Friday, December 5, 2008

Judy Hill's Home Show (and then some)

Ahhh...Judy Hill's Home Show. Wanna see more pictures? Ya know, it was a virtual Who's Who Among Texas Dealers and Designers at this show. I probably have no idea what talents I was surrounded by! Of course, I met Judy. She told me she reads my blog! How exciting! Comment, Judy. Comment! Melonie and Bryan were set up in the potting shed. I informally met Bryan, but never met Melonie. I also met Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest Farm. Very delightful! And I met Margo. She's my new East Texas running buddy. And Mayron and Marcie of Unique Unique Design were there. Mayron pointed out a few tips to me that I might try at my own house. Considering she usually gets paid for such advice, I was thrilled! OHhhh! And Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage was there. She is such a sweetheart. Seriously, everyone there looked very important, and I am sure that I should know them. But, I didn't! And silly me...I snapped over 200 pictures, but failed to take any intentional people pictures. Dang! When else do all these famous people gather in the same place I happen to be?

Ready for pictures? I know some of you look at pictures and skip all the writing anyway! Lovely Mannequin Arrangement.

This next picture, look close. It is a turtle shell with beautiful feather dusters sticking out of his holes! And the bottles with old book pages were great!

I know. I'm no Snakelover, but I think this is a pretty decent shot.

This wall piece with the funnels is one of the few things in the house that was NFS (not for sale)...but, I liked it a lot! Bummer.

These books were in suspense. Just hanging around. All tied up! Aren't I a card?

Wanna see more pics from the show? Well, I'll go ahead and let you check out my flickr. Again, I'm no Snakelover. So, clear your mind of expectations and Click Here.

OH! And go with the Slideshow. It's nice to watch that way.

Now. Last night, I told you that I found a 99 cent bag at the Goodwill with Margo. What was inside? These Made in Italy Nativity figures. Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the angel, and two sheep. Suweet!

I actually have several different Made in Italy Nativity items. Wanna see? Check out what else I got at Judy's. See the white urns? See the silver pom pom tree limbs? I bought them separately and married them up. Not too bad, eh? OH! And see the Acorn Holder? It has been transformed into a Silver Christmas Ball Holder.
I think that'll do for now. My house is coming together. I just uploaded 50 pictures of new things going on at my house. he he he See you tomorrow!



  1. Those are GREAT pictures, baby! You have a wonderful eye for composition. I'm very impressed!

  2. I just love your displays, especially the one with the old cases stacked beneath. You've got a real eye for display. Will you come help me out?
    I'm getting to make my Judy and Mindy post. So pop over in a bit.

  3. Great score! Looks like I missed a lot of fun. Deb

  4. I loved seeing her home through your eyes!! Good eye or two!

  5. Snakelover is right...great pics. And I love what you put together with your "Judy" finds!!

  6. Wow! Some great stuff. I think those suspended books looked really cool. What a unique idea.


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