Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I absolutely love me some free curb finds! I just had to share. These two pieces of luggage had been literally kicked to the curb. The tall one is the kind that hanging clothes can travel in, hanging up. Both old. And I betcha they could tell some tales.

Would ya look at this sticker? Love it!
These are both for sale at Primitiques. Come and get 'em!

When I first started selling antiques in the 90's, we all kept secrets from each other. You know what I'm talking about. We'd find a wonderful source (not the curb, in this case) and we would get our goodies there and never tell a soul where we got 'em. Then one day, our source was gone. Quit. Closed down. Know why? No business. We, alone, were the only one shopping with them!

I see absolutely no reason not to share good stores with you, my friends. Sure, one day you might pick up something I'd have liked. But, those stores and those good people will still be there, due to good business, the next time I wanna go visit! It's a win/win situation.

The post below this one is for Ethel's in Tyler. Some folks commented that they will check her out. I am thrilled for her and for the buyers! I, alone, cannot pay Ethel's rent and bills.

Do y'all know Rodney White, the artist? You ought to. I emailed him in September of the year Two Thousand and Seven. Bless his heart, he emailed me back today. Check out his gallery on his website here. And he also has a blog here. Cool stuff! I am not about to copy and paste his artwork. I might have to pay him a royalty or something. Once you've seen his stuff, you'll just love him like I do! Talent out the wazoo.

And that, my blogging friends, is all my sharing for today.



  1. I love the attitude,in this day and age we have to support each other. Blogging seems to be a very good way to do it. I read lot's of blogs, still afraid of the doing part! Over the last 35 years as a nurse, I have always believed that if we [nurses] didn't take care of each other who would! Mindy I am very proud for you to be involed with the thing that gives me great pleasure and pain at the same time. Renee

  2. I think that is the luggage TrashTalk got when she graduated from high school!!!!!

  3. I can't believe these gems were kicked to the curb. Good find.

  4. Hi, I just found your blog....and I can't wait to see everything! I have these same ( well almost) suit cases. I have them posted on an older post...I made turned mine into tables.


  5. Funny. I was just thinking about this very subject recently. Do I spread the word about my favorite local junking spots? Or should I keep these gems to myself so I have the pick of the litter ALL the time. I chose to spread the word just because it's too much fun to talk about, but you reaffirm the REAL reason to do so! Love that.

    And love your curb shopped items!


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