Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Acorn Holder

Check out this acorn holder! This is that "find" that I mentioned from our roadtrip to Bandera. This big ole bowl was in a little junk store that was painted like a cow. Snakelover very kindly pulled a u-turn when my neck almost broke looking back at the bovine building. The proprietor was a smoker. The stuff was covered in dust. There were Made in China brass things and country decorations. As we perused, we overheard a discussion about the cost of pure bred Spaniel Doggies. I was about ready to walk out for some fresh air and peace and quiet when I spied this glass bowl on pedestal. Yes, it is one piece.

The bowl was filled with dusty white and green marbles. Upon close examination, I could see cracks in the bottom of the bowl. It mattered not. This baby was priced right and I picked it up as Snakelover raised his eyebrows.

At the next stop, a Thrift Store, I found a bag full of these painted Burr Oak Acorns. I think that's what Snakelover kept calling them. So, again, I get the raised eyebrows as I walk to the register.

When we made it to Bandera, I married up these finds and THEN Snakelover smiled.

I sure do like it when he smiles!
I haven't decided if I will keep the Acorn Holder, but the man just might be a keeper!

I know. I know. It's official name is probably not acorn holder. And I think it's wrong for a punch bowl. I'll tell ya...there is green floral goop stuck on the bottom. Reckon it was intended to be just a floral bowl of some kind? Someone tell me...what was it born to be???


  1. I have much to smile about!

    As for the bowl full of painted burr oak acorns, yes, it looks really good! Mindy used it to decorate our room at the Medina River Ranch Resort. I must say, it looked better than any of the other decorations in the room. Back at the open house, she set it on the sign-up table but she refused to put a price tag on it. When I asked her, she said, "If anyone is interested in it, they'll ask." Yeah, right! She didn't price it because she didn't want it to sell! I can't really say that I blame her.. it IS nice. Now she just needs to figure out what she's going to take out of her house to make "room" for this! ;-)

  2. Mindy-baby...love your store (saw Trash's blog). THAT acorn holder is deeevine! You are a doll...how lucky you live in Bandera...wish we lived in Texas....xoox lulu

  3. I don't know what the bowl is called, but it would look great with just about anything in it. I'm glad you found a prize in that nasty store. Man, reading your description, I was right there with ya. LOL

  4. I think you need a fancier name than acorn holder for that beauty! How about acorn apothocary? Hehe. What a nice find. Sorry you had to deal with the other grunginess to get it!


  5. Born to be yours. Love it. The size is magnificent. The bowl, that is.


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