Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hard at Work and Dressing Like a Girl

Christmas is starting to happen at my house. It has been a slower process than in years past. I think mainly because I am switching things up. Not doing the same thing as every other year. My creative juices are flowing after attending the Unique Unique Home Show and then Judy Hill's Home Show. How, I ask you, could one not be inspired?
I must credit Ki with the balls in the bottles idea. She actually clustered her bottles on a tray. But, I took her idea and ran with it. Easy, which is a requirement for me, and perfect for the look I like! The colors aren't looking as vibrant as they really are. Maybe I should have taken these pics during daylight hours. Oh, well. You get the idea.
Now, the chain idea came from Margo. She clustered her balls at the end of a chain. Again, I twisted this idea into my own version. My first thought was to use just green and red balls. But, I realized that I don't have many green balls! So, I did one window pink, one red and the other green. I may pick up more green before the season is over.
I think I'll ditch the icicles in the window. Those stay up year round. But, I think it's a little "too much" with the balls and the green lighted star. Whatcha think?
(This picture was taken after the first posting...thought I'd show you the most recent picture with more balls and better swags.) This could be done with icicyles. All the same color balls. Mixing colors. Mixing sizes. Go wild and crazy with it. I had fun putting it together and revamping it. And, of course, you don't have to use a heavy tow chain. A lamp swag chain would serve the same purpose. Just depends on the look you are going for.

And my Christmas tree corner is continuing to evolve. But, I thought I'd show you the aquarium I acquired from Snakelover. This aquarium was home to many snakes in Snakelover's youth. I put a glass brick down flat for the tree, then flanked it with upright bricks. I'd like to have enough silver and gold balls in there to fill it. But, again, a sneak peak at what's happening at my house.

I got to dress up like a girl last night. Check it out.

Snakelover has season tickets to the Dallas Symphony Pops and last night we went and sang Christmas carols and enjoyed some beautiful seasonal music.

Isn't he just incredibly handsome in that leather jacket?


  1. Wow! Who know chain could be so festive? I especially love the pink window because of the variation in ball sizes and shades. Clever! You've adapted both Ki's and Margo's projects wonderfully and really made them your own! Brilliant!


    P.S. He looks handsome no matter what! And, you look absolutely stunning!!!!

  2. Your home decorations are so inspiring...LOVE the chain garland and ball bottle toppers! So lovely!

  3. I LOVE the chain idea! It really looks great. I'd take down the're right. You guys look wonderful all dressed up. Isn't fun to get dolled up and now and again?

  4. Hey clean up really well! And Yes he is quite fetching in his jacket.
    NOW...the balls hanging from the chains is BRILLIANT! I have some old cow id chains just screaming to be used for the holiday decor at my space! You are the best!
    ox lulu

  5. Some great ideas there, baby! Very creative! You looked so beautiful Saturday night all dressed up as a girl! Then again, I think you look beautiful ALL the time. I really enjoyed our evening out and especially getting to show you off! You're my ninja! And we really like Amy, don't we?! Seriously, thank you, Amy, for the nice compliment.

  6. Love the ideas in this post and you two just look so good together. Hope you enjoyed your evening!!

  7. Your variation of the aquarium is fantastic! And I really like your rendition of the chain garland. Very nice!

    You look purdy all dressed up! I hope you had a great time.


  8. Cute, cute, cute! I'm stealing some of those ideas, girl!

    The Texas Woman

  9. Love your take on the chain idea. Looks great. And the both of you look really nice together.

  10. Thanks so much to you all! Your compliments on the decor and Snakelover and I are so much appreciated. This is fun!

    lulu, I wanna see what you end up doing with the cow id chains. Can't wait!



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