Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Memories - New and Old

Cardboard Fireplace - 1
My Mom and Dad had a house built when they got married. That house, where they still live by the way, has no fireplace. My Mom didn't want to clean soot and deal with ash, so she skipped on the fireplace option. (Now that I'm older, I believe this was a form of child abuse, but that's another blog.)

Since it's common knowledge that Santa comes down the chimney, every year, we had to build a cardboard fireplace to facilitate Santa's entrance. I have no idea where one buys a cardboard fireplace (maybe Sears and Roebuck). But, we had one. We'd pull it out of it's cardboard box, and we'd build it, following the directions carefully. We hung the stockings on the chimney with care, with a stick pin. The cardboard fireplace had red brick, white mortar with a black shelf on top. It stood about 4' tall and was 3 or 4 foot wide. In it were orange paper flames with an orange light bulb behind to similate a nice cozy fire. A little metal spinner sat on top of the orange bulb and as the heat was generated, the spinner spun and the flames appeared to flicker.

I shared this story with David and his mother earlier in the month and they found it entertaining. David knew that it was a special memory.

Last week, I paid a visit to David's house and he held his hands over my eyes and led me to his living room. When he let me look and see, I saw a brand new cardboard fireplace! Ahhhh! He said it is mine to keep. See the picture? That's my fireplace!

And with that, new memories are being made with old memories.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Much Love,


  1. What a sweet memory for your! It reminds me of the innocence of children, especially during the holiday season.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Mindy:

    Think you have found a keeper! What a precious Christmas memory you two have created!

    Hope you both have a Christmas full of peace. love and happiness!

    Merry! Merry! Peace! Peace!

  3. That, my dear, was a wonderful story and a wonderful gesture. A fireplace! A tremendous gift. Fun.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Mindy,
    I absolutely love your blog.

    Merry Christmas and love your new fireplace.

    Good Job, David!!

  5. A big "Thank You" to Deb of Talking Trash for putting the idea about the fireplace in my head with a comment (more like a HINT!) that she made to my blog. THANKS!

    Mindy, it was very special to me to be included in your Christmas traditions. I am honored and privileged to be so accepted and loved by your family. It means more to me than I can express. I love you!

    My Christmas gift from Mindy's parents was a CD they made from an old cassette tape of Mindy singing "Memory" when she was in her twenties. It was a very sweet and thoughtful present and I was very excited to get it! We listened to it last night. Mindy has such a beautiful sweet voice!

    It's been a wonderful Christmas! Thank you, Jesus!

  6. Mindy, hope you had a great Christmas. What a great memory and sweet thing to buy you!

  7. Such a wonderful memory and thoughtful gift. Sounds like you are enjoying the season quite nicely.

  8. That was SO sweet of David! I love his white tree.

  9. Some things just cannot be bought with any amount of money such as memories and class. David has given you more than a gift, but a beautiful memory and boy does he have class. Debbie

  10. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!! AND both of you!!!

    Yay David!!! Go Mindy!!!

    (I'm crying - I'll be back...)


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