Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Decorations

Christmas has come and gone. So, the red, green and pink balls have been boxed up.

I have some silver, gold and mercury glass ornaments that I put up on the chain for a different look. Some folks may come over for a New Year's Party. So, a fun, festive look is still in order.

It's still festive. The bright Christmas colors have made way for New Year's colors.

Down with the holly garland.

And up with a silver garland I picked up at Tuesday Morning for half price after Christmas.
Changing the decor in small portions like this makes taking Christmas down an easier task. No big day of boxing. It's a slower, less stressful process for me. And I get to keep a festive look going for a few more days.


  1. Love the sweet, simple holiday decor for the New Year, Mindy. Hope you have a joyous one!


  2. Great idea, just a little too late for me. It's all down and just think, it only took 3 days! Have a Happy New Year. You're new look is all set for a ringing in of 2009. Debbie

  3. I love your windows! I really miss living in a wooded area - I only have 2 trees.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I've been meaning to tell you. I love your slide show's. The pictures of your shop and Judy's house tour was wonderful! Keep well and hope you have a great New Year.

  5. I love the silver and gold and mercury glass orns on the chain. Maybe leave the chain up all year, Hang hearts for Valentines, and crystals during the summer etc.

  6. Thanks, y'all!

    Renee, I'm glad you like the pictures.

    Margo, great minds...Mayron said the same thing regarding keeping the chain up. Make that my signature year long decor. Ha!


  7. Mindy: everything looks very festive. Love it all. Happy early New Years!

  8. Looks good! I've never really thought of decorating for New Years. I just got the Christmas and birthday decorations down, but I left the lights up around the ceiling of the living room. I just like when they're on a night and I think I'm going to keep them. Why not?

    I pray your New Year is full of happiness, blessing, all things good. Have a Happy New Year!

  9. Mindy: I had to go back and add a line to my toast! Can't believe I left it out the first time! Check it out!

    Oh, yeah, vintage photos clothes pinned to the chain would look cool too!

    Happy New Year!


  10. Happy New Year, Mindy , I found you through Deb at Talking Trash. Love your blog and look forward to reading more in 2009. Sue

  11. We transition too. But in my house I call it, "I can't handle it all at once!"

    I love your windows. And all those peaks at tops of antiques, tantalizing.


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