Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Christmas Guest Bath

I will have about 20 guests in my home this Sunday for a family Christmas gathering.

And won't everyone be entertained by the bathtub deco? I'm not sure if I had too much time on my hands or if I just can't shut down the creative juices! Above is the first attempt.

And here is the second. I think I like this last attempt best. The white shelf has my Dad's father's shaving brushes. The bottom shelf displays my Mom's dad's shoe shine goods. If you look close enough at the top shelf, you will see the mason jar with Grandma Joy's other teeth.
I took some old ticking fabric and literally wrapped it around the existing shower curtain...then tied the middle with a red ribbon and bells.

Did it occur to you to decorate your guest bathtub?



  1. What guest bathtub? I put a tree in our only bathtub complete with Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie. I kid you not! Ask Mayron. I put a chandalier in there one year & I was afraid it was going to come crashing down on top of me, but I never had teeth. What lengths we go to for beauty! Debbie

  2. Love it! Our guest bathroom has a huge clawfoot tub. I have a large oval mirror that rests flat across two sides of the tub as a shelf. It holds apothecary jars that are filled with bath salts, cotton balls, soaps, and a basket filled with washcloths. Guests love it!

    Great job Mindy, thanks for sharing!


  3. You're cracking me up with those teeth!!! Hahahah!

    Love the box (suitcase?) with the towels in it...very nice!

  4. Oh, that looks great! You are really going all-out this year! I love it!

  5. I've been looking for some old false teeth, I think they are a hoot! Have a great day on Sunday.

  6. Oh my gosh ~~ what a fun bathroom ~ I love it !! Your ideas are great !! I am off to read more posts ~

  7. Tn'T and LaurieAnna, I'm just catching up with the tub thing. I'm sure I could learn a lot from you creative ladies!

    Theresa, believe it or not, someone listed a set of teeth on craigslist last week. Seriously!

    Lori, welcome! And thanks!

  8. You crack me up. I love the sign "not responsible for lost articles". I guess this is a good way to tell them they are NOT staying the night, as there is no room for a bath in the morning :). Love the fact that so many of the items have a family history. Never thought of asking for my GM Teeth though. I'll bet they are still at her house. Naaaaa, I'll pass on that one.

    BTW: that is NOT my yard in that pic. It's a little over the top for me. Actually I didn't do any outside decor this year, except for a little bit on my porch.

    And that pic is actually of me loading goodies in the back of my DH's car. I picked up some old windows at my Mom's at thanksgiving. and my Photog son decided to snap away when we were loading. Thought it appropriate for the blog.
    Have a great one.

  9. Hey! Wait a minute! There's not enough room for me or the bubbles in that tub! I guess I could sit on that chair and soak my feet. I can swish around the ski poles to create a whirlpool effect. Not sure about the lamp in the tub though...that's a bit dangerous!

    Amy :)

  10. I love your idea of using an old suitcase for towels...and your clever use of scrabble letters to spell out dry hands...too cute!

  11. That is waaaaaaaaay too much fun! I'd love to find some old false teeth--or falsies for that matter. I do have 2 sets of old teeth molds. Very much fun!
    ox lulu
    p.s. You are 17 going on 18....ha ha ha

  12. So creative. I love the towels in the suitcase and was going to comment on it, then I saw the teeth. Too funny. Now I wish I was having overnight guests at Christmas. My son and daughter still use our upstairs guest bath. They would not be amused by the teeth.(They are clueless.)Pam


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