Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Things and Rooster vs Skunk

I know. I'm due for my daily blog. I just can't think of anything incredibly inspirational. So, first, I will share with you one of my old posts that I like. Here.

Check out Deena's site. She is with us and still making memories with her family. Love is a wonderful thing and she is surrounded by it!

And now, I have to share this. My sister, LucyJane, just called me to share this...she peruses this forum for entertainment and for chicken tips. This post had her rolling. And apparently, everyone else! Lots of laughs and good writing. If you have time, read all the responses. The original writer comes back and tells more stories that are funny, as well. Who knew roosters could be so entertaining? And who knew that roosters could faint???
Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh, yes! That is my absolute favorite post of yours. Right after I saw it I started collecting stuff for my own tree. So I hung all my junk on it and now the tree rattles when someone puts their feet on the coffee table. Consequently, they immediately take their feet of the table. Double neat, huh? I get a decorated junk-tree and my coffee table is foot-free.

    The Texas Woman

  2. Thank you, Cher! You know you've gotta post a pic...not an easy picture to take, I know. Bring it on! ~Mindy

  3. Spam keys! I had totally forgotten about Spam keys! That was a beautiful post!


  4. That's a funny rooster story! My grandparents used to have a huge rooster like that. I think I told you how it chased my uncle around the yard. He never fainted, though!

  5. Thanks for the link to the great rooster story. That Nugget is like nothing I've ever seen before! Haha!


  6. I'm gonna have to get my son a wire tree. He's got a collection of small stuff and it ends up all over the house. Thanks for a good idea! I'm off to read the rooster story now.


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