Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Floor Decor

Ever heard of floor decor? Well, I made it up. It's not a good thing, let me tell ya. This is what you call your decor when it is on the floor, instead of where it should be. Follow?

Today, I come to you with a confession. My dirty little secret. My house is a mess! If I were to sit on Santa's lap right this very moment, I would ask him for about 3 extra days this week. Ahhh...the absolute FUN I could have, and the accomplishments I could achieve in 3 extra have the decorating done and the boxes all tucked away in the enjoy my new decorations without clutter!

See the chain o' balls? I improved it today with more balls and I evened out the swags. Yes. The harvest table is a mess.

OH. Yeah. The harvest table is a mess and, in fact, the entire dining room is a mess!

Well, the den is a mess, too.
A mess, indeed. But, do you see the creativity happening?

Floor decor. See what I mean?
Re-doing the top of the entertainment center took some time.
Boxes! I need boxes to store all this extra stuff!

And then, on my way to work, I stopped and picked up this boot that I have seen on the side of the road for the last week. It is super cool. I'm bummed the other boot didn't fly out with the first one. How, by the way, does that happen? A boot ending up on the side of the road.
The silver vase. In my search for more balls, I stopped at a thrift store today. While they had no balls, they had this for $1.91. Love it! I can just add it to the floor when I get home.......ugh


  1. Oh, honey, it's going to be so worth it when you get done! I can lend you a hand this Saturday. I don't have your decorating skills, but I could at least move boxes to the barn and do the heavy lifting. And you know I love it when you tell me what to do! ;-)

  2. People, this isn't the first time our Mindy has picked up men by the side of the road...I mean men's BOOTS by the side of the road. She did that when she was with Trash Talkin' and me in Waco! Oh, well, it's too late to change her. She's David's problem now!

    The Texas Woman

  3. A neighbor came to the door the other day, as they looked over my shoulder they asked if I was moving? No, just christmas decorating! loved your post because my house is very floor decorated at the moment too!

  4. Aha! Floor decor. Thanks for putting a name to the style I have in my home right now.

    Here's to hoping a one-booted man isn't reading your blog right now!!


    ps. Love the chain o' balls in the daylight. Just like pretty little necklaces.

  5. I think your chain of balls could be turned into a marketable Christmas decoration, don't you? Kind of like ball fringe. :-)

  6. Thanks for the "real" pictures of your decorating process. When most of what we see is fabulously "staged", for the photo, it is refreshing to see there are others just like me. Loved the lone leg on the floor. Reminds me of "The Christmas Story" infamous lamp. Love your blog. Merry Christmas!
    Debra from Leola's

  7. I love it that you showed your mess....I hauled a bunch of empty deco boxes back up to the attic today...I've been swimming in Christmas mess for 3 days.

  8. So glad Debra found you & you checked us out. Don't know how it got to be Dec. 11 & my house looks much like yours. Today is the day!!!! Also, we've been to the shop in Tyler & we had a difficult time finding it because people didn't want to share their sources. I'm with you on sharing sources -- I love to play tour guide in our "neck of the woods". If you come to Leola's, we'll tell you all our favorite haunts (& we know them all). Thanks for adding us to your list & if things go as planned, I'll be posting pics of my decorations tonight. Thanks, Jan

  9. I can see the creativity!! Glad you got some snow, not everyone did. It really was pretty!!

  10. My house looks that way and I'm not even decorating for Christmas! I am making some head way though! I decided instead of decorating for Christmas I would put all my energy into redecorating the whole house! So far, so good, just can't wait to get done!

  11. You are brave! A mess to be proud of! My house is looking a little confused as well. I eyed the 2 goldish colored vinyl chairs in the background. My kind of chairs!
    Happy Holiday!


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