Monday, December 1, 2008


I have gotten so far behind in y'alls blogs. I miss you! After being out of town, I haven't had a chance to sit and catch up with y'all. But, believe me, I want to. You'll get my comments soon. Seriously.

In the meantime, I have to share more pics and more peeps. Here is Miss Talking Trash, herself, Debbie. Isn't she just the dadgummed-most-cutest-thing-you-ever-did-see? The woman works the hair and the bling. Just a doll, she is! And talk about sweet. Man, she says she is shy...but, I just don't see it! I met her one day when another dealer, Richard, sent her and Cat Daddy out to buy some stuff from me at my house. She tried to play shy, but once she saw something she wanted, she sparked right up! We got to play a couple months ago, and we plan to hit Judy Hill's show this Thursday together. Look out Tyler, here we come!

Now, meet Aunt Nancy and my very own Mom. My aunt had to blink in this picture. But, we are all smiling, so, I decided to share it anyway. Aunt Nancy is the taller lady on the right side of the picture. And the lady with the cute, one button sweater is my Mom. Don't we all look festive? Mom brought Aunt Nancy out to Poetry for the Open House. I got to show off to my kinfolk. Good times!

Check out the woman in the apron. That is Snakelover's very own Momma. We dressed to coordinate with Oreo, the Longhorn. Snakelover and I played Taboo against her and Snakelover's GirlChild last night. This woman is sharp! We couldn't get anything past her. But, we tried!

And now, I'm going to introduce you to my Primitique's business partners.

On the left, is Kathie. Kathie is the Queen of Sets. She puts stuff out, and then she listens for it to speak to her. We just let her. Cuz, it seems to work pretty good for all of us! She just joined us a couple months ago, and I am feeling a fresh, new spark. Thanks for coming out to play with us, Kathie!

In the middle is Jeannie. Jeannie is the Head Queen Proprietress. This is the woman who owns Jack's Town & Country and Jumpin' Jack's. Primitiques is located inside Jack's Town & Country, the local feed and seed store. Jumpin' Jacks is the grill, convenience store, gas station, with the self carwash next to it. Jeannie and her now deceased hubby, Jack, built this complex from scratch and she continues the legend. What a woman!

When I approached Jeannie with the idea of turning the storage room into an antique store, she said she followed her gut and she told me to "run with it". Bless her heart. When I told her to remove all the displays, empty the room, paint it and then we'd go from there, she just nodded her head and said ok. God Bless Her. She just let me run free like a naked blue jay in the lawn sprinklers! Thanks, Jeannie! Look at how much fun we are having now!

Now, you know I have got to share one more picture of me and the Snakelover man! Isn't he just a hunk of burnin' love? He is! He is!

So, there you have it. Some fine folks whom I have the privilege of sharing life with. Thanks, everybody, for letting me know you. I sure do enjoy y'all! ~Mindy


  1. You are such a cutie pie! Did I miss your Mom, I don't remember meeting her. Look out Tyler, here we come. Hey, I thought I told y'all to take photoshop 40 lbs. 20 yrs. off. Tn'T

  2. Alissa took that last picture. You look cute in the hat, but it made me keep more distance from you than I'm used to. ;-)

  3. What I want to know is...when Deb came to your house did she have Cat Daddy go first and then give her the "wave of approval"?? She is pretty, sweet, smart, etc. etc., but then again so are you my sweet friend!!

  4. You got it, Theresa! She stayed in the truck until he deemed my stuff "worthy" of the Queen's viewing. ha! And thank you, my lovely! Right back atcha. ~Mindy

  5. Oh, I would just love to meet Debbie. What a riot. I have got to make a trip to Texas to shop and see all the fine gals who call it home! What a wonderful idea to open a shop in the store room of an existing business. You and hubby are quite the cute couple. Pam

  6. You look very much like your mom...she's beautiful, so that's good for you. :) Great shirt you've got. You and Snakelover look cute together. You make a perfect couple.

  7. Pam, thank you so much! Snakelover is not my hubby. I've never had one of those. But, he might be a keeper. I'll keep you posted. Yes. You need to come to Texas. As long as you aren't allergic to cats, you can stay in my guest room. Seriously! We can road trip it from here!

    Fringegirl, my mother is beautiful. She is one of those lucky women who improved with age. I'm tickled to have her genes! And yes, I am quite happy with the man, myself!

    Tn'T, yes, you missed Mom. She left just prior to your arrival.

    By the way, Snakelover took all of these pictures, with the exception of the last, which his GirlChild took.

  8. Hi, found you through Margo - love your blog - you are just the cutest thing going! :)


  9. You seem to have a full and lovely life. I envy you your little antique cozy. That would be so much fun!

  10. Hi Mindy...I love your blog and love your store. You are such a creative and talented woman. Glad to see you growing and blooming so well out there in the big town of Poetry Texas. Thanks for linking jRne to your blog. I am a rookie at this blog thang but I am trying to figure out how to get you and others linked onto mine. Anywayz...Glad to see you so happy with your life...your joy is catching to us all. Keep smiling that great smile of yours...Cindy


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