Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree Corner

I just couldn't talk myself into buying a 9 foot, $120 Concolor Tree this year, as has been my tradition for the last 4 years. Instead, I decided to use a tree that I already had. Aren't I thrifty? I bought the angel from Judy Hill. The brillo pad looking balls on the tree, as well as the silvers and golds in the aquarium, are from Goodwill. The silver and gold "skirts" are, indeed, skirts. Uh huh - Goodwill, again. I know. I need to iron the gunmetal skirt. I'll get to it. The screen, I pulled from the store. Everything else is from around the house.
Check out the uplighting in the aquarium.

Believe it or not, David (Snakelover) and I spent close to 4 hours working on this area. Seriously! The man is gifted. He is patient. He has a really good eye. He is a closet decorator/designer. I love him for so many other reasons. But, this closet designer/decorator thing is an Extra Special, Boyfriend Bonus!

Now, I must get back to work on the rest of my house. Remember my post "Floor Decor"? Well, I am still attempting to remedy that situation.

More pics of the house coming up this week. Question. Reckon I should tinsel the tree?



  1. Love it. Those skirts came out great, and I love the aquarium full of balls. You make it look so easy.

  2. Mindy, love your tree sitting in the aquarium filled with ornaments!! So cute!

  3. Wow! A hubby that helps with Christmas decorations? No coal in his stocking!


  4. All I know about decorating is to keep trying things and watching Mindy's face.

    Sometimes her face says, "You ARE kidding, right?!"

    Sometimes it says, "Uhmmm... not quite, but you may be onto something."

    And every now and then it says, "Oh yeah, baby!"

    I'm learning. It's always fun!


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