh girl, you have hit the nail on the head! These three things are what will allow us to move ahead and blossom. Not having balance, discipline and organization results in never being able to participate and create because we have this huge weight hanging over our heads. Thanks for these three words. I am adding them to my daybook for 2009.If I can remember to use it.(:(organization and discipline are not my strong points) Hugs, Pam

  8. What great aspirations and goals you have! I'm new to your blog and love it...sounds to me like you already have ALOt of what you're aspiring for...
    Congrats on your ALMOST 100th post! I will visit you again soon!

  9. Thanks for missing me! I've been on a technology break the past couple of weeks! I've missed my blogging friends though! Glad to be back!

    Love your inspirational words! How to do it? That's an individual thing, because those words mean different things to different people. You'll make it work for you!


  10. Very nice post! It is strange...reading your post...and Frippery's...and Trash Talk's. Seems like we are all struggling with the same things: balancing our lives, sharpening our self-discipline, making time for our creative sides, getting rid of stuff and getting organized, being supportive of each other and taking advantage of the opportunities we are given. What great goals! I am so proud to have crossed paths with you gals...we seem to have so much in common! Together, we can make 2009 fantastic!



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