Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Christmas

Ahhh...I made it! My house made it. David helped me pull it all together and he took all of these photos to prove it! The family gathering this Sunday was a wonderful time!

The day was very cold and perfect for hugs and the warmth that family brings.

Always ready to mug for the camera!

More hugs.

We're a hugging kind of family!
Christmas through the eyes of a child is always fun for everyone!

The gift exchange.

My sister "stole" these footed jammies and then put them on. After a run to a room without windows, it was discovered that the spaceships and stars did NOT glow in the dark, as claimed!
David snapped a good one of Mom.

The capture of pure joy is always a good thing. I love this pic of Dad laughing.

Serious man talk.
Serious woman talk.

The oldest and youngest bonded.

Silent Night.

David hung these photos and the apron the night before the party. The old black and white photos of the family were a hit.

We know how to eat! Three different cornbreads, 3 chilis, tamales, queso, Mexican Fudge, carrot cake, pecan pie.
One thing is certain...

We did not eat like birds!

A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

All photos are courtesy of Snakelover.


  1. Ahhhh! What she didn't tell you is that I accidentally ran off and left my camera at her house last night. So she is uploading pictures that I haven't even seen yet! Just couldn't wait, could you, babe?! he he he It's a good thing I love you!


  2. Ahhh! Photographers are so particular! I'm sure had he had the opportunity, some of these pics would have been cropped and resized and whatever other magic David does. But, y'all get the picture, don't you? ~Mindy

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful family! The love is so apparent in each and every picture! You are so lucky to still have your Mom and Dad...and so many loving relatives! I wish you and David the most special of Christmas seasons!

    Merry! Merry!

  4. Don't most birds eat half their weight in food daily? Haha. Great job with having the family together for lots of love and laughs.


  5. David took beautiful pictures even if they are uncropped. They're great in the raw!

    You have a beautiful family. Glad you enjoyed a good time. Merry Christmas! -FringeGirl

  6. Sending more hugs your way from Casita de Trash! Merry Christmas!!! Tn'T

  7. Your gathering looks wonderful. Ours was in a hospital room and Doug's mother asked me not to take any pics but we were happy to be together, even if we were a noisey bunch. The person in the next room has 2 armed guards at the door at all times. Someone famous? Criminal? Don't know.

    Merry Christmas!

    The Texas Woman


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