Friday, December 19, 2008

Easily Distracted

After my morning shower, it was time to get down to business. You know that family party is Sunday at my house and my bedroom/bathroom/dressing area are not fit for human use.

I saw jewelry on the bathroom counter that needed to be put up in my dressing area. My dressing area had clean laundry where the jewelry needed to go. The clean laundry needed to be put up in the closet. The closet floor was so full, I had to pile up some dirty laundry and take it to the washing machine in the garage. The outdoor cats were in the garage letting me know they needed to be fed. Back in the kitchen, I got my bottled water and energy powder and decided I should fill up the small pond in the back. I went out there and realized I needed to net leaves out of the bottom of the pond. Ants found me and started biting my right leg.

The septic guy was there emptying my septic. He found me in the backyard and said "Come look at this". The things that can race through a girl's mind when a man is cleaning out her poop..... He showed me roots and told me how to rid the tanks of them. Whew! No poop talk.

I went back inside and saw my bottled water by the back door. I mixed it up with energy powder and headed back out to clean the leaves out of the pond. I put the hose in the pond and started that filling. I went back in and saw cat barf in the den. Grabbed the vacuum and spread the wet barf into the carpet, necessitating the use of the carpet extractor.

I needed to take the curtains down out of the kitchen. Needed to dust the fan blades by the curtains in the kitchen. Took the curtains down. Vacuumed the windows. Wrote "dust fan blades" on a list.

Pushed laundry. Paid the septic guy. Grabbed some lunch. Turned the water off, the pond was full. Moved floor decor box from guest room. Vacuumed the guest room. Added more things to the list of things to do before Sunday. Put the chickens in the pen. Went to the bathroom to brush my teeth before work and guess what I saw! That jewelry was still there, on the counter top, waiting to be put away.

Ha! Ever have one of those days?

My bedroom/bathroom/dressing area are still not fit for human use. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

As an after thought, lest you think I'm distressed, I am not. You should know that I enjoyed doing everything I did today (except the ant thing) my sister says, I am easily distracted.


  1. I feel your pain cuz I've been there. I mean I'm still there. Cheer up Christmas will be over soon, then we can freak out over Easter!

  2. Whatever you are on, I need some of it! Girl, your energy level is unbelievable! Then you still had the presence of mind to sit down and write a hilarious post! I have just one word for you...valium!:)

    I so enjoyed reading your post. It made me feel more normal...whatever that know that other people have those kind of days too! The fact that you are not flustered amazes me!

    Hope you have a great party. No, my feeling are not hurt for not being invited! Well, maybe a little bit! Just post pics so we know you care!


  3. Sounds like every day for me! Just not as productive maybe! :) One good think about ants that bite!


  4. I do that wandering around thing when I should be accomplishing tasks as well. But at least you finished what needed to be done. It is amazing what entertaining does as incentive for house cleaning. Pam

  5. Ditto to what Pam said. That's why I love parties-makes me clean house. Have fun with the family! Debbie

  6. I think you just named a new blog for yourself or for TnT -!

    The Texas Woman

  7. So what are these energy drinks your guzzling? I think I may need to get some.

  8. I've been having alot of those days! Wrote about one last week...still haven't quite got all the decorating done to get photos on blog yet! Hope you have a great party...hey maybe I need to schedule a party...I might get things finished!

  9. I have totally been there. Hang in there. If you don't get your room and closet done, just keep the door closed. :-)

  10. You're preachin' to the choir here! lol Hang in there!



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