Monday, December 8, 2008

Ethel's Treasure Quest

Listen up. I am about to share with you one of the best kept secrets in east Texas. If you are ever in the Tyler area, and even if you're not, it is well worth your while to travel on over to 731 N. Bois D'Arc, Tyler, Texas 75702 for a visit to Ethel's Treasure Quest. Ethel is always around and she'll tell you to call her, even if the doors are locked. 903-830-8173. She's usually inside tinkering around, or not too far off and she'll be glad to come let you in.

Did you check out that statuary? I'll be darned if it wasn't already sold! Lucky buyer.
Ethel carries a variety of goodies. Always appealing to the masses. Check out these photos.

She can display and set up vignettes just beautifully.

You'll always see something new, as Ethel sells and buys quick as a whip.

It's always fun just digging around. You never know what you'll find.

Now, let me introduce you to this beautiful, Christian business owner. Bloggers, meet Ethel. You absolutely have to love that smile! She is just delightful and you will be glad you stopped by, to visit, much less dig through all the treasures.

Here are the goodies I got on my last visit. Good stuff, good prices. Gotta love that!

Ethel is not a blogger, and in fact, is not real comfortable with the computer. But, when you go, tell her Mindy sent ya. She'll be tickled!

Y'all. She is at Canton, too! I totally forgot. I just got off the phone with Ethel. She is still bewildered by this whole "blogging thing", but she wants to meet all of you! She plans to set up at the Lewis Side in the covered, wooden porches (for lack of a better word) this next First Monday. She suggested that you call her to confirm, as she isn't always at the same place.


  1. Wow! Ethel's store is fab! I sooo want to go! Love the statuary and the metal chairs!


  2. Enjoyed that visit to Ethel's! In fact, I do go through Tyler from time to time. Next time, I will most definitely go to Ethel's! Thanks for the pics!


  3. This post is good for Ethel, but bad for the rest of us. It's no longer the "best kept secret" in Tyler.
    Love the pics. She sure is a sweet lady.

  4. Ms are a nut...I am embarrassed by your words...we're just two ding-alings...
    NOW....ETHEL's ROCKS! I am crying for all that fabulous junque! lucky you
    ox lulu

  5. I love it when you pros share your secrets! I know what you mean about the statuary!

    Visit me tomorrow to enter my contest! I'm nervous about the blogbook so thanks for the comment!

    The Texas woman

  6. I agree with Cher, but she's now in Canton so I'm sure several more will find her.

  7. Holy Cow! I forgot all about her setting up at Canton! Someone share where she is. I have no idea and should have inquired. Thanks, Theresa! ~Mindy

  8. Oh, I am so glad that you shared this post. I'm heading to Tyler this week so I'll definitely stop by and visit her!

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Ohhh I love her shop ~ I have to know where she is in Canton so I can visit her ~ I go every month as long as it isn't raining ~
    if you find out can you post the information ~
    Thank you !!!

  10. Ethel is one of the lovliest women I know. I've tried and tried to get her to become an inspirational speaker. For those of us who stalk her, the secret has been out for a long time. The trick is to get there first especially when she's been out shopping! Debbie


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